Windows 8; iPhone 5 design, specs, and release date; Epic Touch 4G coverage and more!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| September 19, 2011

Microsoft dominated the news with the announcement of Windows 8, the next iteration of their famed OS that will run on desktop and laptop PCs as well as tablet PCs. Yes, apparently Microsoft views tablets as PCs that should ship with a true PC operating system. Some people agree with this and some people don't. We discussed Microsoft's approach to the tablet market and whether or not it is the right one.

No mobile technology podcast would be complete without some Android news and iPhone rumors. Aaron began coverage of the Epic Touch 4G and we talked about some of his first impressions of the device. The week's news also gave us some new tips on what the iPhone 5 could look like and some of the possible specs. We finished off with a slew of leaked Android devices and an open user Q&A.


PhoneDog Live Podcast #20


2:16 - Windows 8 is announced
4:40 - Does Microsoft have the right idea with Windows 8?

When I first heard Microsoft's approach to the tablet market, my immediate reaction was that Microsoft was simply wrong. Why would they try to cram a desktop experience into a tablet? It's been done before and it doesn't work very well. After giving it more thought, I'm changing my tune.

I was disappointed when I heard Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer make it clear that Microsoft believes tablets should offer the same functionality as a desktop PC. Microsoft believes that the PC will evolve into new form factors but it will continue to be a general purpose device because, as Steve Ballmer put it, 'the whole world is not going to be able to afford five devices per person.' It appears that Apple has an entirely different approach. So which one is right?

Honestly, I feel that both can co-exsist and complete each other. Some people will want a full desktop experience on a tablet and if Microsoft can deliver solid performance, then this will be an extremely useful device. However, some people will want the "specialty device" that Ballmer has referred to. This is the reason why Microsoft and Apple have been able to co-exist in the desktop and laptop market for so long; their approach is so entirely different that they fill in each other's gaps. One picks up right where the other one leaves off. I feel it will be the same when Microsoft fully enters the tablet market.


23:10 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch 1080p HD Video Sample
24:10 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch First Impressions

The Galaxy S II was one device that I was eagerly anticipating ever since we first got wind of it. As most of you know, the original Galaxy S was one of my favorite devices of all time and TouchWiz is certainly my favorite UI. The Galaxy S II brings a lot of major improvements to the table in nearly every category. The processor is now dual-core, the camera is even better and now captures 1080p HD video, the display is larger, especially on the Sprint version, and the Super AMOLED Plus technology makes it even more stunning than the original. The Epic Touch is one of the hottest devices around and easily the best device currently on Sprint.


29:09 - iPhone 5 design teased by Case-Mate product pages?

As the supposed release date for the iPhone 5 gets nearer and nearer, the rumors are starting to come together and have some semblance of symmetry to them. These new case pictures concur with the rumors we've heard lately that the new iPhone will feature the same flat back as the current iPhone but with curved sides. I know a lot of iPhone users who will be disappointed by this, but it is what it is. Nothing is certain right now, but we'll keep reporting the rumors until we see something straight from Apple.



32:26 - HTC Vigor leaked images and info on Beats partnership
33:46 - HTC Bliss images
34:55 - HTC Runnymeade leaked specs and images
36:42 - LG Marquee coming to Sprint


38:49 Open Q&A

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