Nine long, leak-filled months later, the Motorola DROID Bionic is finally available.  No more blurry images, no more "New DROID Bionic specs surface!" posts - it's ready to be purchased at retail stores today for $299.99 with a two-year contract.

For the Android enthusiast, it's packing some serious tech: 1 GHz dual-core CPU, 4.3-inch qHD display with PenTile technology (love it or hate it), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera for video calling, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's custom UI.  I'm still in the early phases of testing, but the 1,735 mAh battery seems to be holding its own against the power suck that is 4G LTE.  It's a well-rounded device and is Verizon's best 4G LTE phone to date, despite the lofty price tag.

Sadly, today's mobile market moves at the speed of light, and what's considered a "high end" device will be old news tomorrow.  The DROID Bionic was amazing in January and still is, but rumors of the Nexus Prime have made some Android fans reconsider dropping the cash right now.

Did you purchase the DROID Bionic today, or are you waiting for the Nexus Prime?  Perhaps the iPhone 5?  You know what to do - cast that vote and hit the comments section with your thoughts!

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Bryan Platt I saw the bionic an was surprised to see it was running 2.2 why? Its supposed Verizons super phone the moto phones were running gingerbread doesn't make since
Tizoc Alarcon I bought it and traded it for a crack rock 5min later... #addiction
Joe Aranzullo No damnit.. but my fiance did .. (jealous).
???? ???? ??????? @eric casanova. I have 4G & 2GB of data usage & I don't run out of data during the monthly run. 2GB does me wonders!
Ray Forrest From droid 1 to the bionic, love it, sweet
Shawn Poling I thinking about getting the samsung galaxy note
Shawn Poling I thinking about getting the samsung galaxy note
Carol Dudley-Bowen Nope. Got the Bold 9930, though. So far I'm loving it. It's a gorgeous device and meets my needs.
Arthur Guy Hey phone dog, what do you think about the Motorola triumph from virgin mobile?
Tom Hicks Yes, and its awesome with my grandfathered unlimited data plan that costs less than the cheapest tier does now.
Kimberly Englert Wow. Yes, kinda disappointed. My upgrade is in a couple weeks. Been following this thing since january and I'm not impressed. It was between this and droid 3, only droid 3 is cheaper and has a keyboard! Snes requires such. Gonna get a feel for bionic soon in a store and hang on to my still-awesome-but-laggy droid classic for a while longer to see what's on ze horizon.
Chayron Martis Nope! WAiting for HTC TITAN!
Mauka Side Got the Bionic. I turned in my Samsung Charge. The Bionic is faster.
Ken Clement Nope! Without unlimited data it's as worthless as a Ferrari you have to pedal. Verizon=FAIL!!
Sam Rick NOPE!
Skye Villanueva @sanku murmu I think its loseing.....
Elvin Burgos I have the thunderbolt. I love the Verizon coverage. I love the 4g speeds. I will never go back to 3g. But what I'm waiting for is an Android lte phone that has a slightly smaller form factor. I don't know why manufacturers think that lte equals 4.3in display. Not that I have small hands by any means but I don't see a need for that big of a screen all the time. And I can't believe they are making even bigger ones. I want a phone that has some good specs and is pocketable all the time. Whether I'm out at bar, wearing dress pants, through in a suit coat or while wearing jeans going on a ride on my motorcycle. Maybe I'm an idealist living on dream land but iwould like 4in vibrant screen, powerful single core processor, 1gig of ram, lte speed and bloatware free user experience. Will this phone ever exist? Who knows? Will I ever stop dreaming? Absolutely not.
Tom Parker I bought the new droid and I used it to wipe my ass because that is all it's worth. Long live the iPhone!!!
Radu Tanasescu Palm doesn't suck, I had a pre plus but had to move on and bought an iPhone, though I love webOS, too bad HP didn't.
Taylor Rentschler It's the droid 2 without a keyboard...big woop!!!
Zach Cline Palm sucks.Are you kidding me?
John Smith let's see what's next..... not attracted to the gray frame of the phone... expensive too....still rockin the droid x... no probs!!!!
Matt SnowPaw Dalton No, I'm happy with my new LG Revolution :D Nothing will beat my Palm Pre through.. but my Pre- died and forced me over to Android :(
Eagles Da Bol Williams Moto waited too long to release this phone .. people want the galaxy S II.
Sanku Murmu No ... The Real King iPhone...All the Way...Racing Against All Android,Mango,Web....All Mobile OS :)..Waht U Think ???
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson Its basically a DROID 3 with no keyboard. Very nice phone but I think I will stick with my DROID 3....no 4G in my area anyway...
Tony Abiama This device is old news
Rian Kapadia IPhone is my ass
Terry Likens iphone 5
Nelson Pagan Don't get it wait for the Samsung phones the gs2 / prime so they say are ios5 that phones like my g2x with a sensation 4g screen u get a better screen out a Samsung phone witg there super amoled plus display are iPhone believe it people waste of the big green :)
Edwin Brian Davis Would have but Verizon is too expensive.
Brandon Worley No but I sold about a dozen... vzw corp store Lebanon tn
Justin Colquitt Their aint no way i would pay that for that sorry phone if u want a good phone get samsung infuse its bad the screen is huge and wallpapers are beautiful
