iPhone 5 cases Case-Mate

The iPhone 5 case parade continues! Today the folks at Case-Mate posted images of several different cases for what it seems to believe is the iPhone 5, although the shots have since been taken down. The images show a new, tapered design that lines up nicely with the multitude of purported iPhone 5 cases that we've seen pop up recently. There is an opening on the left side of these cases that's not present in some of the older cases, but that could just be meant for a SIM card slot.

Case-Mate also has a page on its site that offers details on the iPhone 5. The company claims that the new iPhone will feature a new form factor, an elongated home button, a screen that "could" be four inches in size, dual-core A5 processor, 8-megapixel camera, wireless charging, and 16GB/32GB capacities. Case-Mate also says that its "inside resources" show that Apple will launch both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S in early October. However, it's not clear if Case-Mate actually does have inside information on the new iPhones or if it's simply making guesses based on rumors reported by various blogs.

In addition to these cases, some images of what may be an iPhone 5 screen protector have appeared online. The screen protector is quite a bit bigger than an iPhone 4, suggesting that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature a display larger than 3.5 inches. The protector also seems to suggest that Apple's new smartphone will include an elongated home button.

Although none of these images should be taken as confirmation of the iPhone 5's design or specs, they do add to the growing number of reports claiming that the device will be quite a bit different than the iPhone 4 that we've come to know over the past year or so. We're still waiting on Apple to send out invites to the event where it'll actually unveil its new iPhone. Meanwhile, the rumor mill has been hard at work churning out possible release details for the handset, the most popular of which point to sometime in early or mid-October. So what do you all think of the design in these new Case-Mate cases? Would you be happy with the iPhone 5 if it looked like that?

UPDATE: Some more case shots have come out, and this time they're slightly see-through, offering a peek at what the iPhone 5's backside might look like.

