Phew. There you have it, folks. Apple's first post-Jobs announcement from Infinite Loop is over. And somehow the Internet (barely) survived yet another Apple announcement. Truly amazing.

Joking aside, a lot was said throughout the course of the event and a lot of possibly game-changing features and devices were revealed. Today was all about software and hardware innovations, and a "powerful yet simple integrated experience," said Tim Cook. We have got a lot of ground to cover.

First up is iOS and some improvements and additions there. The first thing mentioned by Scott Forstall was Cards. Cards is a new app for iOS devices, where the user can create their own cards. From the phone, the user selects and designs their own card, be it for a wedding, birthday, etc. Apple will do the rest, print it, put it in an envelope, stamp it and mail it – after you pay Apple $2.99, of course. Novel idea, but it's more of a novelty feature than anything. Apple also announced the new app, Find My Friends. This is a service where you can share your current GPS location with your friends. Nothing truly new here.

The rest of the iOS 5 features touched on were covered at the iOS 5 event in June: Newsstand, Safari (tabbed browsing, reader, etc.), Camera improvements, Twitter integration and more. And lest we forget iCloud or iTunes Match – nothing new on that front. iOS 5 and iCloud will officially be available on October 12th. iTunes Match will launch in the US sometime later this month.

They also announced two upgrades to their iPod line. Yawn. (This is the point where I nearly dozed off.)

Next up is the iPhone 4S, which follows closely in line with the iPhone 4, comes with some internal upgrades but carries a very familiar design. The 4S will ship with the A5 processor, as seen in the iPad 2 (but different clock speeds and lower voltage). This is a dual-core processor with dual-core graphics and offers up to seven times faster graphics. And they've apparently worked hard to maintain that priority battery life. Nice. It has a redesigned outer band, that switches between antennas for stronger call quality. The 4S is not technically for 4G – or Apple isn't getting into that debate – but it rivals the speeds of 4G Android phones on AT&T. On top of that, it's a world phone – GSM and CDMA.

Seeing as the camera has surpassed all other cameras in popularity on Flickr, Apple wanted to make the iPhone's camera "better than point and shoot cameras." It now comes with an 8-megapixel camera (3264 by 2448 pixels, 60 percent more pixels than the iPhone 4). It also picks up 73 percent more light and packs a Hybrid IR filter. It also features "face detection, better white balance and it takes super fast photos." Video recording can be taken at 1080p, and the camera offers real-time image stabilization and temporal noise reduction.

Oh! I almost forgot to add that the iPhone 4S comes in black or white and in either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB for $199, $299 or $399 with a two-year agreement, respectively. It will also be availble to Sprint customers. Uhh ... Really, Apple? $399 with a two-year agreement for 64GB of memory? No. Thank. You. Pre-orders start on the 7th and it will officially launch on the 14th. Those who are interested, mark your calendars.

Last, but certainly not least, is Apple's new built-in, virtual assistant service, Siri. "What's the weather like today?" Siri gives you the forecast. You can speak to your phone and tell it what to do. Say, "Wake me up at 5:00 AM." Siri will set an alarm and wake you up at 5:00 AM. But there's more than that. It's "intelligent" and learns your preferences the more you use it. For instance, in the demo shown, the user received a text message asking "When can we have lunch?" The user replies (by talking), "I can do Friday." Siri not only sends the text via voice diction, but it schedules an appointment in your calendar. Paired with Wolfram Alpha (phenomenal software), you can also use Siri for reference and as a dictionary. It is quite literally a pocket assistant.

There is a caveat to Siri, however. Much like other voice control or input methods, you must talk slowly and clearly – likely not in your normal fashion. Apple says you can talk with your natural language, but the guys over at This is my next were reporting that Scott was talking "slowly, like you would to a child or a foreign language speaker."

So. The iPhone 5. Where do I begin? After several months of latency, hot rumors and tons of speculation, the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 is finally, officially not real. (That's right, no iPhone 5 exclusive for the Now Network.) What? How could this be? I'm literally floored by this and don't have much else to say.

So what's my take on all of this? Well, to be honest, I'm a bit underwhelmed. No. I'm very underwhelmed. It has been almost a year and a half since Apple released the iPhone 4, and all they have to offer is two upgrades in the form of internal hardware? Adding a dual-core processor and a better camera in the iPhone 4S is, more or less, minute. The iPhone 4 was already fast, and the camera was already fantastic. Nonetheless, they are improvements I'm sure many will be happy with. That said, Apple has been too caught up on worrying about their competitors "copying" them to realize that they have finally surpassed them. Bigger and higher resolution displays are on the verge of release, even bigger and faster processors are around the corner. Can the 4S hold Apple afloat for another year? Another year and a half?

