There has to be something said for nostalgia. In some instances, it can make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. All it takes is remembering a past action, thought, or event to bring back that warm and comfortable feeling. For companies, bringing back a nostalgic name like the RAZR can have a variety of results, but obviously if rumors pan out, Motorola is hoping that here soon they can bring together the DROID brand, and invigorate a name that has, for all intents and purposes, dropped off the face of the planet.

Now, let me explain. There are still RAZR flip-phones out there. I’ve seen them with my own eyes, and there is no reason to think that the device is still popular in some areas in the world, due to its light weight and thin frame. But it’s not like we’re all still talking about the phone. In fact, I never would have imagined that I’d see the RAZR name on anything new again, for as long as Motorola was still making new things.

With that being said, I can honestly see why Motorola might want to bring back the name. Because it is nostalgic. I can’t help but smirk a little bit when I say the name and think back to all those super thin phones, from blue to gray to pink. And I can’t help but remember the way that the RAZR was adopted by so many people, using it as their own personal status symbol, much like the iPhone would become later. But, that’s where things get rocky, aren’t they? Well, not so much rocky as non-existent.

Because when the iPhone came out, it was the end of the RAZR, at least for the mass market. The market that Motorola wanted and the market that the manufacturer had been able to grasp so easily with the RAZR phone. And then, after the death of the RAZR people started talking about the death of Motorola in general, about how the company would probably not see the same success they had achieved with the RAZR ever again.

Well, Motorola is still here (and now even known as Motorola Mobility), and they’ve seen a couple successes in the past. Sure, they weren’t as big as the RAZR, but the Motorola DROID’s release on Verizon’s network is still arguably the reason Android exploded into the mainstream and that’s something to be proud of. But, with the adoption of Android and the company moving forward with all sorts of device designs, the RAZR name was long gone.

But that’s all about to change, according to some new rumors. According to a trusted tipster, it looks like Motorola is getting ready to launch yet another DROID-branded device, with all of the specifications anyone could want, and they’re more than willing to throw on the RAZR name for good measure. And while some people may think it isn’t a good idea, because the RAZR name doesn’t necessarily bring the brightest of memories for everyone out there, it’s Motorola’s gamble to take. While DROID is Verizon’s brand name, Motorola launched it, and many tie Motorola to the name. Add the DROID name with the RAZR legendary name, and include a phone that people will actually scramble for, and then Motorola may indeed have a hit on their hands.

Besides, how awesome would it be to tell someone you’re using a RAZR again? (Take that with as much sarcasm as necessary.)

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"Should Motorola bring back the RAZR name?"