Marco A. Cortes Hell no!! POS.. Will get the Galaxy S 11 next week, now that's a phone!!
Jamel Taylor Getting mines tomorrow!
David Imm Nope. My iPhone told me not to.
Shannon Queen Yes my husband did
Bobby Stephens Nope its all about the htc vigor
Anthony Peña No I didn't buy it because I got bills to pay Hello priorities!
Adam Jaramillo No. I just figured any Android phone that came out in the last 6 months is exactly the same. Because. They are. You won't get faster speed out of it, or a better more convenient UI, or even less freeze ups and lag. Android is Android no matter how shiny the box.
Mike Toni Ok will I get this or no ????
Mike Bell Android sucks. Waiting for iPhone 5.
Doug Quick YES! Arrives tomorrow and got it billed to my account. Finally get to retire the much loved OG Droid.
Christopher Olivas No. I think I'm gonna wait for the iPhone 5 :)
Anonymous Paid 235 for the phone and am totally impressed. Pentile screen qhd it looks very nice let haters hate!!!
Eric Kroh Nope...better phones in the next 3-6months :-)
BigChuck Rossetti I got it... I'm in heaven... rooted it already... removed the bloatware.... a gig of ram... dual core... and 4G? ... can't even describe how awesome it is... and the lapdock is a solid sexy piece of work too....
Will Cowell Still like my evo dropped my g2x and went back to it much better phone
Ricardo Lopez no verizon is hella expensive
Richie Barrett Jr Im wait for cex usa selling use one less price im not pay 600 with trade for 100.00 old phone nope im sell my old phone to cex get more money than verizon offer trade in cashback
Ken Kim Wait for Tmobile iPhone 5.
Brett Sherman Yea, I bought one. Love it so far... it took hours to activate in Louisiana.
Bob Fitzgerald Waiting for VIGOR!
Molly Thayn Ok have 2 ask I went 2 ck out the Bionic and the Bionics' in my local Verizon only had 8gb internal memory I thought it was a 16gb internal with a 16gb card. Did any1 else notice that with the Bionics' they have played with?
Tim Daniel nope, when it's available for <$150 on a no contract plan i'll consider it
George Burton Yep! Ordered it today! Along with an Otterbox defender. Got to protect that investment!
Larry Shumaker nope got a droid x2 for 125 instead.
Stephen Rooks $320.75 later :) plus the 69 bucks for otterbox plus 1day shipping. I'm all set for the zombie apocalopse
Mike Baus Yes I did buy it and its a beast of a phone
Lona Bremer I'm happy with the Droid Charge. It does what I want!
Fan OfDreaming Hell no. Y but a $300 phone? My eye is on the Epic 4g touch :)
Phil Bridgetoclarity I'm going to steal one from my job. We had 6 and they sold out in a few minutes. I'll snag one when they restock. Maybe snag a few and sell them on ebay.
Nicholas Saulino I got one at 8am this morning, when the store opened. It really is amazing phone. It's thin, super fast, and has a great screen. I'm very serious, it's amazing!
John Smith I am glad nobody is buying this. F Verizon for having the nerve to make it $300 AND a 2yr contract.
Junkang Xie Seems very... uhhhh achoo*gly*ooo.... Nexus Prime.. Samsung Prime.. Whatever is better.. or SGS2
David Henry Posadas Where is iphone 5
Chad Tapp Got my d3. Hardware keyboard ftw
Diaz Jonathan To expensive
Noneya Biz Fuck no. Greedy carriers.
Jorge Hugo Galindo Please the SGSII would eat this POS motoroller phone for breakfast hands down.
Diego Segura Unboxed it in a video
Mauka Side Yeah, I will. We're just waiting for our Verizon outlet to stock it here in Hawaii.
Jeff Van Damme $100 too expensive. Even @ $199 I'd have to think about it. Sticking w/my X for now
Trevor Sawyer Still loving my DX. Rooted, Liquid 2.6 customized ROM. It's buttery!!!
Fonzy Paniagua its a droid x2 with lte? Pass!
Nico de Zeeuw Iphone 5 for me
Alex Feinland I wish! Dual core 1ghz, 1gb ram, 4g lte, hdmi, front facing camera, 1080p video capture...
Brandon Collins Haha, iphone 4! Still one of the top 5!
Alvaro Rubalcava Amazing device
Ethan Haarala Nope just gotta Samsung infuse infuse today
Matt Biggar Buy Windows Phone!
Brandon Schmidt Sure did - great device so far.
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés No. Not worth it. If it's not an I phone. I ain't blowing money on any other phone.....
Guy-Claude Guerrier HTC EVO 3D Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Haarala Nope. Got my new Samsung infuse today.
Tony Abiama And the verdict is.... NAHHHHH....
Zachary Gearwar But I'm not upgrading to the Bionic: I'm holding out for the Samsung Galaxy Note to come to the US next year!!
Josue Cifuentes Nexus priiiiimeee!!!!!
Eric Casanova What's the point of "4g speeds" if you don't have unlimited data
Zachary Gearwar Nope. I'm only 7 months in on my contract with my VZW iPhone 4. I'll stick with my iPhone and upgrade later when it's cheaper. :)
Dalton Severns Still rolling the env3. Best phone I have had and no data package required:D
David March Nope. I bought the 9900 and am loving it...especially when it is paired with my playbook. Life is good.
Joshua Teter I did buy a Motorola today. The startac. Keeping it old school
Nada Solo Mio nop i rather get the Evo 3D and save some $$$$$ too :)
Max Leibold Hell ah I did best phone I seen it really good love it
Memo Mrtr No, i can wait until next year and I can get it for less money
Mark Fisher Jr. Nope. I'm not finst to break my pockets.

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