iPhone 5 cases Case-Mate

iPhone 5 screen protector

iPhone 5 screen protector

Via MacRumors, Unwire.hk, BGR, Case-Mate, Pocketnow

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Zach Cline @Danu- HTC devices have horrible battery life no doubt. As far as my iPad goes i'm on it pretty heavy on my days off and I normally only have to charge twice a week which isn't bad considering. I could never get into custom to custom roms. I've flashed a bunch and most of them, Not all- Take away the ability to change your battery settings which is a big no no for me considering that most of them drained it faster I found myself coming back to stock every time.
Brett Sherman The iphone needs to come out so everyone can get there panties out a bunch.... I mean damn, get off its nuts. Lol
Joe Gates No. It's a picture.
Danu Carrión Perales well according to my neighbor its more or less the same, i think mine should save a bit more battery due to dark colors and the display being super amoled, but i can really tell its a lot faster than stock, plus have tons of more features and personalization... any ios devices gives excelent battery life IF YOU DONT USE IT, once you use it a lot, its the same shit really..i played a soccer game in my friends iphone 4 and munched 20% in less than an hour, same thing on my galaxy s device if i use drag racing, where there is difference is in the browser, if theres flash and you are watching the flash content then obviously its going to take more battery away... but in android devices htc is worst in battery from my experience, followed by some motorolas with the exception of atrix
Zach Cline Not everybody wants to root and flash roms and we shouldn't have to to get decent battery life. As far as the ipad goes it gets crazy battery life. I had mine on for a week straight and i was only down to 40 %
Danu Carrión Perales well really i dont know what all the complain is about with battery, its been 13 hours 42 minutes and i still have 70%.. i have no extended battery, i have a custom rom, i score 1900-2000 in quadrant and have a 1500mah battery... my ipad has been disconnected the same amount of time and ive given them both more or less the same use and the ipad is in 78% right now
Zach Cline I was wanting to check out the galaxy s2 out but verizon passed on it. Supposedly we're getting the nexus prime next month.
Steve Moore You're rite about that. But I ain't happy about the lo-def screen. Sammy needs to kick it up another notch. Oh, and mix in a little bit of metal.
Phillip Ith No matter wat the iphone 5 looks like or features it has, SGS2 will rape that mofo !
Steve Moore They're all flawed, I geek with them all.. even with Symbian with it's ancient os. It's just fun to tinker with mobile phones especially cuz they're just mini computers anymore. I even have my dads old, gigantic Cellular One "mobile" phone. Be thankful we don't have to rock one of those anymore.
Zach Cline Battery life is a big one for me. I just got used to having to charge a few times a day but having to charge again after four or five hours is a bit stupid lol. And my DROID x is just a single core with no 4G. Most of the stuff that the google android team has done. is bad ass, But manufacturers have got to start focusing on improving the battery life. Why the hell would you make a device with a 4.3 or 4.5 inch screen and dual core processors and stick a 1550 mah battery in it? Makes no sense.
Teron Facey Zach why is it every time see a post from you your always bad mouthing Android.
Danu Carrión Perales and please dont tell me that theres a prototype or something, you dont know that, its just RUMORS, apple hasnt said absolutely anything at all of a new phone, so, for now its just people with nothing useful to do with their time and start making up rumors
Lee Grip Gresham @ Zach That's why I'm thinking about WP7. Because Nobody is complaining about it, nobody. iOS not Flashing, Androids suck batteries. But when I see a WP7....Candy and the person holding it....Pleasant. Lol
Danu Carrión Perales @Rene Orduna hey moron try looking at the picture yourself, it doesnt have flash, instead of flash it has the microphone where the camera is... now why would you put a phones microphone where the camera is? second, look at the shape and buttons... also, why would a cover for a phone arrive before the phone? does that even make logic to you? usually phone arrives and someone designs a cover specifically made for that phone
Rodger Samiie Myers I'll go back to android only when they stablize the system platform more and learn to better balance peformance to battery life..i miss my big screen..and flash...but thats about it
Steve Moore Around...
Steve Moore And I never thought I'd thought I'd ever agree with Zach on anything.... sorry I said you sucked bro.. sniff sniff.. let's all gather aroused the campfire for a round of kum by ya my lord.. lol
John Fisher No hatred here. Both platforms are very innovative. Just switched to iPhone in May. Who knows, next upgrade may try Android again...
Zach Cline Plenty of people care. But the geek to geek hatred needs to stop. When it comes down to it both android and ios have there pros and cons. I've tried android, I've been rooted and stock, Flashed a bunch of roms and went back to stock again and i can say that i don't really care for it. Doesn't mean it sucks- It just means that it's not the right fit for me. With iOS what it lacks in customization it makes up for in performance so it's a trade off. All of my movies, Books, Apps, Music are on itunes so switching to the iphone is the logical choice and the battery life is better.
