PhoneDog Fans: Your thoughts on the iPhone 4S

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| October 4, 2011

During the "Let's talk iPhone" liveblog (which you can read over here), I asked for your thoughts and predictions on the newest Apple device.  Most of these were documented before the announcement of the iPhone 4S, which makes them even more fun to read.

Here are some of your iPhone 4S predictions, PhoneDog fans:

Ele Vate:

"They will probably just give us a 4 inch screen because you know they want their phones compact and sleek.....and 4g...i doubt there will be duel core...4.3 or more inches....they might upgrade the front and rear camera....and maybe just maybe a new design....that's about it...if they do anything more than that or the things I don't expect ill be shocked!"

Even more minor than that, friend.  iPhone 4 with internal upgrades.

Donnell Hicks:

"Sprint iPhone 5 that's WiMax and LTE capable. All I want. Then I'll have to decide between that and the Nexus Prime. EXCITED!"

No WiMAX or LTE...but EVDO!  And 14.4 Mbps HSPA+ when you're traveling overseas (unless you're on AT&T).

Armando Sanchez:

"At the very least, 3.7 screen. Something that doesn't compromise the retina display. If not dual core, at least have it at 2 ghtz single core. A full 1080p camera, and 2.5 mp front face camera. Home button taken out, and replaced by capacitive home button. No tear drop redesign, that would look horrible."

Well, the Retina Display is still there and the design isn't a tear drop, but that's about it.  Would you have taken the tear drop redesign over no redesign at all?

Matt Balcer:

"What do you think will be the "one more thing?""

No "one more thing," sadly.  iPhone 4S was the only product announcement.

Nick Truskowski:

"I don't see anything new here so far, that Android hasn't been capable of doing for years now. All you're paying for is the name. Even then I don't see why anymore."

And the eternal battle between Android and iOS goes on...

Johnberty Vargas:

"Stop triple posting! I want to read!"

Yeah, sorry about that.  Slight glitch on the backend.  You mean you didn't want to see my face pop up a million times?

So now that the event is over, there's no iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S product information is out there for us all to look at, I'm curious as to what you think.  Are you pleased with the update, or were you hoping for more from the company?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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