Nvidia Tegra roadmap teases upcoming Kal-El+ and Grey chipsets

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 12, 2011

Nvidia Tegra roadmap Kal-El+ Wayne Grey

Remember that Nvidia Tegra roadmap from earlier this year that teased the next several iterations of the company's high-end processors? Today a new slide has been making its way around the Internet that once again showcases some of Nvidia's upcoming mobile CPUs, but this time the focus is on the processors that'll be released between now and 2013. First up we've got the quad-core Kal-El that's due to begin arriving in tablets later this year. After that, the Nvidia slide mentions the "Kal-El+" that looks to be due in mid-2012. Not much has been said about this plus-ified processor, but it'll likely pack slight power and battery consumption improvements.

Moving into late 2012/early 2013, we see the roadmap forking into two separate paths. The Batman-inspired Wayne will be the follow-up to the Kal-El processor that'll likely garner the attention of folks that demand the latest and greatest in the their mobile hardware. Below the Wayne we've got the Grey, which will be a low-power, single chip with a processor and modem together that could be used with Windows Phone 7 devices. Right now Microsoft requires Qualcomm chipsets in its Windows Phones because they feature both a processor and modem on one chip, but with the Grey, Nvidia will be able to supply similar chipsets, giving it a chance to get in on the WP7 action.

So that's what we can expect from the folks at Nvidia over the next couple of years. Honestly, hearing all about the Wayne and Grey chips — as well as what's after them — kind of makes us wish that we could just skip 2012 altogether. After seeing what the quad-core Kal-El is capable of, though, I'd say we've still got some exciting stuff to look forward to next year.

Via PCMag