Ayoub Hage Who cares
Steve Moore Sorry man, I don't work for Verizon, personally I think their reps should be called customer disservice. I feel your pain, I don't have anything against the iPhone other than it's size, not being able to download what I want to it and getting rid of all those damn icons.. and a few other things. Apple could be great like I said before, but I feel like they purposely hold back on what their customers really want and that really bothers me. Tell me you haven't wanted at the very least a bigger screen? Not to mention a few more things. And everytime they release a product they act like they revolutionized something that's been out for 6 months prior to whatever they just released. I love some of their products, but I don't like how the customer has no say over the hardware they buy. Its just how I feel. I'd rather give my money to less than perfect Android cuz I can do whatever the hell I want with it for the most part.. let's put an end to geek on geek hatred. Enjoy your iPhone, cheers man.
Lee Grip Gresham That does look like something Apple makes. Then these guys tripping lol. I like Android Im using an Android phone, iPod tch, BB play bk, xBox 360, PS3, Hp computer, Toshiba laptop, cannon camera, and curious about WP7 w/mgo. It's all the same to me... tech candy.
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo iPhone and Android are both awesome if you know how to take full advantage of the OS, the iPhone has top notch hardware and a very solid straightforward OS, Android has alot more options and a very customizable OS, with Android you need a 1ghz processor or more to really enjoy the experience, for me its gonna be the Nexus Prime and the iPhone 5 ;-)
John Fisher I did, three Erises, two DX2s...hell the camera on the DX2 was so bad and choppy I couldn't even take good video...I heard the HOLY Bionic is the same freaking way...I used to hate Apple...honestly, I was a huge Android "fanboy" but after two and a half years and two different phones I switched. I heard so much crap from my wife for her Eris (she loathed it)...that's really why I'll never get Android again, my wife is disgusted with it. Why should I have to root my phone to make it worthwhile? I realize the customization is better on Android, but if you can't get the damn thing to work right who cares anyway?
Zach Cline Steve if you take or send them back you just get a certified preowned POS. A friend of mine had the droid 2 global and that thing was a nightmare. It got to the point tk where she had to pull the battery five times a day just to get it to function right. And by the way, I own the droid x and i'm ditching it for the iphone in november. It's my second android device and i'm just tired of the lag and force closes.
Zach Cline Fandroids are future iphone owners in denial.
Arnulfo Barajas @Aaron..excatly!..all of these Fandroids are that intrested in the iphone
Derrick Wimberly Jr. I wanna say bad things about Apple and the iPhone but I don't wanna get sued....... Go Android
Steve Moore Then you should've taken them back and gotten a new one John. I'm tired of the Apple/Android pissing match. Guys get wtf you want, I don't care..
Zack Enos No its not the iphone it just another terrible apple product
Derrick Wimberly Jr. You can't do shit with a iphone, all it is is a toy for kids. Android you can do whatever you want so why would I want a iPhone that is limited???
Aaron Su This is an iPod touch 4. Holy iPhone gets shit load of attention. Most are from android fan boys. I wonder why
John Fisher Hey Steve, my Verizon iPhone has dropped one call in four months. My DX2 and Eris dropped calls all the time and even rebooted during calls sometimes!
Steve Moore Hey Zach, you're the first Apple suckup to comment when it's a post about Android, you suck and so does your iPhone.
Zach Cline It's lord cook now lol.
Steve Moore Nope, it doesn't need to be, other than all the Verizon crap on it. It's butter it works fine.
Rene Orduna @danu perales get off the steroids so you can see the bigger picture
Steve Moore Doesn't matter what iPhone you have, they're all small, you have to enter a password every time you want to download something, you have to plug it in to iTunes to sync it, even ehn you jailbreak it you still have to sync it with iTunes, even with your lame bumper case it still drops calls (Verizon/ATT), you still can't just download whatever the hell you want to it. Apple has to sue everyone to maintain their grip in the mobile market. I could go on for days too. Those that have an iPhone and like it good for you... It's just what you like. I just like Android better. No probs with my Droid yet.. and if there is, it's still easier to fix than iPhone... have fun being told you're a moron at Lord Jobs' "genius" bar.
Rene Orduna I bet he has the bionic rooted and if he doesn't he will
Luis Nunez Valverde I call today to ATT and they told me the new iPhone 4gs (no iPhone 5) is coming out btw october and November
Elvin Burgos I dont care what form factor or features it has. If it has an apple logo on it I'm buying it.
