AT&T iPhone 4S 4G indicator

Well, this is interesting. When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S earlier this week, it touted several of the device's new features like the A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera. Apple also took the time to mention a new feature that's specific to AT&T's version of the iPhone 4S, which is 14.4Mbps HSPA+, a bump from the 7.2Mbps max speed of previous 3G iPhones. Normally AT&T would brand a 14.4Mbps device as being "4G," but as you've probably noticed by now, we're not referring to AT&T's new iPhone as the "iPhone 4GS." That doesn't mean that AT&T isn't trying its darndest to get its 4G branding *somewhere* on Apple's new smartphone, though, as an image sent to This is my next shows that AT&T is "working with" Apple to get its iPhone 4S network indicator to read "4G." AT&T goes on to say that such a change would occur in an iOS update.

Since the original iPhone debuted back in 2007, Apple has taken a fairly strong stand against allowing carriers to customize its smartphone in anyway, not allowing any kind of carrier branding on the outside of the device or preinstalled apps. That's why it'd be kind of strange to see Apple include a "4G" indicator in an iOS update just for AT&T's iPhone 4S. Of course, whether or not Apple is genuinely considering include the 4G indicator remains to be seen, but we'll be sure to pass along more as we get it.

UPDATE: AT&T has chimed in to confirm that, yes, it and Apple are "working together" to get a 4G indicator on the iPhone 4S. Whether or not the indicator is implemented, though, AT&T pointed out that 4S owners will see "4G speeds" on day one.

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"Is AT&T's HSPA+ really 4G?"

