As we enter September, the mountain of iPhone 5 rumors are peaking. Production begins, another employee loses a prototype at a bar, cases reveal a new design – a bigger and thinner phone. Despite all of the conflicting rumors, pretty much everyone (who isn't an iPhone hater, of course) has a feeling that this phone will be a huge step forward for Apple: improvements on the display, processor, memory, etc. But what if the rumors don't pan out? What if it's just a tiny revision and software was the main focus? Will it still be magical and revolutionary?

Although there have been hundreds of conflicting rumors, the consensus seems to be that the the iPhone 5 – not to be confused with the iPhone 4S, an updated, cheaper version of the current iPhone – will sport a larger, 4-inch display and a thinner chassis. The belief that it will ship with an A5 processor is a pretty safe bet, and I would assume RAM and internal storage will see an increase, too. Leaks from case manufacturers all but confirm the new iPod-like design. But they could ultimately have the wrong information.

For all we – and the case manufacturers, for that matter – know, this could simply be the upcoming fifth generation iPod. Of course, the case features a mute switch slot, which has never appeared on an iPod. And it seems fairly unlikely that Apple would bump the display size of the iPod instead of their most iconic, flagship device. But hey, anything is possible and we really don't know anything yet. We only have a few pieces of a puzzle that we've fit together; in truth, they could be pieces from two entirely different puzzles. Apple broke their routine twice this year, so predictions are not made easy.

If the fifth generation iPhone doesn't experience a growth in display size or design, other flagship devices could finally get the best of the iPhone. Apple fans have been complaining about the tiny display on the iPhone for the past few years as Android and Windows Phones have touted large, luxurious displays well north of 4-inches.

The next Nexus is now slated to hit around the same time in October. Rumors for the Nexus' specifications are much more solid, considering Samsung has already announced a device with similar specifications. The Galaxy Note has almost identical specs to what the “Prime” was rumored to have, save for a much larger display and stylus. The purported 1280 by 800 pixel resolution on a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display would put the ppi at 335. That's quite a bit higher than Apple's Retina Display, which if the iPhone's screen is stretched to 4-inches, the ppi will drop from the current rating of 326 to somewhere around 288. Ouch. Also, the Nexus will likely ship with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, something our own Cam Bunton of Today's iPhone thinks may trump Apple's mysterious dual-core A5. Not to mention, making the device thinner and stretching the display leaves less room for the precious battery, whereas Android phones already have notoriously bad battery life. And lest we forget the next iPhone is rumored to be coming without 4G in tow.

It almost seems as if releasing only one phone per year in a market where Android phones are releasing almost every week is catching up to Apple and taking its toll. Not in sales though, sales and market share are steady. But it's almost as if Apple is struggling to keep up with the arms race and may be slowly slipping. That, or they're finally having to get down and dirty to compete, cutting corners where necessary and sacrificing some of their biggest selling points for other popular features.

The likeliness of so many rumors being entirely wrong is pretty slim. But it's still a possibility that someone has crossed wires somewhere along the line. The rumors just don't add up for me. But don't think for a second think that sales would be anything short of mind-blowing, regardless of what the iPhone 5 looks like or what specs it carries when it lands. I have learned not to underestimate the power of attraction of Apple devices and I know that people will still be pre-ordering and lining up weeks ahead of launch day.

What do you think, pups? Will Apple sacrifice their precious Retina Display and battery life to compete with the onslaught of Android phones? Or are the rumors off base? Speculate in the comments below!