Ryan Cook @Zach you should see the android posts there's just as many iPhone fan boys on them.
Arnulfo Barajas @thatcher..its a rumor that a big chance that's not the real iphone!-.-
Zach Cline I steves bionic six months before it starts to fail on him lol. And good luck getting updates. And by the way, This post is about the iphone. Not hemdroid and yet there are droid fanboys trolling all over the place.
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery There are only a few Droids. They are called Androids. Get it right.
Arnulfo Barajas ha!!!..deres people that say there not fans of apple!?..y the fk do u keep commenting!..just to show off ur android o wat????...
Danu Carrión Perales this looks like a ipod touch... please apple fans, take your over excitement down on the iphone 5 that doesnt even exist, not even apple has announced it, why would you idiots think its comming? its a rumor phone, only rumors, just like there was going to be a rapture, guess what, it was bullshit..
Thatcher Ford Volz This is fucking dumb why would they get rid of the flash for the camera?
Rene Orduna Dude I doesn't matter what droid you have it's still droid...!!!
Francisco Machuca @Steve- That pretty much sums it up.
Steve Moore Francisco, if I had another Bionic I'd send it to you. This Zach guy likes to get on PD to bother the people when they say something against the iPhone, Lord Jobs, or the iMaxi.. I mean iPad. Apple makes awesome products that could be the undisputed king of all things tech. But because Jobs is soooo much of a tool Apple fanboys think they have to be as much of a tool as their king. I hope I set the record straight for you Zach.. Apple gadgets aren't the problem. Jobs, and scrubs like you are. Thats why they release stuff behind the curve, cuz lotion boys like you gobble it up.. eventhough its waaaayyyy behind the curve. The Bionic is 9 months behind, but it whoops the iPhones ass in data transfer, call quality and just about everything else.. and I don't have to go through a bunch of fruity ass workarounds to get free ringtones, or files to my phone. So suck it Apple sheep.
Zach Cline @Francisco- Don't hold it that way. And the verizon iphone doesn't even have that problem. Redesigned antenna ftw!!!!
Zach Cline @rene- LMAO!!!! It's the truth.
John Fisher Android is for people who want to have to update their phone every two months with an OTA to make their phone work properly. It's for people who love having to reboot their phones once a day and also for people who have to root their phone to make it even worth while. Android SUCKS. I'm not just an apple fanboy...I owned two android phones before ever buying iPhone...took me awhile to see the light.
Rene Orduna Dear droid user I love you...!! Lol I make so much money on you cause when you walk into my store I know your going to leave with car chargers extended batteries oh and don't for get you need a case and screen protectors oh wait don't leave I still have to download juice-defender and the background app killer and becareful on what you download cause it might make your phone crash.....!!! As for the iPhone the only thing I recommend is a case and screen protectors damn U IPhone and it's almost prefect design lol
Francisco Machuca "They fixed that antenna issue a few years ago"? Zach, you are an idiot! My iPhone 4 always disconnects from a call if I hold the corner. Oh, you mean the plastic bumpers they gave out fixed the issue. Right!
John Michael Martinez Infuse 4G > iPhone5
Steve Moore Whatever man, the point is, when Lord Jobs bends over there's a traffic pileup at his butt and you probably are in the lead. My Bionic works just fine for me. I'm not, not a fan of Apple, but I have never heard of Google treating their customers like they're less than. So enjoy your 3.5 inch screen, I'll take LTE and free voice guided navigation over 3G and a Retina Display any day.
Johny Alvarez Looks like a itouch lmao
Enrique BigPapi Martinez i am sure this isn't the iphone i have my reason that i know but i cannot say anymore but be sure this is not the iphone 5
Zach Cline Dude they fixed that antenna issue a few years ago so that holds no ground. And android is a pain in the ass. Horrible battery life, Force closes, Lag no matter what, Random reboots etc... My idevices run practically flawless which can't be said for junkdroid.
Steve Moore Hey Zach Cline I've had them all, Android can be a pain in the ass too. But at the very least its less of a pain than Apple, and I don't have to avoid holding my phone in a certain fashion. Go bother someone else.. that gets no play with me. No os is better than any other, it what works for the individual. Ass clown.
Rene Orduna It's like no shit it looks like a iPod it was made by apple you dumb shit.... Dude just go and fight with your droid oh and I think your out of battery just writing a comment on here.. Lol
Steve Hartsock @Paul - The iPods don't have microphone and noise cancellation holes. Think about it.
Jamar Bryant We dont fuckin follow phonedog and 'Todays Iphone' for this BULLSHIT yall post! Im tired of seeing every post that says "Rumor?" We dont want to see that! Post somethin thats actually sufficient!!!! Post when u hav CONCRETE information otherwise ur posta are USELESS!!
Kevin L. Lopez No its not, samsung infuse 4g all the way