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Alex Moldenhauer Bring back the original style of it and try to stuff a few new things in it and have smart phone internals for some and regular stuff for the other people who want the phone without all the extra features. I had my razr for 3 years and theur person who owned it before me had it about 3 years before that. If they bring it back they need that kinda reliability and flexibility in my opinion so u dnt hafta spend extra money u dnt wanna spend or lose the features u want in a phone....just my opinion....
Focus Finanical Why not if it works!
Anonymous If. They are bringing back the Razr name then bring back the Startac!
Sean Ryan After having the Droid X2 I HATE! Motorola and don't really care what they do. If they can justify charging so much for an embarrassment to the Android name, I will never buy anything with that "M" logo again!
Oseki Paisley hell no.
Mohnim Mazhar Yes they should :-)
Geoffrey P. Spicer they worked!!!!!!
Geoffrey P. Spicer they worked!!!!
Gregory Hess I think the razr was a cool flashy phone of it's time of course they should brinbg it back!!!!
Geoffrey P. Spicer yes still have razor with itunes music phone@ still works.
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell Heck no I hated that phone gave me so much trouble
Shawn Poling That was the best flip phone back then. So yes
Scott Smith Yes - Bring it back... Although the name belongs with a folding non-smartphone model.
David Caglia With android
Joe Aranzullo Not if it brings back the razr problems too.
James Robertson I think they need to bring back the RAZR all together. Some of us have no need or can't afford the plan for a "smart phone" but would still like a decent phone that works well and doesn't look like crap, and a new RAZR would definitely fit the bill.
Leeming Wong Y?..no one will buy it
Daryl Riley Jr. If they bring back the RAZR name it has 2 b an amazing phone and it has 2 b very thin... But dont front cause evebody was rockin a RAZR back in the day
Anonymous Why not? The RAZR was one of the best phones of it's time...be good to see it make a comeback
???? ???? ??????? If there's enough support for razor than yeah.
Jason Vargas Yes with Android and all touchscreen
Clint Harris Only if its a stand out product. If its like a Driod Bionic with an edgier design...why even bother. Do something amazing or go home.
Schyler MagicTrax Johnson Not at all. It was cool at the time, but do something else now.
Daniel Lujan Sure. Keep true to the razr branding though with a thin flip phone. So long as all the specs are updated and it has a decent camera on it, I think it'll sell. Everyone I knew that had one, loved theirs.
Anonymous If it was a good phone why not but I knew of only one person who had it but I never heard any complaints about it.
Jose Sut Yes..........
Benjamin Pastrana Yeah since Android is so buggy and lacks good gaming like iOS, android needs more games!! And stability.
Sumeet Deshmukh Razr with android! Great combination!!
Alberto Garcia Flores They should! It would be nice if they come with a super thin android 4.5 inch device
James von Veit Have DROID X & X2. Each one problems texting. Hit space and brings unwanted screen. I hate them now. And I loved my numerous star tacs and liked my few razr units. Too much iPhone copies not smooth though
Roy Embry An Android Razr would be sweet! Make it happen.
Jose Hernandez What they should do is make the ultimate Android phones.
Fredrik Jonsson Only if they make it a clamshell! Please no more ugly ass black boxes with screens!
Robert Valdívia YES! My wife still uses her old skinny little Razr and insists it's the bee's knees... Maybe she'll upgrade to a better phone from this era if they do!
John Dressel As long as it's not a flip phone and it has a qwerty keyboard, I would be fine with it.
Nathan Yim Yes! It would be a great idea. Since it wae a great success so why not? Now motorola is under google things can be better.
Robert L Dalton I'm still using mine!!
Garrett McCoy People coveted that razr like they do the I-phone now but I say leave it alone. Motorola has enough phones.
Diego Akd Aranda hahaha thats a joke right?
Robert L Dalton Just bring back the RAZR!!
Jacob Bessey No way they sucked
Pablo Echevarria When I think of razor I think of a super thin phone. Kind of lilke it did when the razor first came out. To be honest that build or prototype looks like a brick. Honestly, if you're gonna bring something legendary like the razr and what it did for the past generations of the phone. Then stick to its legacy and let if be the thinnest smartphone available. You guys are using that name wrong.
Blair Fambro Of course not
Seth Boggs Make a thin android and call it Droid Razr
Joe Procopio Yes, but dual 4" 720p or even 1080p displays inside that flip open in landscape ...but also, a screen and physical dialpad on the outside so you could make phone calls without opening it up....but very thin....running vanilla android 4.0, lte, 32gb internal ram, dual 2.0ghz CPU...make it a monster....
BigStanley Christian I got 1now im thinking of getting activated for my son.
BigStanley Christian Yeah boi,yes sir
David Ryan Gutierrez yes wit android that would be fresh plz add more memory or sd slot this time that was the only fail for was not enough memory
