Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich caught on video, Samsung and Google postpone Nexus debut [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 7, 2011

Galaxy Nexus Nexus Prime

And the Samsung Galaxy Nexus leaks just keep coming. Today it seems that we may have hit the mother lode, as images of both the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich have made their way online. What's even better, though, is that a video showing both in action has also surfaced. Much of what we saw of Ice Cream Sandwich in a leaked video late last month is also intact here, including several touches of blue in the status bar and app icons, although it looks like a couple of icons have gotten a new look when compared to what we've seen in the past (phone, contacts). There are also onscreen back, home, and menu navigation keys at the bottom of the display, just like we'd heard there would be. Check out the 1:28 video of the Galaxy Nexus and ICS in action below followed by a couple of screenshots (more here) of ICS, one of which lists it as Android version 4.0.

So are you liking what you see of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich? Well then I hope you really enjoy the video and images in this post, because it seems that Samsung and Google may have pushed back the debut of the new device and OS. The joint release doesn't actually come out and mention either the Nexus or ICS, just a "new product," but since the short statement is from both Samsung and Google, it seems likely that it is indeed referring to the handset you see above and below. No reason for the delay was given. The full statement is as follows:

"Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced."

Kind of a bummer, no? It's not yet clear when the "new product announcement" will now be happening, but as usual, we'll let you know more when we do. Good thing we've got the leaked Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich video and screenshots to keep us occupied until we hear more.

UPDATE: Two things. First of all, Samsung and Google have confirmed that the Unpacked event has been postponed out of respect for Steve Jobs. The statement from the two companies:

“We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing.”

Next up, it looks like the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime boot animation may have leaked out. The quick video is available below the Galaxy Nexus hands-on clip and shows the Galaxy Nexus's boot animation running on a DROID Bionic.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots

Android Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots

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