So now that pre-orders for the iPhone 4S have begun, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that Twitter pretty much blew up again early yesterday morning. Everyone talking about pre-orders, how the Apple Store was still down, or how people had to wait even longer than usual to get their pre-order in. Retweets, mentions, the whole show. By now, it’s standard stuff. When Apple launches an iPhone, the crowd goes wild, basically. But, to be honest, I thought this time was going to be different. Why? Because, as I mentioned in a previous article, I thought the pundits and market researchers and all of those tech junkies out there who were bashing the new iPhone would have some impact on the general public. After all, the general public obviously follows all of those people. But, that didn’t seem to be the case.

We’re not going to talk about the rumors this time around, even if they do still seem to be the brunt of this whole thing. No, instead we’re going to talk about the fact that all of these people, everyone out there who was expecting something more, and went out of their way to point out how Apple had disappointed everyone, was just about as wrong as they could be. Because there’s no other way to look at it.

The pundits, the journalists, the market researchers and analysts. Not all of them, but it seemed like a growing number of them all wanted to do the same thing: point out how Apple had failed not just them, but the consumer, and everyone in between. People wanted to see an iPhone 5. People wanted to see a larger display, that same dual-core processor in the A5, and that same much-improved camera. They wanted something that wasn’t coming. Apple’s strategy is their own strategy, and it isn’t Apple’s fault that the media had literally run amok with the rumors. That’s what it had come down to – insanity.

And after the launch, what was the point of all those articles, editorials, news pieces and soap box rants pointing out why, or how, Apple had failed? If there was a point, I’m not seeing it. Even now that it’s all quieted down, and pre-orders have started and the iPhone 4S is almost available. I didn’t see the point during the announcement of the 4S, either, even the moment after they showed off what the phone will look like. I’m not going to say that Apple released a minor improvement versus the iPhone 4, or that the phone doesn’t look exactly like its predecessor. I can’t say those things because they aren’t true. But, much like the launch of the iPhone 3GS after the 3G, this was an improvement more for Apple’s product, versus a revamping of the whole market.

But that’s what people expected. They wanted a new iPhone that blew away the competition. And I understand why. When the iPhone 3GS launched, there wasn’t much in the way of competition, at least not in the sense that we see now with Android and Windows Phone (?). But you also can’t tell me that the iPhone 4S isn’t a device you don’t want. With that improved camera. With that A5 processor under the hood. The improved antenna and data speeds. And let’s not forget that the thing is still connected to iTunes, iCloud, and is still one of the most played mobile gaming devices out there. So much so in fact, that talk about Nintendo’s continued existence in the mobile video game market is a serious one. And then there’s Siri, which aims to change the very way you use your phone. You don’t expect other manufacturers to follow that? We can’t forget these things because that’s what makes the iPhone 4S, just like it’s what made the iPhone 4. And those things will help make the iPhone 5, too, whenever it launches.

There’s no denying that the pre-order bonanza for the iPhone 4S was just as hurried, climactic and busy as the previous launches. From multiple people that work in the industry, I heard how their stores were packed from open to close, everyone talking about the iPhone 4S and trying to pre-order it. Saying they’ve been waiting since February to see it, to know it is coming. That just shows me all that talk about how Apple failed, and how the iPhone 4S is a huge disappointment was ineffectual in just about every way imaginable.