Image via Today's iPhone

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Eric Quach android. iphone is for simple people
Aimee McEnerney I'll still buy one, because I've outgrown my 3GS. My main concern is the fact that the breakage rate of the iPhone 4 is 85% higher than the iPhone 3GS. THAT I really hope they've fixed.
Trever Pitts I think we don't no what will be the new iphone tell its out rumors are rumors u can always say iphone 5 will be 5inch screen have 1080p video but we don't no
James Leggett Whatever
Miguel Gosteelers Lopez There are other phone
Rafael Guzman What the yell is Apple so scares of? Just announce the damn thing already so people can stop drooling over it. I could care less if it even comes out or not. Not a crapple fan.
???? ???? ??????? Screw apple & their products, they probably have the iPhone 9 in the waiting, waiting for every sucker out there to buy a new product that has a slight new feature & sell it for crazy money.
Joe Sanghito Blo then ill be a sad panda...
Mathew Frump Will it have flash without a jailbreak? Probably not.. because html 5 is so awesome! Not.
Sonny Waraich That'll be freakin awesome
Brent Legendre I prefer grown up phones like Blackberry and Palm not kiddie phones with gingerbread and useless apps.
Nic Kolas Easy, I will get an android. And iPhone 5 better be damn good, imessage or whatever alone isn't gonna cut it
Jacob Bessey Will not matter in happy with my android phone.
Matthew J Callaway Nobody cares about Apple.
Nyle Ahmed Apple are for girls go get a real phone.....
Jake Gross I'll kill myself.
Eduardo Colon And when Icecream Sandwhich comes out.... Awe man! Just froyo alone was kicking ass and spitting on them gingerbread making it look easy too and the functionality that Icecream Sandwich WILL HAVE(its never a question with Android, its going to happen)
Eduardo Colon I am a Android lover myself so not big on the iOS. That being said, to state that apple ain't s*** is a moronic et. Apple has very good products that last forever and some. Now, the iOS on the phones isn't really my cup of tea. I love being able to customize my phone without having to do all types of weird steps. With Android you don't even need root(please believe I have rooted all my phones lol) just saying you dont need to in order to make it look yours. I'm running Insert Coin ROM on my HTC Sensation 4G and loving it! But honestly, with Sense 3.0 I almost didn't root because it runs so smooth with out this but being the enthusiasts that I am I had to root. Anyway, eh, not a fan of iOS anyway so if it doesn't than they will blame the new guy anyway since Jobs is gone*ish LOL
Raul Martinez It will be the end of us all !!
Tom Parker I'm so sad. Post like this make me want to cry. Why do I want to cry you ask? It's because android phones suck so much and the poor android users can't realize this. No matter what the iPhone 5 is, it will be better than any android phone.
Cesario Brito Jr. F the iphone. Android world order.
Miguel Gosteelers Lopez First of all iphone will have to improve in the following for me to purchases (I own Iphone-3gs now ready for a upgrade this year): Camera, Dual flash, record video in 1080,bigger display, must have 4G, 1GHZ or higher. That is a tall order to fill good luck iphone J
Rene Saenz Jr. Android sucks what can it do that iPhone can't n get off the flash crap iPhone smoother faster n nicer it could use a bit of bigger screen but that's it. iPhone 5 with dual core going to be faster than any android I can download movies music n other stuff straight to iPhone .. Tired of hearing all this android better crap!!!! Only one iPhone how many android phones out there and how many running 2.3? Not all android phones get latest updates huh WTF....jailbroken iPhone or rooted android???? iPhone jailbroken or not still better
Ryan Harris Then who gives a fuck?
Nick Kalman @Marrion Bell - have you tried WP7 idiot? Probably not. Try it. It's awesome and as soon as Mango update will be out it'll be better then anything on market.
Cameron Pearson Had both iphone and android phone and to be honest iphones are for old people there boring and simple
Symot Proctor I liked the iPhone 4 but it just seems like a "safe" phone. they didnt take any risks when they made it. they just slightly changed some things and added a front camera. if they dont make any huge improvements witht the next phone i think they'll be in trouble
Mike Dougall they're losing the prototypes on purpose what other company have you heard of that loses the prototype all this is just to build up hype for the iPhone 5 they leak the design then everyone gets excited
