There’s a big debate going on right now as to whether or not there really is a tablet market. Brand and mobile OS loyalty aside, there’s no arguing the fact that Apple has not only defined the market, but is currently ruling it. We’ve seen the direct result of Apple’s stranglehold on the tablet market with HP’s pull-out of the market altogether (at least for a little while, anyway), and we know that sales of pretty much every other tablet out there aren’t as fabulous as the manufacturers would like. But, talking about whether or not there’s a tablet market out there isn’t the point of this article. The point, is Microsoft, and where the company that’s seemingly staying out of the race is currently positioned, and how they could actually introduce some interesting tablets with their current offerings.

First, let me just say that I don’t want a Windows 7 tablet. They’re out there, and while they’re great for people who want nothing more than a Windows 7 experience in a more mobile fashion than, say, a laptop, it’s not something that I think is actually a competitor to Apple (or anyone else, for that matter). More to the point, Windows 7 tablets are even more expensive than their counterparts, which is still confusing to me. With these other companies focusing their energy on creating tablet specific mobile operating systems, Windows 7 just isn’t a competitor.

And that’s why I want a Windows Phone tablet. I think the mobile OS is geared perfectly towards the larger screen. Windows Phone is a unique mobile OS in and of itself, and while it may not be to everyone’s liking on a phone, I think it’s something that even more people could get accustomed to on a tablet. Especially with the Live Tiles and Hubs, getting information quickly on your tablet couldn’t be easier than on a Windows Phone-based tablet.

And for those of you out there who have been keeping an eye on Windows 8, this is probably where you’d chime in and say, “It’s coming!” Well, yes and no. While Microsoft is obviously trying to make an Operating System that can, for the most part, coexist with current Windows 7 offerings and what they have going in Windows Phone, I don’t think this is going to be the sweetest of tech marriages. Why? Because under Windows 8’s tiles and landscape positioning, there’s still the full Windows experience under there. Which means, while it’s great it looks different and looks like Windows Phone, it really isn’t the same thing at all. It’s just Windows, but with flare.

And some people out there may say that there’s nothing different about it, but there really is. Windows isn’t designed to be a tablet-specific OS. Yes, it can be mobile in the sense that it works on a laptop, but the same experience isn’t worthwhile on a tablet. Especially when we compare it to things like iOS, webOS, or even Android. These are mobile operating systems that have been geared towards the tablet, and that was made possible by the fact that they were all started on phones. Yes, they’ve evolved (some more than others) to work better on a tablet, but they are still the phone’s OS reflection.

Microsoft is in a great position to make Windows Phone into a tablet OS, simply because it’s not happening now. And I think if Microsoft can make Windows Phone on a tablet look like what we’ve seen coming down the pipe for the Xbox 360’s Dashboard (pictured above), then the company really has something here. Of course, the hardware would have to be worthwhile, and Microsoft couldn’t let the manufacturer price it out of range. But we know the software is there, at least, and that’s a good start. Wait until the third iPad is unveiled, and then make a better tablet with Windows Phone as the OS, and you may just have a winner on your hands, Microsoft.

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"Should Microsoft create a Windows Phone tablet?"

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Adam Spaulding
Adam Spaulding i think so but thats just my opinion
Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey They shouldn't bother cos Apple will only slap an injunction on it anyway!!
Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks They should stop renaming shit to add windows phone 7. And they've had a tablet os since before apple knew what a cell phone was.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama I wouldn't mine seeing it for the right price
James Matthews
James Matthews I'll wait for windows 8. In the mean while the HTC titan will fit my tablet needs.
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Yeah... they should.
James Ford
James Ford Yes, I love my HD7 Phone, would love to see it as a tablet. The OS is way better than Android and the Iphone. I have used all three and currently have a Xoom. Windows tablet would be so much better.
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar The more the merrier...
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel Yes, windows 8 ftw!!!
Gregory Radjiman
Gregory Radjiman Windows 8 is designed on touch-screen technology. Demo of the OS is very impressive on youtube.
Matt Biggar
Matt Biggar Yes please im waiting for this to buy a tablet! Windows 8 is designed to work on tablets while optionally giving the choice to switch to full windows 8. That is something that hasn't been done before, oh and my windows phone apps will work on all Microsoft products im in!
Lee Beasley
Lee Beasley Yes my good sir
Hemraj Polavaram
Hemraj Polavaram yes, definetly quoted by MR. MUSHROOM
Christian Sotelo
Christian Sotelo It would be cool and it needs android apps
Corey Perdew
Corey Perdew Sure
Syko Loudermilk
Syko Loudermilk that would be a waste of money for sure
Bill Moran
Bill Moran Ultimately that is the wireless grail, all your needs video, internet and phone, heck yes they should :), ps they need to market it better then they have their phones, I have N arrive it's a great phone but they just haven't sold because of a lack of quality marketing
Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez They need to get into this area before android and apple rule it exclusively. They were late to the game with WP7 and need to arrive to the market early. If WP7 came out in 07/08 the reception would have been a lot better instead of the catch up it is playing now.
Micah Madru
Micah Madru windows phone 7 seems pretty dead. A windows 8 tablet is a good idea though.
Charles Hunter Minter Junior
Charles Hunter Minter Junior no apple is top dog windows sucks in my oppion slow and lame apple fast and advanced
Eric Quach
Eric Quach fuck ya they should. but then again I don't use tablets.
Besnik Nokaj
Besnik Nokaj would it be a phone?
Manny LaughsAlot
Manny LaughsAlot if its 100-200$ sure y not....anything more is not worth buying a tablet....
Narone Versy Thomas
Narone Versy Thomas Stupid
Martin Canales Jr.
Martin Canales Jr. yesssss
Lalo Unnecessarilylongmiddlename Cabrales
Lalo Unnecessarilylongmiddlename Cabrales No
Javier Trejo
Javier Trejo Naww!
Mathew Garcia
Mathew Garcia I really think Windows Phone 7 OS would make a great tablet
Andrew Hawkes
Andrew Hawkes No Windows 7 or 8 with an optional windows phone 7 type UI
Austin Fugatt
Austin Fugatt thats contiridictive a windows"phone" "tablet......which is it...jw?...lol
Crispin Magana
Crispin Magana Yes!! Windows 8!!
Andrew Hawkes
Andrew Hawkes no. Windows 7
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock If it's as ugly as WM7, I am going to go with a Mac for my next PC.
Cody Shawn Sullivan
Cody Shawn Sullivan no!
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley A Windows 8 Tablet should be pretty good.

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