Apple is making no bones about their belief that Android manufacturers have been "slavishly" copying them. And they have stopped at nothing – not even faking documents, more than once – over the past several months to fight for their intellectual property, creating a trail of very unhappy consumers and companies in their wake. Such companies are now rolling up their sleeves, waiting to pounce on the iPhone 5 when it launches.

In some cases, Apple has a very valid point and I stand behind them. The original Galaxy S does look a lot like the iPhone, and even earlier versions of Samsung's custom Android interface, TouchWiz, is remarkably similar to Apple's iOS. But HTC? Motorola? Or even Samsung with their Galaxy Tab 10.1? They have all been victims of Apple's misuse of patents, otherwise known as patent trolling, in their attempt to stifle the onslaught of Android.

Apple's most recent victory – the indefinite banning of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany on the grounds that "other designs are possible" – is what appears to be the last straw for Samsung. They are now exploring all available legal options, the first of which is targeting the iPhone 5 as soon as it lands in Korea. The quote from Korea Times, coming from an unnamed Samsung exec, says:

"Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here [in Korea] for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents," and, "For as long as Apple does not drop mobile telecommunications functions, it would be impossible for it to sell its i-branded products without using our patents. We will stick to a strong stance against Apple during the lingering legal fights."

Of course, being Samsung's base of operations, they have the home field advantage there. They know how the system works; a victory is all but certain. According to Reuters, however, Ol' Sammy could be seeking an injunction against the iPhone 5 in parts of Europe, too. No specific countries were listed, but we have a pretty good idea where they might start. And I wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung take the battle back to Australia either. Korea Times states, "At least 23 lawsuits are pending between Apple and Samsung in such countries as France, Japan, Germany, Korea and the United States and more are expected in an increasing number of states."

Miyoung Kim of Reuters says, "Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones in the second quarter and Samsung shipped just one million units less than that." A granted injunction across several European countries and in Korea would be a bittersweet victory for Android and Samsung. Lest we forget that Samsung still supplies Apple with several components for tablets and phones. So in turn, they are also hurting themselves. But what about a victory in the United States? That would be crucial blow to Apple in terms of sales, momentum and morale.

Apple missed their annual schedule of an iPhone in the summer months; it has been well over a year since they launched a new iPhone. They are now banking on their next generation iPhone being a hit. An injunction would almost certainly mean rain on their parade. It would also mean kissing any hopes of 25 million iPhone 5s sold before the end of the year goodbye.

It still isn't clear what these 23 pending lawsuits are, or which side they're from, but either way they could strongly affect the launch and success of the iPhone 5, the upcoming Nexus, the Galaxy S II line and even the Galaxy Tabs in the States and around the rest of the world. As Google steps in and teams up with its partners, it appears as if Apple may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Personally, I wish this whole patent tiff would blow over already. Companies should go back to innovating to thrive rather than pulling those who are innovating down with them. Less competition is never a good thing for consumers. I can't say I fully support Samsung on throwing some punches back at Apple, but someone needs to stand up to them. Who knows, maybe an injunction on the iPhone 5 could put an end this ongoing battle. Apple could use a little humility, for once.

Could a hit to Apple's iPhone 5 settle the score once and for all? Or will it blow up in Samsung's face and take patent battles to an entirely new level? Will any of this even matter six months from now? Sound off below!

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"What would happen if Samsung were granted an injunction against the iPhone 5?"

