New Motorola codenames pulled out of DROID Bionic Webtop code

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 15, 2011

Motorola Edison Common codenames

Time for another mystery! The story goes like this: a Motorola DROID Bionic owner was using his beloved handset in its Webtop dock one day and, after deciding to take a dive into the code for the device, discovered a handful of product codenames. Most of the names belong to products we already know, like Olympus (Atrix 4G), Sunfire (Photon 4G), and Targa (Bionic), but there are two others that are totally new: "Common" and "Edison."

So what might these new devices be? That's where the mystery comes in. The folks at Android Central think that "Common" could just be a generic name for any Webtop device. That's certainly a possibility, especially since the name seems so, well, common compared to other Moto codenames. As for "Edison," there are a few of upcoming phones that could be carrying this codename, like the DROID HD, Dinara, or the AT&T-bound MB865. We'll keep our eyes peeled and our magnifying glass out looking for more clues. In the mean time, don't be afraid to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Via Android Central