Reggie Johnson slice'em & dice'em
??? ???????? Until motorola can come up with a screen that isnt painful to look at, they can call it whatever they want I'm still not buying it.
Vanessa Simmons Hell yea razor was my fav phone!
Timothy Mark Please..no...what a bad memory...no no no no no etc...
Charles Jones I loved my Razor when I had it. I now own and love my Droid X, I have raced at least 15 iPhones on loading and playing videos and won every time. My next phone will be either be the Nexus Prime or the HTC Vigor. They both as of right now have awesome specs.
Robert Miller He'll yea. One of the best phones I have ever had. Just don't put motoblur on it
Douglas J Kmiotek Only if it's android & it DOESN'T suck!!!
Kenny Hernandez They should but they won't make much
Anthony Bazaldua Or... maybe you guys should just buy HTC, best Android phones available.
Joe Rivera They need to bury it next the moto blur i love my photon and xoom but they need to take a lesson or two from htc on ui
Cory Wilson They need to take time an make these phone with the best designs an high quality built, like the Samsung galaxy s2 great technology but poor frame
Marti Ruiz Will be thin?
Israel Leiva Yeah, with Android.
Cory Wilson If they make don't rush it, take time, that phone had so much class
Rani Hinnawi Actually, that's not a bad idea. Maybe a few Android and WP7 phones with the name. Even a lower-end Android flip-phone with a touchscreen or something would be neat. Many possibilities.
Dylan Daratt No I had the red version and that was the most piece of shit phone I've ever owned. I'd be more willing to have an old school blackberry!
Mark Fisher Jr. It depend on how the device work, call, desigh, just a full remake of it. If its going to be better, then yeah. If not, hell no.
Cory Wilson That was the best flip phone ever, made me feel rich until the iPhone came out in 2007.
Rauf Abasquliyev Of course.
Michelle DeRosa Yes they were good phones, I still love flips
Vlad Valentine McBride Yea if they can make it as thin as a razor
Brian Isidro No it was a failure of a phone
Jaevz Chavez Razr wasnt a failure thw rizr was
Cory Wilson I remember when the raza came out I thought I was rich, it had a classic look to it
Javier Segura If it's thin and sturdy…Yes. If it's bulky, boxy, and boring like every other Android that gets regurgitated from the same mold, save it.
Tariqul Iblis If was anything like the original RAZR, then yes. Otherwise no.
Christopher Manic Johnson I think it's a bit of a mistake, seeing how the RAZR was such an iconic phone. Coming out w/ a touch screen RAZR w/ Android on it makes it seem that Motorola is milking the name. They should just leave the name alone.
Hunter Messer Definitely. The RAZR was amazing but it needs to be a top phone.
Kevin Hardy I feel its a good idea as far as marketing ease...people know it..make it the "thinnest" smart phone ever or something along those lines
Larry Waters I owned the first generation RAZR. Best quality phone I ever had and the longest I ever kept a phone: 5 years. It's impossible for anyone to make a phone that won't be obsolete in a much shorter time period now BUT Motorola needs to make sure any new phone with the RAZR name has the same quality and durability of the original RAZR. Otherwise, when people upgrade from their reintroduced RAZR, it won't be to the latest version....or probably even Motorola.
Anthony Bazaldua No, clearly their going to release it with original specs in todays market jam packed with super phones... fucking idiots. OBVIOUSLY they'd design the new one with modern specs in mind.
Scott Ingram Yes because it sold very well
Tim Shull I say the Startac !
Xue Xiong razr running Android ....yes
Jonathan Morris Hell yeah, just as the Sidekick.
Brian Fruge Had it really sucked would have to bring it up to modern spec first
Diaz Jonathan nope..not unless thier going to redefine a form factor that would be similar to the original but also up the specs..but i dont see that happening so NO..
Lupe Ramirez Nah, I had T-Mobile with mine and had the WORST service ever.
Malcolm Leonard as long as its the thinest touchscreen android phone that is not low end
Jaime Andrade That phone sucked. If they do bring it out they need to make it slick and stupid. Something out of i robot or some shit like that.
Anthony Bazaldua The Razr paired with Android wouldn't just be a comeback, it would solidify Android's mobile dominance. I'd love to see what they come up with. A dual flip touch screen would be so sick.
Steven Bright Yeah if its on a phone that actually stands out from the crowd somehow other than with some gimmicky new way to turn on or something.
Ramon Quintero For what? The razr was unique for a flip phone back then. This new phone with the razr name will just look the same as any other Android device out there. Release something unique then use that name again
Hans Jaramillo Droid RAZR? Hm, has a nice ring to it.
Ricardo Lopez yes with the best os which is android
Steven Machado Hell No.. why resurrect a 99% failure rate?
Larry Smith Jr. Hell naw. That shit was garbage. Let the razar name continue pushin up daisies.
Jordon Folkes Nope no one will buy it they were shit...

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