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Terry Oakes over glammed phone
Xiang Chau Reminds me of how people felt when the iPhone 3GS came out. Bunch of hate but after using the actual device, the iPhone 3G was a joke. For now, I ain't saying nothing till I actually get the device on hand, then I'll take it from there whether or not apple made the right move.. Just gonna have to wait n c..
Emilio J Burgos Nexus s 3g android 2.3.6 ftw
Jason King Never, Supprised ... If they can make you want a iPad they can make you want the iPhone 5 oh i mean 4S ...Lol
Michael R. Buddy Sumners NO. People are sheep. = Sheeple.
Bradley Jamenya It was just because of steve jobs that's why people area buying it just for him go and futurama episode called eyephone everyone who gas an iphone us brain washed
Henry Murillo Not really. I'm looking to get rid of my sensation lag master to get a phone that actually works but no one in their right mind wants to buy a sensation 4g lol they know better!
Wayne Choice Yea a little..but happy for Apple..looking forward to iPhone 5, I have iPhone 4.
David L. Clark I just think it's hilarious how many people say that "Americans are stupid" for getting the 4S and what-not, when those same commenters have trouble with basic grammar...
John Brown I'm not surprised at all. No matter your preference apple makes products that work very well so due to that reputation lots of people will buy their products. I don't know why people are so dissapointed with the iphone 4s, outsides of the design being the same as last year it sounds like its gonna be a really good phone.
Victoria TheVaporgirl Sylvestre Hmmm, I would if my iPhone 4 werent so new! I love this phone! I can do almost anything with it that helps my teaching and home life. Never loved a cell phone until this one. Thank goodness I got over my preconceived notions and jumped for it- life is more convenient now!
Vanrajsinh Chavda Iphone sucks....
Kenny Kemp Yes I'm suprised the 4S is a letdown
Ernest Marvin Esteban Setting fanboyism aside. The only advantage iphone has to android phones is the polished UI. But google is fixing all that starting from the defragmentation of the OS on Ice cream Sandwich. Onced google polished their UI, google/android will be invincible.
Ritz A Luiz People were underwhelmed during the iPh 4S event because they were expecting more and we shouldn't be surprised they're buying this phone because iPhone is begining to be more Android-like, but with a more polished os. But beware Apple, Android is polishing up. Competition is great! It's us(the customers) that always wind up winning.
Chad Allen Not at all suprised has Apple has built a marketing machine like no other and its all about that Apple on the back of the phone people are comfortable with it and trust it even if it is behind other Android phones in technology and functions but to me the Galaxys2 line is by far the best out right now!
Ernest Marvin Esteban People who will buy an iphone 4s are probably the most uneducated, stupid person. Hahaha.. goodluck with that piece of shit that does nothing
Ernest Marvin Esteban Not really. isheeps will buy anything from apple even if its a phone made from animal poop.
James Matthews Nope. The iSheep did exactly what was expected of them.
Nick Kalman For all Android fans iOS is a lot better for now. Will see what Ice Cream Sandwich will bring. I want to love Android but it's too unstable for now. If you don't want iPhone I think WP7.5 Mango is better choice then Android.
Mila Ardja It's exceeding expectation, but I guess this Siri thing and the iOS5 got them really excited.. Me too actually.. :D
Krushi Vemula YES!!! Without more informed customers iPhones going to continue to dominate.
Juan Carlos Malave Martinez iSuck new specs: 1. an S after the 4. Meaning ... iSuck x 4suck 2. a camera with iSuck 8MP. Meaning ... You dont have to buy a real powerful camera because if you multiply 5 lenses per 8MP equals 45MP. iSuck have the most advanced camera in the whole world. WOW! 3. Have the iPoop 2 chip. Meaning ... Apple need to regain the invested money in the chip. Dont forget is dual processor and no chip in the market have a dual processor. Ujum! 4. Lets talk 'bout retina display, its the same as last year. Btw Apple I have to say that you dont have tha best retina display, I do have tha best retina display and every living human in this planet. Meaning ... Suck your 326p 'cause my eyes are the best retina display or in Apple terms would be 324,000,000p or 324MP. Btw that is only using 90 degrees vision of a human eye and human have a view close to 180 degrees. If you iSuck users still dont believe me use your iSuck and search tha info I just provided! 5. You can play games with better graphics. Meaning ... You can pay for a phone, but you can afford buying an Xbox360, PS3, or Wii. Believe me, even the Wii have better games than all the itunes market games. 6. Tha A N T T E N N A. Meaning ... after the official sales of the iSuck 4S, Apple will work in a better iOS to fix more antenna problems. Thats all I have to say 'bout the iSuck 4S! Loyd please eat the apple!
