T-Mobile roadmap reveals all six devices coming November 2nd, two more to follow on the 9th

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 4, 2011

T-Mobile October/November roadmap

Remember those six mysterious devices that are set to launch on T-Mobile on November 2nd? As usually seems to be the case in the leak-filled world of mobile, the sextet of products has been revealed ahead of their official announcements thanks to a leaked document sent to our BFFs at TmoNews. There's quite a bit of information to digest here, so we're going to break it all down with some good old-fashioned bullet points:

November 2nd

  • LG Maxx QWERTY: The first of a pair of LG's new myTouch devices for T-Mobile, this one's packing a physical landscape-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Expected to be priced at $129 with a two-year contract.
  • LG Maxx: The full touch LG/T-Mobile myTouch handset. Also expected to cost $129 on-contract.
  • HTC Omega: Already officially revealed as the HTC Radar 4G, the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset may be priced at $199.
  • LG Flip II: Another LG-made landscape slider with a physical keyboard, this one features a secondary display smack dab in the middle of the QWERTY 'board. Price tag expected to be $149.
  • Samsung Ancora: This one's a bit more of a mystery, but it's expected to be the successor to the Exhibit 4G. May be the Galaxy W-like device we saw passing through the FCC recently. Pricing may be set at just $99 on-contract.
  • Huawei Tallsome: Likely the 7-inch MediaPad that we spied last week. Expected to cost $199 with commitment.

November 9th

  • Samsung Robin: Although the roadmap looks like it's showing a photo of the original Galaxy Tab, this is likely the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus that leaked last month. Pricing expected to be set at $299.
  • RIM Dumoine: BlackBerry Torch, apparently finally breaking free of its AT&T exclusivity and coming to T-Mobile. Pricing to be determined.

It's worth pointing out that, save for the two LG myTouch phones, all of the devices listed above are labeled as "4G." The fact that neither of the new myTouches are labeled as 4G seems to reinforce the rumors that they'll both be mid-range devices, although their exact specs aren't known. One last note: yes, both the Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II have the wrong launch dates listed, but TmoNews is confident that the rest of the dates listed are spot-on. So it looks like you've got a pretty big November ahead of you, T-Mobile folk. And since this roadmap only contains dates through the first half of November, it's possible that there may be even more great products in store for the latter portion of the month. Did any of the devices above catch your eye?

Via TmoNews