Zach Cline I love apple but if i'm not much on the form factor i'll just get the iphone 4has and put ios 5 on it.
Michael Miller I'm interested but not holding my breath. If its not a minimum of a 4" screen it is a waste of money.
Jordan Crawford Ill take HTC everyday I love being able to customize my phone anyway besides the iPhone
Jamel Taylor *deal breaker I mean
Jamel Taylor I hope the rumor of it not having LTE isnt truth,that could be a done breaker for me
Marrion Bell Carlos yu is stupid windows suckz ass they thee worst OS period
Paul Gicewicz I'm waiting on a Nexus Prime.
Wayne Choice The world won't come to end!!
Ladylaine Miller I sill got my iPhone 4! who cares!
Jorge Arm Oh well....
Gaetano Del Giudice I have no desire to own a iphone! They sux
Carlos Zarate Dont matter i have the Sensation 4g and Htc HD2 running WP7 :)
Ken Post Eh I'm an android user and can't wait to replace this piece of Crap software I would rather have a basic phone than this. Iphone 5 please hurry.
Jafet Santiago I have more than iphone 5 in my Galaxy S2, who cares about iphones, just iIdiots.
Jon Jerico Calanio No problem. I'm on Google's boat anyway.
Kaitlin Lange Droids are way better!! Apple is s***!
Melvin Mejia I'll die
Ethan Hoang it will have everything that android had for ages, and then apple gonna sue android for not letting apple copy android idea, apple gonna lose, apple gonna whine that android pick on apple typical Apple, the one and only
Corey Wells It just doesn't matter. I'm sticking with the DX2. its the bee's knees, legs & its arms!
Rian Kapadia Apple is shit
Sheunesu Dominic Mugabe Lmfao droid fanboys XD
Miguel A Navarrete who cares! the new iphone coming out is nothing new compared to most new androids..
Kenneth Moody Only diehard android uses think thd iphone doesnt matter anymore the iphone still out sells every individual android phone. It takes the android army as a whole to beat ONE phone!
Drew Applesauce The Iphone is still in production??? I thought they got rid of those last year...smh.
Glen BigHurt Davis Who cares gs2
Kent Masias Doesn't matter the sheep will follow..
Johnny Cababe I'll commit suicide and donate my LG Thrill to Steve Jobs
Nathaniel Hull Iphone doesnt even compare to androids anymore, might as well be called blackberrys, or windows7 lmao
Gabriel Ruppert Who cares.
Gabriel Fernandez If it's just a tiny revision then I'm sure the sheep will run out and get it anyway. And still call it innovative and revolutionary. Oh and of course.. "magical".
Ian Mcclendon Rumors are as dumb as the people who believe em
David Lora Who cares Android is where its at apple is two years behind anyways
John Resch What if Phone Dog doesn't get its rabies shots..
Fred Lindsey III That's why I have a Thunderbolt. I really don't care for Apple products.
Ken Post "loses" it at a bar. How would you lose that phone knowing it would be pretty bad if so. Or did he sell it off lol. Probably make a killing off of it.
Chris Payne When was the last time any of the iPhone rumors panned out? There is always so much hype over all their products and they never deliver. Ryan Smith is correct, Apple has been playing catch up for quite some time. The iPhone has been at least a year behind their competition for the last few years.
Vic Espinoza I will kill my self!!!!!!!,.......or buy a Samsung galaxy s II
Stu Wells Doesn't matter what they do, people will still line up to buy them.
Steve Hartsock Anything larger than 3.5" screen will be an improvement. 3.7-4.0 is good.
Niko Lapcic Were all gonna die if they dont pan out :O Touch my face!
Michael Horn If apple doesn't announce it Wednesday Then I don't expect it to be out until January
Joel Rivera The world will end and I will jump off a bridge and hurt myself severely and then.just buy a G2x or a Droid Charge, and realize that they are better.
Ryan Smith Apple hasn't released a ground breaking iphone since the 3G, the rest have just been small little things... even if the rumors pan out, it's only playing catch up. Dual core? Already done. HD Screen? Already in production. 4 inch screens? Yeah, nothing new...
Ollie Belcher III It'll still be the same old iPhone.
James Gustavo Hidalgo They won't lmaoo
Shaun Lim it's still a rumor so...
Yury Vaynriber Who cares? They are shit
Julio Ferrer Soto Then that will be a cool story bro
Anthony Mitchell wont be the first time apple dissapointed us i.e 128gb iphone 4 and removable memory
Nimesh Patel F apple products...
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I don't put much into rumors.. Rumors are just that rumors..smh
Tony Abiama Won't matter to me...

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