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Josh Hutton I would never buy a Samsung product ever again.
Luis Diego More delays....ANDROID BABY'
Michael Moore Wow really? What phone you like is your opinion...it doesn't define a person's sexual orientation.
Alex Castillo Three words, NEXUS FUCKING PRIME.
David Hilgendorf I will buy Samsung products just to support them, even tho Im a fan of motorola and htc.
Kristopher Davis Android FTW!! HTC phones are superior to all!! Apple OS crappy
Jon Jerico Calanio It's clear that Apple is afraid of the ever-growing competition presented by the Android army, and with that it wants to stop this advance with all legal options available. But now as these lawsuits are coming to bite it in the backside thanks to Samsung, I hope this will mark the end of the company's litigation-happy escapades.
Angel Miguel Peguero samsung epic touch 4g baby all day
Antoni Johansson Apple may be losing the war now that their main leader Steve Jobs have left the company. I believe he saw this coming. The challenge that awaits the iphone will be felt with the next wave of great phones by Samsung and the much acclaim handy phone in most of Europe, The Sony Arc S2. Other ground breaking phones will continue to heat the wave next year with new features.
Nyle Ahmed Samsung would rape Apple.... Just guessing but hey it could happen
Jason Meehan The last 3 comments show the IQ level of this entire discussion... I'm not going to bother with my opinion.
Stian Grøtåsen I don't like that consumers will get less choice, but Apple deserves it and they have to learn that they can't f*** with every single company because they get some good ol' competition.
Rahul Gumma Intellectual property My ASS bastards.. real knowledge is free only morons who are afraid of getting fucked act like whinny bitches AKA Apple
Rahul Gumma I just love how most douche bag companies love to flaunt names with trees & fruits.. Apple, Blackberry & Palm
Rahul Gumma I wish they make a game like angry birds called Angry Androids.. in which we could throw iphones and Blackberry's on their CEO's
Nick Kathrein I would laugh out loud!
Luis Hernandez the world will be a better place
Shane Costner Don't care I like Apple and I like Android but Samsung sucks = samsuck
James Newman Samsung should just stop making shit for apple or jack up their prices.
David Harness I'd say I'd forever hate Samsung for suing something they have no right to sue over
Steve Moore I just want the playing field level. Sammy can hang with Apple, that's why Apple went nuts with all the lawsuits in the first place. Apple is a company full o douches.
Osama Ahmed it would be the end of the world as we know there will be a third world war this time between tech companies
Oseki Paisley apple sucks android rule had the sgs2 and its sick.
James Adelan Cowie Theyl just counter sue like in this never ending ongoing court wars
Jeremy Gross i like android but i wish that most of them were nno bigger than 4.0 small big cellphone are becoming tablets
Rahul Gumma I want some companies to Die.. out of misery like they should get in so much debt that people should just burn them down. Apple is one of them and the other is Blackberry
Jose Rodriguez The iphone is specifically made for old people, and homosexuals... :
Brandon Foster That would be freakeN AWESOME :}
Joshua Andrus I would lol
Hywel Thomas More than happy with my Galaxy S2.. Two fingers to Apple!
Nick Maass *Hypocrite. @Francis spelling mistake so Sue me
Nick Kalman I've had a few high end Android phones and battery was sucks. Samsung makes great devices. Love my Samsung Focus and Windows Phone.
Zach Cline Android is not superior. It's just different. I'm on my second android device now and it's ok,. It's not as amazing as people make it out to be. I just prefer the build quality and the smoothness of apple products. Guess that makes me a fanboy lol. And starbucks is the shit.
Raúl Dubini The iphone 5 will perish, and from the ashes next year the S3 will rise and take the world
Jordan Acosta Android Rules.....
Jose Rodriguez @steve hemmoROIDS? Seriously? Leave it to an apple fanboy to come up with THAT gem... Wowzers... You, sir, are part of the minority... As we all know, Android is number one, and there are numbers to prove it.
Hector Portalatin f*ck Apple ! bananas n strawberries way better ! Lol !
Francis San Pedro Hippocrates? Like the oath doctors take?
Nick Maass Why would you Sue the company that is supplying parts you your phones? ios 5's notification system is a complete rip off of androids, which is fine, but don't go suing everyone just cause something kinda looks like your product when you've completely ripped off part of a OS. Hippocrates
Jeremy Abad I'm not an iPhone fan, what so ever. But Apple needs to stop this before they almost go under (again). They should worry about their consumers. As long as they keep puting out products that people like, they have nothing to worry about. ......... Oh yeah Android OS is superior to iOS. Just needed to put that out there to reinforce my loyalty to ANDROID!
Wendy Lindop Well I would laugh my socks off and go buy a S2 :)
Iliana Villalta Apple fans calm down
KoDy Designed ByCrime FUCK apple!!! Long live ANDROID+SAMSUNG typed from my SAMSUNG GALAXY S II EPIC™ 4G TOUCH BITCHES ;-)
Vincent Hung i think the Mayans predicted that 2012 will be the fall of Apple
Matthew Duran IPhone sucks anyway. Too controlled. What's the next revolutionary feature Steve? Notifications which were stolen from that other OS? Or will 4g be the next revolutionary feature? Probably not the fan boys will have to wait another year for 4g lol
Alfonso Hall I wouldn't really care, if the iPhone 5 is just an iPhone 4 with 1gb of ram and 4" screen and a new back I'm jumping ship!!!! I can't wait to see what the nexus prime looks like!!!!