People have long been anticipating a larger iPhone. In light of larger, more capable Android phones with 4-inch and beyond displays, the iPhone 4S sporting a 3.5-incher is absurd. People were anticipating an entirely new design – admittedly not my favorite – and changes in a big way. Neither the iPhone 4S or Siri can deliver on that level. I think the sudden dip in Apple's stock prices should serve as a testament to that.

All of this begs the question: what were all of those cases for? A new iPod yet to be announced? The next iPhone? Either way, I see a lot of people holding off on the iPhone 4S and waiting for something else. With out LTE, NFC or a larger display, I will pass on the iPhone 4S. I have my sights set on a Nexus. Can I get an AMEN?

So there it is. The wait is over. How do you ladies and gents feel post-announcement? Is the iPhone 4S everything you were hoping it would be? Is the lack of 4G a deal breaker? Are you disappointed that there was no iPhone 5? Is Apple falling behind in innovation and becoming the new RIM? Sound off and share your gripes (and excitement) below!

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"Was Apple's iPhone 4S announcement disappointing?"

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Zach Cline
Zach Cline @Kevin. They are laggy and we aren't talking about low end devices.
Nathaniel McCord
Nathaniel McCord Technology would of just slowly advanced in that area but now we have ask of that standard in most smart phones. And I am not an apple fan boy I don't plan on ever buying an iphone perfectly happy with the motorola photon.
Nathaniel McCord
Nathaniel McCord To put it one way without apple iphone to give all these companies a nudge for compition I don't think we would have dual core processors in phones useful responsive capacitive touch screens and fast web browsin experience (depending on your phone service) and expensive app markets to use from
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Lame and Apple should be embarrassed. Way to catch up Apple. Pfft.
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin Hooray for my HTC Inspire 4G!!
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper The "If it was called iPhone 5 people would be going nuts" argument is the most retarded thing to come out of this entire event.
Chad Allen
Chad Allen I gotta say i enjoyed hearing that and its what you would expect from a company thats decided its priorities are on sueing people instead of innovating. I have no doubt that there will still be people who will say its great because its got that apple on the back but after a year and a half to come up with your new phone to bring that was just pathetic and im glad i went with the Epic Touch!
Gianni Barberi
Gianni Barberi Very much so. A company that is only interested in legal disputes. They cited Android as copier, but indeed most of the innovations presented yesterday were copied from Android.
Nathaniel McCord
Nathaniel McCord Might get it might not. Not surprised they released they released a 4s it comes with the pattern has set up.apple didn't promise any thing except an advancement on there previouse generation phone and they did just they made a already succsesfull phone even better. Lol do you people really believe that apple is going to release there selling product to sprint without throughing out a lewer first. This could be just a test for a new carrier to see if sprint is worth keeping as a carrier for there phone.I might not understand the contract between sprint and apple but who know s what will happen.
Moise Badou
Moise Badou Would have if I cared
Eric Jacobs
Eric Jacobs Android here I come!!!
Teron Facey
Teron Facey @ Rob Toca You do know all of the iphones that are out are basically identical every year. Nothing new or innovatived
Kenneth Moody
Kenneth Moody I was extremely disappointed. It's like apple just gave the crown to android. It's funny all the android gambits are rejoicing but this was an disappointment for apple. iOS is still better than android even though I'm wanting for the nexus prime now. Even I know iOS is still better. It's just getting boring now.
Teron Facey
Teron Facey My brother who has an iPhone 4 was very disappointed.
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel Its funny people claim Android phones are laggy, when they buy $ 50 phones, and then not clean them up... IPhone is for such pple who ain't good with any tech (probably can't turn on a HDTV) iPhone 4s is already 2yrs behind Android phones!!!
Corey John Mason
Corey John Mason I think it was a good upgrade now I was just as eager to see a new redesign as anybody else but I can say that I have a iPad 2 with a A5 and it's super impressive verses my iPhone 4. I mean what are people so upset about it I mean no one complained when they released the iPhone 3GS so in my opinion I think it was a decent upgrade and I will go for it. A new look doesn't mean everything to me go apple and yes I am a fanboy but I had 2 android phones in 2 months and they were laggy as all get out iPhone all the way!!!!!!!!
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava Yes !
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Not really. A iphone is a iphone. No matter what type of iphone it is, they all are good quality in everything it does.
Peter M McDaniel