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Terry Oakes
Terry Oakes not around here..my old solstice has HSPA+
Jason King
Jason King No Way ...
Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey no, it's not
Gabriel Freeman
Gabriel Freeman Does any of it really matter? I'm sick of all these new phone names with "4G" in them just as a marketing ploy. Its not how fast the signal is that counts, but how reliable and how much of it can you use in your monthly cycle.
Jaahfir Acey
Jaahfir Acey I think it depends on the phone
Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez 4G 3G 5G does the name matter? It is just marketing. At the end of the day whoever can give fast broadband speeds where I live is what matters
Daisy Natalia Wijaya
Daisy Natalia Wijaya @Gabriel Fernandez :Go figure urself....is useless to argue with someone that already become an AT&T fanboy....AT&T suck....total suck.....also their plan!!
Johnny Cababe
Johnny Cababe Nope. I top out at 6 mbps on a good day.
Walt Alan Wilcutts
Walt Alan Wilcutts When Sprint came out with 4G Wimax nobody complained. I get 8-12mbps down on AT&T and now that's not 4G although it kicks the crap out of Wimax on my Evo 3D. Go figure.
Kip Count
Kip Count Any of them are faster than Virgin Mobile's 3G network. Gimme.
Carl Joseph Bialorucki
Carl Joseph Bialorucki No, AT&T's LTE is for now (LTE Advanced FTW)
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley 28mb per sec. VZW LTE. FTW!
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley 28 mb per sec. Vzw LTE. FTW!
Mustin Jiller
Mustin Jiller Edge>4g
Emmanuel Ramos
Emmanuel Ramos No, is not
Adam Lalani
Adam Lalani They are 4G for advertising perposes but mind you I have the atrix a hspa+ device and LTE is the only tech that can reach the true standard of 4G
Robin Mather
Robin Mather Just another lie. It's not 4G
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson Att sucks as well as all of there plans as well!
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas According to definition no one has "real" 4G. Even LTE only gets about 15-30 mb down. 4G is 50+
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas @Gabriel 4GLTE is useless without a phone that can work with it
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas Its faster than Wimax so yea. And just cuz LTE is faster that doesnt mean its the only 4G. It like saying only the Smartest phone is the true smartphone. There are different variants of 4G. Some are just faster than others. The GSII can hit 42mb down so yea. That's 4G
Ivan Aleman
Ivan Aleman Hspa is fast better than sprint wimax
Andres Barroeta
Andres Barroeta No
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Daisy: Read what reviews? What are you talking about? AT&T does have LTE, they lit up LTE in 5 cities already. It may not be a lot (because it just recently happened), but it's begun. LTE deployment takes time.
Romeo Cyril
Romeo Cyril No/)
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi Lol, no...
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar If at&t network is 4g might as well call dialup 4g as well...
Vince Sclafani
Vince Sclafani not to me.. 4g means 50/100 mbps in download...
Bryan Edens
Bryan Edens No
Wilberto Ortiz
Wilberto Ortiz who cares .most connections are acceptable
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins The question is will Apple give in to AT&T demands by giving their iPhone 4S a 4G label via iOS update on the notification screen?
Chris Eng
Chris Eng My sensation does 21 mbps actual speed
EduArdo Martinez
EduArdo Martinez Actually LTE 2 is the real 4g
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith no
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins AT&T called HSPA+ network only after T-Mobile branded their HSPA+ network 4G last year just before the the mytouch 4G came out. I can't hate on AT&T or T-Mobile USA on branding HSPA+ as 4G just as long as the data speeds on the phones are blazing fast as promoted.
Stephen Sisco
Stephen Sisco AT&T calls it 4G, but it seems like they just say that to get more people to buy 4G phones because it's not much of a difference from 3G
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins The average customer will believe that HSPA+ is 4G anyway so american GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, & Cincinnati Bell will continue to brand HSPA+ as 4G to keep customers & draw new ones.
Daisy Natalia Wijaya
Daisy Natalia Wijaya @Gabriel Fernandez: don't believe what AT&T says......u better read the reviews before u answer me...LOL.....AT&T down to the hill now!!!
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins The problem with AT&T HSPA+ network is that is dosen't support the backhaul of HSDPA like the T-Mobile HSPA+ network does. I have an HSPA+ 4G phone and compared to my last phone which was 3G and it's way faster almost like home internet speeds.
Milton Azevedo
Milton Azevedo It's 3.5G, and AT&T knows it. It's 4G is coming out slowly. It's called LTE. I think they have 5 cities right now. But I think they are doing it the right way. Using HSPA+ as a backup when not in LYE areas. Verizon goes from 4G to 3G like a rock. AT&T will go 4G to HSPA+, much smother.
Larry L Roe
Larry L Roe Tmobile
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins HSPA+ is technically an advanced 3G network but as Gabriel said the ITU gave the phone companies permission to label HSPA+, WI-MAX, & LTE as 4G as of last year.
