iPhone 5 event invite

Clear your schedule for October 4th, folks, because Apple just sent out invites for an iPhone-related event on that very date. The gathering will be held at Apple's campus in Cupertino, Calif., and will kick off at 10:00 AM PT.

Although Apple's invite does tease that the iPhone will be the star of the show on October 4th, there isn't any indication as to whether Apple is planning to unveil an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or both. Besides the iPhone, Apple will likely use the event to touch more on iOS 5 and announce when the latest version of its mobile operating system will be rolling out to regular folks like you and I. In the past, Apple has used its fall event to officially reveal new iPod touches, so there's a chance we'll see a new version of that device, too. Whatever Tim Cook and Co. have up their sleeve, you can bet that we'll be bringing you the news as it happens, so stay tuned to PhoneDog for more!

Via MacRumors

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Anonymous lol, I just can't wait for Google, Samsung and maybe HTC to sue the fuck out of Apple when iShit 5 and iOS 5 comes out...from the rumors, the iShit 5 will have a rectangular-ish home button, now where have I seen that before? also widgets and notifications? I'm sure Google won't take that lying down too
Chad Allen No im perfectly happy with my Samsung Epic Touch Galaxy S2 4g
Kirk Oneil Delgado Hell fuck no, IOS is str8 ass, and i agree with Mark its for dum girls who are copying there friend haha. i like to fully customize my shit, ive neva liked lame ass I-phone since day 1. Id rather have no phone lol
Dina Locklear Ball We shall see, maybe!
Mark Balcher No, iPhone is for girls, who just want a smartphone to be like their friends. Android is for us geeks who like to get under the hood, and customize the device to our liking, and change things up, now and again, just because we can. I'm running gingerbreaded Epic 4G, and am way more excited about the GSII.
Christian Sotelo No android is better
Henry Murillo Hell, I'll take an iPhone 4 for my laggy ass sensation anytime! But since iPhone 5 might be around the corner, yes I'll wait.
Jon Recinos Curious. I'm thinking the Androids will step it up a bit because of it, but I see no value in it beyond that.
Christian Kim All android and iphone fans think for a second, both ios and android would not be where they are without eachother so stop badmouthing both operating systems. I love both apple and android and I think both are really great, but sadly many ppl think that only one os can be the best. Its either that android rules and iphone sucks and vice versa, but its never I love both
Hansel Starley Fuck no. I'm getting Mango this week.
Glenn Serrano Jr Yeah I'm getting so impatient. Wish they would announce it already. We still are not even 100% if there will be an iphone 5 and hoping its still going to be on Sprint.
Christian Kim HELL YEAH!
Benjamin Thomas Clark It'll be interesting to see how many android innovations Apple ripoff and how many new invocations android will need to nick in the future.
Aurelio Eric Arredondo I can't wait for the iPhone 5 JAILBREAK!
Andrew Arredondo I am so stoked for the iPhone 5 oct 5th baby!
Kevin Joel No, but I will go see how bad it will be...
Marti Ruiz I willget t samsung galaxy s 2 true color
Marti Ruiz Yes, exited notification bar on ios 5 copycat from android lol
Daniel Elliott I am excited for iPhone 5 AND have nothing against Android powered phones. Woah, what a new concept, I know. :P
Sergio Nayar NO WAY JOSE!
Nicholas Riddle I'm excited to stop seeing posts about the iPhone 5's already outdated specs.
Trevor Lazar He'll no!
Latoya Martin Are They Gonna Have Unlockrd Iphone 5
Alex Lopez Nexus prime ..or the vigor !!!
Scott Bitters I'm more excited for IOS 5
Erman Guido ...no, Iphone sucks!
Adrian Salazar Btw everyone that I heard of complaining about android is because they have shitty phones. Fact is not everyone can afford a high end phone whether it be android or ios...
Adrian Salazar Were just being realistic here, android has probably has all these new apple features for years and people get excited once apple takes there sweet ass time to add it to there os. I have a htc sensation 4g and my phone is probably more up to date that the iphone 5. Its called the iphone 5 for a reason, probably doesn't even do 4g...
Mallori Roe Android is buggy. They have an app for virus software. Only a computer should need that. My iPhone 4 has been the most amazing thing ever. I'll never own an android since apple created the most amazing piece of technology 1st and all the others are imitations & crappy. I know many people that have android and they hate it. If apple reduced the prices of their items more people would buy them. At least I'm good for an upgrade with AT&T! :)
Stian Grøtåsen A little bit. BTW what is up with all the fanboyism and hating here. Grow up people.
Adrian Salazar Its probably already outdated, dual cores, 8 mp camera and screens above 4" have between around for quite some time. Unless it has like a quad core and something like a 4.5" or above screen size i'm not interested...
Michael Johnson Nope. Apple no longer innovates, iOS5 has over 200 "new" features, features that Android has had for years. Sadly people keep supporting Apple, for some unknown reason. Android passed iO5 a long time ago in innovation and will continue to do so. When the iPhone5 is released it will already be dated.
French Twist No. Android, baby.
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino not for know, cause i cant afford the price, anyways i have an i4 im more excited for iOS5 release to public...
David Ryan Gutierrez ive only owned one iphone it was the 3g and it was fun and all but when switched services i got hooked on android and never went back so no for me sorry apple p.s. i still like ipods:)
Homasyde Mcclam Hellz yeah I had every iPhone so far n will continue 2!!!!!!
Garret Thomas I cant wait I love android phones but way to many force closes.
David Nguy?n don't tell me...you get a magical, wonderful widgets this year! yeahhh....Oh no that's right...you get the notification tray.
Nico Pajor I cant't waaiiitt!!! HEATERS Suck it!!!! :D
Jorge Hugo Galindo Curious yes, excited no way. I like to customize my phone the way I want to, not the way Apple wants me too. For my iOS needs I have my ipod touch 4th gen for that.
Aurelia Vera Lai YeaAaaayyyyyyyy im very excited!!! I can't waaaaaaaaiiiiiitttttt any more longer :D
Brian Edwards Excited, No. Curious, yes. And Abram, just because you don't clear the saved memory on an app, doesn't mean the whole phone's junk... Unless you bought a Backflip.. or something else similarly bargain basement priced. Then you got what you paid for. I've owned a Nexus One, Captivate, Inspire and now an Infuse and loved all of them more than either of my iPhones.... have fun with your 5.
John Adair No let all the sheep have there silly restrictive phone,I'll stick to the Android
Juan Carlos Munoz @Abram Ha ha ha for reals!
Yan Zhenghao Hell no, Fuck iCrap
Juan Carlos Munoz Hell yeah! Fuck Android
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Can't wait 2 get it & get rid of my buggy force closing android..
Anthony Cifani no fuck you

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