Peter M McDaniel Just proves that Google and Microsoft have now become the innovators and Apple are the imitators. Oh what 4 years of walled garden will do. Scared to come out of the cozy house Apple?
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli APPLE, Y U NO LAUNCH iPHONE 5? ??(???)
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli Son, I am dissapoint. For all the 16 months they had, and they came up with only mild improvements? Other manufacturers can spew up a few new models in that timeline. :
Reid Harris
Reid Harris I have waited 5 years for an iPhone. and now I can get one. so therefor, i am happy :)
Kyle Tran
Kyle Tran I read siri will only be offered to the iPhone 4S, is that true? No Siri for my iPhone 4 awaiting iOS 5 :(
Lee Jack
Lee Jack Nexus prime will beat it
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar I knew apple's iPhone 4s was going to suck, by the time the iPhone 5 comes out it will probably be outdated again. I'll rather stick to my htc sensation 4g and soon htc amaze 4g than get the iPhone 4s.
Nathan Griffin
Nathan Griffin Least you will be able to get a cheap iPhone 4 now but then again id rather line nokias pockets than apples and that's saying something
Jose Sut
Jose Sut Yes nothing new android has better.
Stian Grøtåsen
Stian Grøtåsen @Danu Carrión Perales: Actually Optimus 2x was released late 2010.
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein Software: no. Hardware: yes.
Vladimir Kovalchuk
Vladimir Kovalchuk Apple could come up with something better than iphone 4s: new futures (at least a year old) + no 4g LTE = They still stuck in 2010 :-/
Stian Grøtåsen
Stian Grøtåsen Yes. Very disappointing.
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen That's a "PRIME " example why Android is on TOP! THANKS Apple!
Daryle Barden Jr
Daryle Barden Jr Definitely!!!
Valter Nascimento
Valter Nascimento very -.- waiting for Samsung Galaxy Nexus :-D
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid No ... It was really funny ... A refreshed iPhone after a year and half
Iqral Tirona
Iqral Tirona super happy i bought the samsung sg2! rotten apple
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero yes
Robby Bellgrau
Robby Bellgrau this was disappointing but i think its just a new iphone 4 to compete with the higher end new android phones till apple comes out with the iphone 5 next year
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado Not happy at all. The 3.5" screen is ridiculously small compared to other phones. First time I will not be upgrading to the next version of the iphone since 2007. I cant see myself paying 700 dollars for a faster processor and better camera. I will be getting the Galaxy S 2 tomorrow.
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage ROFL IS THIS IT?....wow looks the same......ohhh i forgot it's IPHONE 4S major step forward :p
Marvin Eclectic Grant
Marvin Eclectic Grant Thinking about it they upgraded all the important specs and ios and siri is a major wow but i'm really disappointed that they didn't upgrade the memory.
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales lol! here is siris "innovation" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGbYVvU0Z5s
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez Yes
Ron Hudson
Ron Hudson The announcement was a dud to me. All they needed to add was a 4inch screen and 4g along with the things they announced today and everyone would have been going nuts for this phone
Chris Lamb
Chris Lamb Yep, but I saw it coming, Apple really has to innovate the next iPhone if they want customers to stay loyal, once ICS enters the arena and quality of Android improves, Apple will have no choice but to push its engineers to their limits.
Thomas R Gaspari Jr
Thomas R Gaspari Jr No way! Iphone for spring! I'm happy just to get it! Everything about it is newer then the 4. Who cares! I'm in!
Philip Ramirez
Philip Ramirez Yup lol
Ranjot Singh
Ranjot Singh YESS
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez Yes :(
Joseph M. Gayoso
Joseph M. Gayoso Yes.
Will Beckman
Will Beckman yeah...yeah it was
Tufail Razzaq
Tufail Razzaq there are not many new features in i4S.if you have an iphone 4 just update it to ios 5 and it will become 90% like i4S.only the new feature is 8MP camera and A5 processor and Siri ( i think siri will come on iphone 4 in ios 5 update).
Mark Ramirez
Mark Ramirez Disappointment major!! Tim cook officially started off bad. Waited almost a year and a half for nothing
Jason Matsukawa
Jason Matsukawa Are you serious?
Lance Stewart
Lance Stewart A four inch screen would have been nice. I was expecting lighter and thinner. I found the screen on my Iphone 4 to small so I will be be gong HTC for my next phone. Probably the Amaze.
Detrick Douglas
Detrick Douglas I probably won't be buying this. I felt Same way with the 3gs I feel like apple puts out a slightly higher same model and people will buy it. Regardless if there's better phone out there. But I feel like apple had the iPhone 5 but weren't ready for it yet. So to try play it safe they drop this. But hey you buy it you buy it. That's you.
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar Yes, like always ... (well maybe except initial iPhone 1 release of course)
Christina Elena Amaya
Christina Elena Amaya yup...after more than a year of waiting, rumors, technology advancemets, competition...all they come out with is a better camera and a dual core chip? ...simply Pathetic
Ilan Volgershteyn
