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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime teaser

Yesterday morning, Samsung offered up a sneak peek at a device that many believe to be the Nexus Prime in its teaser for the October 11th "Google Episode" of its Unpacked event. If that wasn't enough to satiate your hunger for all things Prime, though, today we've got a possible list of specs for the next Nexus that you may want to check out. According to a "trusted source" speaking with BGR, the device will be known as Samsung Galaxy Nexus and will feature the following specs:

  • 4.65-inch 1280x720 Super AMOLED HD display with curved glass
  • 1.2GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • 1080p HD video capture
  • 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB built-in storage
  • NFC
  • 1,750mAh battery
  • LTE/HSPA support depending on carrier
  • 9mm thick
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich (sans any carrier or manufacturer-installed apps or UI changes, which makes sense since this is a Nexus device)

As for which carrier you'll be able to snag a Galaxy Nexus on, BGR's source believes that the device will be a Verizon exclusive here in the U.S. There's no mention of a possible launch date in the report, but the good news is that we're just five short days away from seeing Samsung and Google take the stage at CTIA to give us the scoop on the new Nexus. When they do, you can bet that PhoneDog will there live, bringing you all of the piping hot details fresh out of the oven. What do you all think of these rumored Galaxy Nexus specs? Do they live up to your expectations?


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"Are you excited about the Galaxy Nexus (or Nexus Prime) announcement?"

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Eric Quach
Eric Quach I take back my comment against this. this phone is so amazing.
Anonymous Not for 600.00
Ricardo GallegosSanchez
Ricardo GallegosSanchez Not eligible for an update until the end of 2012 so I'm not excited
Dina Locklear Ball
Dina Locklear Ball Omg, yes!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez No, not really, but I am excited to see the iPhone 4S smoke that Nexus Prime hahaha! Why isn't the Nexus Prime being manufacture by HTC though?
Joe Francesco Kassira
Joe Francesco Kassira If it's on sprint yes
Joe Francesco Kassira
Joe Francesco Kassira Yes!!!!! If it's on sprint
Shawn Poling
Shawn Poling Very excited im getting it
Kenneth Moody
Kenneth Moody Unfortunately, yes after the 4s announcement. But if ICS is still buggy and unstable like android is now I will be running back to iOS in a heartbeat.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Meh ok i guess
Pamela Segelhorst
Pamela Segelhorst Oh heck yes. Ready for my update.
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. If it comes to Sprint then yeah I'll be more than interested.
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales i hope they learn from apples mistakes, nexus phones are supposed to wow us..
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales im excited but scared of those numbers posted... i hope to god it has a different/better processor, better front facing camera and better camera than the sgs2 or else i would consider it a under powered sgs2 with better display.. just like nexus s, its was a complete under powered galaxy s device with flash and the newes version of android with cooler design, i mean not even 720p recording
Mark Carruthers
Mark Carruthers Yep!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @mark - Not hardly.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Nexus prime is better than the bionic.The bionic is nothing more than a thicker DROID x with s different processor.
Rian Kapadia
Rian Kapadia Yes
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Considering the failure that the iPhone 4S is going to be, yes!
Mark Pauley
Mark Pauley IPhone 4s already beats it.
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa Could honestly care less.. loving my Bionic
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua The droid prime is a Verizon exclusive the nexus prime will be an unlocked version!
Jourdan Fletcher
Jourdan Fletcher they need to let HTC build their phones because i hate the galaxy line. therefore i am sticking with my EVO 4g may get the EVO 3d instead
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I wont be limited. I'm grandfathered into my unlimited data. I used 8gb last month lol.
Angel Ivanov
Angel Ivanov Nope
Marco Antonio Balbo Motta
Marco Antonio Balbo Motta Just 5MP cam?
Jerry Adney
Jerry Adney Whenever sprint gets one I'll be interested. Verizon's limited expensive plans... No thanks
Zach Cline
Zach Cline And the nexus prime is a Verizon exclusive lol.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline The original nexus sucked.
JayR Yambao
JayR Yambao If it is a Verizon exclusive then no, not really.
Dor Eliyahu
Dor Eliyahu Nexus Prime >>>>>>>> iPhone 4S
Felipe Bautista
Felipe Bautista yes.
Damien Brooks
Damien Brooks I had the nexus one and in my opinion, the is the BEST NEXUS!!
Damien Brooks
Damien Brooks If its being produced by Samsung, then HELL NO!!!!
Sergio Liceaga
Sergio Liceaga Hell yeah!!!
Dave Trivino
Dave Trivino Oh goodness yes!
Josh Foster
Josh Foster Not if it's a verizon exclusive.
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar Yes, somewhat...
Mario Smith
Mario Smith Man!!! Somebody needs to talk to Google about this one carrier bull@#$%!!!! Losing a lot of money up front!!
Dave Torres
Dave Torres I will probably be getting it. I was hoping that HTC would of built it. But having STOCK ANDROID which means OS UPDATES first is good. Plus an Super AMOLED screen is going to be killing.
Nathan Parks
Nathan Parks The only thing bad about Samsung is the delayed updates which aren't an issue here. I'm stoked but desperately am hoping for no larger that 4.3 inch screen, great battery life, and capacitive navigation buttons. Also, an updated camera app would be very welcomed
Mark Navarro
Mark Navarro Hell F*cking Yeah!
Pranjal Shukla
Pranjal Shukla Oh yeah!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No..
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo Extremely Excited
Anthony M. Salinas
Anthony M. Salinas Very excited!
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie It looks awesome want one but I'll have to wait just have to be happy with sgs2
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Yes can't wait to get it
Kevin M Combes
Kevin M Combes Quite.
Chris Carey
Chris Carey Might be more excited if it were on more than just 1 US carrier
Chris Hagood
Chris Hagood Hell yeah!
Ali Sosso Cicek
Ali Sosso Cicek When is it coming out?
Tim Moore
Tim Moore It's Samsung still right? Then no probably not.
Amr Sakr
Amr Sakr Yup
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Or the Google Samsung Nexus Prime. Or Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime. Lol yes am excited.
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino not really..
Orga Price
Orga Price If you told me it was in a store right now, I'd be in the store right now, buying it. Excited enough?

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