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iPhone 5 Opinionaided survey

The iPhone 5! It's (possibly) going to be revealed next month and will (maybe) feature specs like a dual-core A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera. As with previous iPhones, there's quite a bit of hype surrounding the new iOS smartphone, although the anticipation for the iPhone 5 seems to have compounded due to the fact that the last time we saw a truly new iPhone was in June of last year. Just how many people are planning to pick up the iPhone 5 when it launches? That's the question that the folks behind the iOS app Opinionaided wanted to know.

During the period between September 7th and September 13th, 1,011 Opinionaided users were asked the question "Will you upgrade to the iPhone 5?" and, once the dust had settled, 49 percent of iOS users polled said that they plan on buying Apple's new smartphone. The Opinionaided folks also point out that, if 49 percent of the owners of the total 108 million iPhones sold to date were to buy an iPhone 5, that could add up to sales of around 52 million. That's a heap o' phones.

The question now is, how many iOS users will actually snap up the iPhone 5 once it actually makes it to market? We'll have to wait for Apple to actually make the thing official and then launch it before finding out for sure. If you need a way to pass the time until then, you could always answer some questions or ask one of your very own with the Opinionaided iOS app, which you can find right here. Now for a little survey of our own: how many of you out there plan on picking up an iPhone 5? Is there a particular feature or set of features you'd need on the new iPhone to convince you to buy one?

49% of iPhone Users Want an iPhone 5
Survey of 1,011 Opinionaided app users reveals almost half plan to upgrade or switch to Apple’s iPhone 5
New York – (September 23, 2011) – Mobile question-and-answer company Opinionaided, announces the results of a week-long survey showing more than 49 percent of its iOS app users plan on purchasing the iPhone 5, when it’s available this fall.
The survey, which gathered 1,011 responses from the Opinionaided community, shows that strong demand is already building for Apple’s newest device among current iOS users and could be a precursor to a resurgence in the company’s share of the smartphone market after recent gains by Google’s Android. Recent numbers in released by Apple show sales of 108 million iPhones to date, if 49 percent of these current users upgrade it could mean a market of over 50 million new iPhone 5s.
The Opinionaided app is the fastest way to share and receive opinions between peers on mobile devices. Users can ask questions in a variety of categories and receive dozens of responses in just a few minutes. The service’s addictive nature has resulted in more than 125 million total responses since Opinionaided launched in 2010, with the average user spending nearly three hours per month on the app.
Questions stream live to users after a brief seven-second delay for moderation and are presented one at a time until a user selects Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down or Neutral. All users register accounts with Opinionaided and participation is voluntary, creating an experience that compels honest answers and accurate user data.
Opinionaided conducted this real-time survey between September 7, 2011 and September 13, 2011, with the question “Will you upgrade to the iPhone 5?” asked two to three times per day. The demographics of the Opinionaided community are 60% male and 40% female, with an average age of 24. The results were collected from a sample of 1,011 individual users.
Download the iOS app now: http://bit.ly/9aeB30
About Opinionaided
Opinionaided is a free application that allows consumers to use their iOS device to get advice and opinions in real-time. Users can also answer questions at http://opinionaided.com/ with more platforms coming soon.

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