Orlando Stagg Don't have to change batteries on my Evo 3D every 4 hours either, let alone 20 hours for that matter. Have you ever owned an Android phone and can contest to low battery life? Worst battery life for an Android phone was probably the Thunderbolt but what do you expect from a device that has an LTE radio turned on all the time?
Tony Frank i would destroy every samsung product i see.
Vincent Hung If Samsung wins then it will be victory to both samsung and the consumers.
David Juarez So who does apple think they are? We are human beings and should be able to chose for our selves what appeals to us. Just because someone did something better or smarter than you, or even reached the same solution in a different way, doesnt mean sue them. C'mon. Just take this as a learning experience to make your products better instead of trying to get a notch in your legal belt. In end, no matter who wins, its the people who really show where the sales are going.
Jaylen Riley I would be mad. I love iPhones. Can't wait to see the 5
Jonathan Cheng Android plus apple = amazingness
Oscar Ruelas DEATH TO THE IPHONE!!!!!
Jonathan Morris May I present to you exhibit A: Steve Hartsock, the prime example of a Apple fanboy.
Henrick Rawlins They have to respect and learn everything cannot be controlled
David Juarez @steven. Im not talking about battery life and changing batteries, im talking about being able to just being able to have those abilities. Specially external sd card. To me, specially financially, it seems to be less expensive to buy a battery and replace it myself than to have to get it serviced. And I know that is also cheaper than buying an apple protection plan. Im not an android fan, because I love apple computers, just feel phones should not be a hassle
Anthony Peña Android will become self aware and scorch the sky
Angel Ramirez Its a fact that Samsung is better. Why? Because their affordability and dependability are the best there are. Apple is dying out now that the android market is picking up in apps for cheaper prices and not needkng the everchanging iTunes to synch up. Oh and let's not forget how you have to hack ur iPhone to get the fill benefits of it which voids ur warranty.
John Choi Strong competition from Samsung benefits everyone. With Blackberry and Nokia on their deathbeds, do you guys really want the iPhone to become a monopoly? Apple is playing unfair by suing everyone trying to compete against the iPad. They didn't invent the touchscreen but sure acting like they did.
Zach Cline Hemmodroids lol.
Michael Miller Grandparents and Subaru Outback owners will experience a very sad day.
David Juarez @steve. What about all the people who buy an Iphone and then 6 months to a year later, have to completely empty out their bank account for the same phone with an added number at the end and some one or two improvements...??? Its all about flexibility and customer satisfaction. Thats why i never went with Iphone. At least with android, I can find a decent phone and theoretically use it for a few years. Im not a power user so I dont always need to keep upgrading.
Zach Cline @Jose- I hate stupid android fanboys. But apples lawsuits over anything and everything are getting out of hand. I'm still buying my iphone in a few months but i would tell steve jobs enough is enough. It's obvious that apple is afraid of the competition. And if. That's the case it's time they step their game up.
Steve Hartsock You don't need to change batteries on an iPhone very 4 hours like you do with the Android phones.....just saying.
Steve Hartsock Yeah Jose, they are almost as bad as HemmoROIDs.
Steve Hartsock Most Samsung phones are forgettable after a few weeks, can't say the same about Apple products.
Jonathan Morris It would suck to be Apple... then again they're rich anyway. Who's gonna miss a couple of billion dollars? It'll be their just desserts.
Steve Hartsock It'll never happen in a country that matters.
David Juarez Owned an unlocked apple 3gs for 1 day and felt like smashing it. No removable battery, no removable and upgradable external memory. Pretty bland UI and killed me to just have to always download from Cydia to get what I needed. I love not having to take my phone to the store just to get battery replaced or serviced. Apple should really look into those things if they really want to compete with any other OS specially Android....
Juan Carlos Deras Let's hope, Samsung rules!!! Toss-out the rotten Apple.
Jimmy Pop Samsung is already partners with Google to take over the world.
Jose Rodriguez I hate crApple and their stupid fanboys!!!
Paris Coke I will laugh my ass off
Ian Slade Long live Samsung and all other Android devices! I owned an iPhone but could'nt cope with the way Apple controlls the content through the app store and iphone itself.
Tim Miyashiro LOL my ass off.
Mathew Kennedy Than Koreans won't have the iPhone 5. WOW. I'm sure the population of South Korea won't effect Apple's sales too much since many Koreans side towards Android anyways. Their loss. PhoneDog has become very biased.
Paul Davis Samsung is going to fail, I love Sammy to death but they are doing this out of sheer desperation. Release the Iphone 5 please!
Miguel Gonzalez Apple fanatics would riot inside Starbucks.
Pierce G Hohenstein I would be so mad! I love my iPhone and wish to upgrade to the iPhone 5
Damian Klein omg they r copying them, apple products will always have the top of my wish list! never will a droid or android! never!
Mc Warhammer Steve Jobs would die of a hearth attack and not because of his health issues.
Stephanie Del Duca Sounds like Apple is feeling pretty threatened, as they should. I love my ipad but would never trade my android sidekick for an iphone.
Joshua Bender Horton DIE APPLE DIE
Oscar Ruelas I would be happy no more iPhone for now
Ayoub Hage I hope so.
Gavin Feist Wonderful things. Like Apple finally realizing they cannot control the consumer market.
Doug Springer I think it would be poetic justice!
Steven Bright Would be hilarious
Rian Kapadia I would have a parade
Nathan SP Apple will taste its own medicine

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