Paul Beliy Looks like the 4th gen ipod touch
Zach Cline Lol it hasn't even been released. And chances are it's going to be buggy as hell and feel like a toy because it's made by samsung.
James Stewart iPhones arent perfect but android has many many many more faults than iOS.Terrible battery life, poor interfaces in apps, the ability to get viruses on your phones, slow performance. Companies such as samsung can say what they like but the truth is they copied the look and feel of the iPhone no phone looked anything like what it does today before the iPhone in 2007.
Marti Ruiz Iphone look sexy like mi girls butnothing but is bored
Kenny Kenwad Holder meh. Nexus Prime is far superio and sexyer. excuse me while i listen to music on my ZuneHD and do tablet stuff on my Asus Transformer
Rene Orduna Everyone that has a droid gets fucked with kindness...!! When ever you walk in to your wireless dealer they already know that they are going to sell you a droid cause they get paid more on a sale on droid than the iPhone, but ask any of them how many ppl go back with complains about there droid phone.... The dealer get paid to sell droid not iPhone cause IPhone sells itself
Tommy D Thompson Andrew, You are so lime green jello
Andrew Kuttler Obviiii fake. And it's covered by a case!
Tommy D Thompson Yes it does Andrew
Andrew Kuttler Tommy No.
Zach Cline @Steve moore- Spoken like a true fandroid. It's about time for a bump charge isn't it? Lol.
Zach Cline @Mitch- CM7 Looks like ass. And stock software smokes it.
Allyson McAtamney I love my iPod!!!! But I have to admit, for phones, android is better. That layout of the homescreen is so boring now compared to android. I can admit, I love my iPod so much with the apps and just the way it runs, but originally, iPod were just made for iPods. Not phones. Apple is not the best phone maker out there. Htc is voted #1. ;)
Steve Hartsock Android = Force Closes, Unsecure Apps, Sloppy Market where anything goes, Fragmentation, cheaply built phones, choppy/bloated interfaces.. I could go on for days.
Kip Count Huey, rooting is so easy my toddler could do it. Can't say the same about jailbreaking.
Steve Hartsock Gotta love all the people who have nothing better to do that hate on the iPhone. I think they need to pop their mommies titties out of their mouths and grow up.
Kip Count I've since found the joy of Android ownership. I've moved on. I still like to watch the Apple drama unfold though.
Huey Liggins "that's why you jailbreak an iPhone" as if you don't root you damn android? That freaking os and their phones have too many bugs. Maybe you got a good phone but even my gf is waiting on this new phone and she has an android. Coming out of the box iPhone is better. After rooting or jailbreaking you can say the phone that android runs on can only compete at a decent level. As for os, android has a lot of freedom that I would like to have. But it is not better enough for me to trade my phone in for something that doesn't even have a decent battery
Steve Moore Spoken like a true iSheep. Can't wait to see all the cool features Apple leaves you scrubs wanting.
Cole Bedsaul LOL you all are stupid if you're still screwing around with android
Christopher Olivas lol, looks more like a case design to me :)
Mitch Toland Jr. still prefer my phone over this #teamEVO4g rooted running CM7..iphone can't touch it
James Stewart Well android is supposedly as open source Os so its not technically stealing and ios was around before android so that means google stole first !
Andy Overcash @mike i use to be a hardcore android. I'm not anymore! I switched to iPhone a few months back and I will not switch back to android.
Dillon Sappingfield i'm sensing another lawsuit, i feel casemate will soon be on apple's hitlist
Wilhelm Haas Actually: does anyone care? iPhone... So yesterday... ;)
Andy Overcash i hope its not the iPhone!
Mike Orf iOS5 stole everything from android. This looks just like the iPod I'm writing my comment with!
Ron DeMarco My Bionic is better. Lol it actually looks like a small version on the ipad 2 with a rear flash. I guarantee that the iphone 5 will look like a small ipad 2.
Thomas Matthews No it's a case :)
Marti Ruiz What is an iphone?
Josh Crawley If it is I'm glad I got a iPhone 4 that shits wack looking
Jesse Bryant This picture is an ipod touch anyway
Trey Roethler 3rd! No one called it.
Andre Stephenson Ewww Hope not
Francis Mogote #notimpressed
Vincent Hung only iDiots get the iPhone.
Steven Gleason My muppets phone is better then that crap. Even cookie monster agrees.
Aaron Delgado The iPhone 5 is not going to that good as the iPhone 4 I bet it has no rentina display in it!!
Savuey Heng #teamandroid
Aaron Delgado Who cares bout the iPhone 5 !
Justin Beilstein any android... is still better. there is a reason you "JAILbreak" an iphone... wait till apple finds a way to throw away that key.
Tommy D Thompson Looks like the iPod Touch. :/ lame
Jesse Bryant Why is it such a big secret? Shouldn't they announce it already, I mean it is suppose to come out next month.
Allen Drewe Just tell us if its 4g jesus!!!!!
Ryan Daniel Cooper Congratulations Jonathan, do you want a fucking cookie?
Niko Lapcic unfortunately yes ...
Dimas Oliveira galaxy s 2? hehheh
Gordon Christie 2nd and my galaxy s2 is still better

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