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez theres no 4G Fools people are so stupid ok it works more fast but its not 4G like they say att is the best but having signal but speed nahhh not so good
Derrick Woods
Derrick Woods Labels that's all this is. No carrier in the u.s. has true 4g. I'm very happy with my mytouch 4g slide tho. You can call it 4g or advanced 3g or whatever you want, the phone is fast and that's all that matters
Jasé Phillip
Jasé Phillip pretty much just go get a iPhone and a girl and your lives will be better
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz @Gabriel no one has true 4g. But hspa+ or Wimax can't touch LTE's Jockstrap, as is evident by all carriers adopting LTE. HSPA+ AND WIMAX are essentially advanced 3g
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz I think t mobile HSPA+ 42 mbps on galaxy.s 2 and htc amaze will beat any other carrier with supost 4G
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull dunno, but it works great for me.. plays videos n all wit no problem
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh NO..only Verizon has true 4G.
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales Lol not really.. I mean my brother has a infuse and says the phone hasn't gone any higher than 6mbs, ironically my i9000 in Claro or what used to be verizon here has gone as high as 7.9 mbs and my phone is not hspa plus lol! Can't imagine if I had de i9100
Namkell Kelly
Namkell Kelly It should be...its certainly faster than Wimax and that's suppose to be 4g
Marc-Antoine Potvin
Marc-Antoine Potvin Here in Canada the Bell network CAN top up to 42mbps on their hspa+ dual cell network
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson HSPA+ 21mps is concidered "4G", and AT&T network only tops out at 14.4Mbps even they have a couple of 21Mbps phones. It doesn't even make the cut for fake 4G lol.
Harry Haese
Harry Haese Let me call my Sprint rep and ask..
Eric Quach
Eric Quach well its called 4g literally. so yes? LOL
Leandro Arce
Leandro Arce No, HSPA+ is a almost 4G, but the real 4G is LTE!
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Daisy: AT&T has HSPA+ and LTE.. so they do have "4G".. lol.
Daisy Natalia Wijaya
Daisy Natalia Wijaya At&t doesn't have 4G!
Jermaine Mercurius
Jermaine Mercurius Nope!!!!
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Adam: LTE can't hit 1Gbps right now. It would have to be upgraded to LTE Advanced. That's not the same. So LTE isn't really 4G untl it's upgraded. The same goes with HSPA+.. they have an upgraded version of it that hits 1Gbps or something pretty close. WiMax does too, it's called WiMax 2. None of the carriers have true 4G. This was established by the ITU last year around october until they suddenly changed their mind 2 months later because of all the 4G branding the carriers slapped on their new networks. It got to the point where the true definition didn't matter anymore because they had everyone believing what they had was 4G. So the ITU dubbed all 3 technologies as "4G".
Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford Heck no
Luis Cortes
Luis Cortes They wish!!!
Adam Lalani
Adam Lalani @gabriel the only one that is really 4G is LTE is because it is the correct format that has the potential to reach the 1gbps mark, HSPA+ can't and also HSPA+ is only considered 4G because it is the 4th generation of mobile data for that company (and Tmo) and WiMax just sucks I'm sorry I haven't found anyone that likes it outside of a sprint store
Julian Reckord
Julian Reckord I wish :(
Josue Cifuentes
Josue Cifuentes nope neither sprint/at&t has true 4G on verizon does...its called LTE
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor No. Sprint FTW
Hunter Tea
Hunter Tea No its 20G
Paul Moakley
Paul Moakley Three of the 4 networks are switching to LTE anyways. Its all a marketing thing
Ho Young Won
Ho Young Won Lte is very fast but it rapes the phones battery
Xingchi Ding
Xingchi Ding Who cares, no matter how fast the network, your phone cant reach 100MB or whatever
Javier Campos
Javier Campos Yes in my area I get 13.5 mbps.
Pierce G Hohenstein
Pierce G Hohenstein Aha no!
Ellery Arellano
Ellery Arellano Whether it's LTE or HSPA+, if the speeds are quicker than 3G, then it is 4G. Quit getting hung up on labels and look at the end results.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Adam: Most people like to say HSPA+ isn't 4G but WiMax and LTE is. Yet.. LTE or WiMax doesn't hit 1Gbps and WiMax is slower than HSPA+. Not to mention the fact that all 3 were officially dubbed 4G by the powers that be.. (ITU).
Christian Sotelo
Christian Sotelo Nope T-Mobile has better HSPA+
Moses Estrada
Moses Estrada 3.5G
Gary Brown
Gary Brown Nope.
Adam Lalani
Adam Lalani No because 4G is 1GBps download plus
Patrick Mulville
Patrick Mulville No but tmobile is hspa+ aswell
Kitty Foxie
Kitty Foxie Nope......
Joe Czo
Joe Czo Nope
Micah Madru
Micah Madru Nope.
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Seems like its a 4g substitute.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez According to the ITU, yes. As of last year.
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker Nope !
Jose Efrain Estrada
Jose Efrain Estrada No. Tmobile FTW
Itzel Jeronimo
Itzel Jeronimo Nopeee
Alan Koblin
Alan Koblin No

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