Android Jelly Bean said to be the successor to Ice Cream Sandwich [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: September 9, 2011

Android Jelly Bean

Despite the fact that the next major version of Android, code named Ice Cream Sandwich, has yet to hit the market, many have already begun eyeing the version of Google's mobile operating system that's due to follow ICS. Today some details on the "J" version of Android have emerged courtesy of a "trusted source" speaking with This is my next. According to the tipster, Jelly Bean will follow Ice Cream Sandwich in Google's Android naming scheme, although it's not yet known what version number Jelly Bean will sport. The source also claims that the "game-changing stuff" that was originally supposed to make it into ICS will now be included with Jelly Bean. There was no mention of what exactly that "game-changing stuff" consists of.

So there you have it, Android fans. We may not know much about Jelly Bean itself, but hey, at least now we've got a name to keep in the back of our minds going forward. Until we lean more about what Jelly Bean is all about, I'll be imagining what Google has up its sleeve for the logo of the new OS. Perhaps a big green jelly bean with little arms, legs, and antannae? We'll see.

UPDATE: According to "another well-regarded source" of This is my next's, the name Jelly Bean is one of the names being considered for the "J" version of Android, but the decision hasn't been made just yet. Of course, there aren't many other desserts that start with the letter "J," so it wouldn't be a shock if Jelly Bean did end up getting selected. The tipster also says that there are major "architectural, functional, and design changes" to be found in Ice Cream Sandwich. So if you were concerned that ICS may end up being a small release, don't be.

Via This is my next