Ilan Volgershteyn Absolutly not disapointing. Siri looks amazing! And the device looks super fast. Plus apple is more focused on icloud and ios -
Angel Ivanov
Angel Ivanov I don't think so. It's a great solution for those who wants to upgrade their old iPhone 3Gs phone with newer model. :)
Phil Punzo
Phil Punzo Android is slowly but quickly taking over. Apples apps are great but android is the better os. All that apple has under them is the app store
Earl Schirmer
Earl Schirmer Big giant worm inside, dont bite it. Lmao.
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez A huge disappointment!!
Vanrajsinh Chavda
Vanrajsinh Chavda Lol... Fuck off tht bullshit... Ppl r loveing droids now... Android is da best os.... Galaxy s2
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo Yes
Rob Toca
Rob Toca Ppl must now apple trends..no need to jump leaps and bounds when your the best phone out...they bring out a phone ONCE a year...and they STILL topple the competition...with droid devices on ALL carriers...come on ppl be real!!!
Joey Imburgia
Joey Imburgia Yea
Troy Bauman
Troy Bauman Absolutely! It's way behind the curve. Dual core? Yeah, that's been out for almost a year. 14.4 Mbps downlaod? Wow, you should be at least at 21Mbps.....the list goes on and on
Luciano Ace Escobedo
Luciano Ace Escobedo Im just happy I get a chance to get one on sprint
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales Lol I love how people try to lie to themselves saying that siri is innovative.. android has had that features since when? Froyo? Android phones have had dual core processors since q1 2011... there's really nothing innovative or revolutionary, just specs to try and keep up with everyone else :/
Juan Flores Joseph
Juan Flores Joseph Everything was disappointing except for the fact the Sprint® is getting its shared with true unlimited web!
Rob Toca
Rob Toca iphone 4s has pretty much the same specs as the bionic...other than external memory capability please explain how it wins?
Rob Toca
Rob Toca I bet if they called it iphone 5(the one that came out today) everyone wood be going gaga about it...the most important thing specs were heavily upgraded yet ppl seem to find reasons to complain...yet and still Apple will succedd becuz consumers everywhere will flood stores and create uproars nonetheless...SMH...apple i applaud your potent wit!!!
Akmal Yusri
Akmal Yusri yes ...really really dissapointing
Jonathon Licht
Jonathon Licht ya, i love my droid bionic. nothing can beat it. Iphone just step down. Droid is better and has everything better. you might have started first but the droid is now winning the phone race. apple is nothing but another blackberry now...
William Ku
William Ku now i can tell iphone4s to wipe my ass for me with voice control~~~
Tim Parmelee
Tim Parmelee Yes but expected
Marko Teullet
Marko Teullet Yep!
Tim Shull
Tim Shull I'm going bb9860 as soon as ATT get off their ass!
Keith Go Packers Boror
Keith Go Packers Boror Fuck yes !!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER
John Adair
John Adair Facebook is having a brainfart
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino yes it was.
Froylan Ordaz Jr
Froylan Ordaz Jr I waited all this time for nothing! Very disappointed .... on my way to pickup a GS II
El Wapo
El Wapo I'm staying with my ip4. Will Wait for ip6 lol
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Yes
John Fick
John Fick Very much so. This is the year for Android to dominate. Nexus prime is on its way!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez I don't see what's with all the complaining. Apple never promised anything! We all know that the iPhone is regarded as the king of all smartphones and I've had my fair share of Android-powered devices. The iPod line is a huge disappointment though.
Cristian Henriquez
Cristian Henriquez Iphone 4s, sad
Daniel Liendl
Daniel Liendl You can't have customers waiting for 16 months and then be releasing just a pimped version of iPhone 4... I really love Apple products. But this keynote was disappointing.
Frankie Paz
Frankie Paz Ya know...a bigger screen would have been nice. I won't be buying the iPhone 4S. I'm going back to an android with a larger screen, even tho I love my iPhone 4.
Buyan Li
Buyan Li People are too focusing on iPhone's appearance rather than Apple's innovation. Siri, iCloud, Dual-core A5, 7-times graphic performance are all fantastic electrical engineering design.
Marvin Eclectic Grant
Marvin Eclectic Grant :-( think ill stick with the iphone 4 until further notice.
Taylor J. MacIntyre
Taylor J. MacIntyre I thought they were gonna "redesign" it. oh well, guess that's why I stick with Android :P
Michael Joseph Monti
Michael Joseph Monti indeed
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio iPhone 4Shame
Jay Ortiz
Jay Ortiz You can hear Androids footsteps coming up about to pass up iPhone!!!
Daniel Nishikata
Daniel Nishikata Yes.
M Faizan Irfan
M Faizan Irfan yes very.may b this is the reaosn y steve jobs resigned b4 the launch
Zach Carolin
Zach Carolin ya i really wanted to see a iphone that looked like the ipad not to mention the only thing you get is 8 mega pixel camera and a5 chip anfd the rest is ios 5
Jared Dore
Jared Dore Much ado about nothing !
Zach Carolin
Zach Carolin does siri come in ios 5
French Twist
French Twist Yes, somewhat. But making the iPhone unit a "world phone' is a brilliant move.

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