Joel Gomez I see any need to upgrade from iphone 4. Iphone 4 is not slow. The only thing you get is siri but its too expensive to upgrade. The logical thing is just wait for iphone 5 in just a couple of months. Android is also good or better.
Brandon Johnson It kills me how some of the people act the iPhone 4s isn't that much of an improvement over the iPhone 4, then again some of the android phones are the same, sure they've gotten a bigger screen (some to ridiculous proportions 4.7 really?), and a dual core processors but that's about it.
Armando Sanchez I wasn't the least bit surprised
Benjamin Pastrana Dual core, 7 times better graphics which have always been better then android, great for the countless amounts of games on iOS, Stable unlike Android, no need to root to make it stable, Siri, a true 8 MP camera unlike crappy Android cameras like on the Droid bionic, Don't see a reason not too. Go shove your crappy Droid OS, Your the sheep since there's more companies making android. You people think your making a statement by having android is stupid.
Matt Edler It is amazing to me how a person's intelligence is graded by what smartphone they use. I like both OS offerings so I guess I'm neither smart nor stupid/ignorant; just enlightened (the middle way).
Sourav Harsh iZombies!! Or I guess they just really excited that they finally got a notification bar Haha smh
Kevin Joel @jesse, icrowd is never logical.
Johnny Lee Not even surprised. Nothing new or cool about it. Just New camera and system function. Sad part is that its the same model. Nothing new to it. HTC sensation all the way!!
Jesse Bryant Why jump for this device? It's really not that much of an improvement from the previous iPhone.
Michael Yarborough A little surprised, the disappointment came from media speculation on what the next iPhone would be and those that bought into the media hype are those suffering the biggest disappointment. I'm on EVO and have enjoyed it for over a year, its time for me to give ios a shot, so i will be switching.
Brianna Perez I'm preordering it too :)
Marcos Pineda Iphones are for teenagers! galaxy s2
Dan-Petra Armstrong I have a Android (evo) and will be switching to the IPhone. What makes the iPhone better is the apple eco-system that comes with any Apple product.
Vuk Vukicevic In fact, I don't know. Sure Apple is premium brand, but people, stop trolling about iPhone's usability. Isn't it clear enough that Apple made a feature rich device that can easily be called a smartphone, putting user friendly UI on it, hence making better sales and growing popularity. Face the fact that only 20% of smarthone owners use their phone's full potential. iOS does almost same that Android and WP7 are, it's just a matter of taste, wich is not a good thing to discuss. I love blondies, do you? Should I tell you how blondie can blow you better than redhead? I mean, stop this nonesence, for f*** sake. P.S. I'm HTC Desire power user. Sorry for my bad english. Cheers!
Ivan Aleman No it does not surprise me
Reza Syed Nope. Macheads are airheads with money.
Mark Mann I bet those are inflated numbers i don't know anyone that's getting one. Why would you?
Andre Hibbert At first due to the let down of the IP5, yes. After the passing of one of apple's founding fathers...nope.
Michael A. Barut Nope, but want to know numbers os people who paid ETF to get this phone with iPhone 5 coming in June, IMO
Kristopher W. Davis No not surprised at all apple are highly reliable. Android freezes force closes unstable software. Nice phones but who cares if the phone doesn't function.
Kyle Tafoya @Cornelius Hardy.....QUIT BEING A TROLL
Frank Mendoza yea im surprise considering its not much of a upgrade it was answer takin 16 months to do it with no bigger screen or different body on it. it goes to show you how far a brand can get you nowadays
Kishore Sapkale Evan we need a better competition. You are saying this as it is apple. if it would have some other company. would you have been able to make the same comment?????????? Don't be biased dude. Wake up and. SPEAK THE TRUTH.
Gabriel Sotomayor no , first day pre-orders are nothing , i want to see the first month numbers and see if they really impress me. i wasn't even impressed by the phone , i was expecting a bigger screen to buy it , but i don't want a phone with a kids screen...
Matt Cain People really should be waiting a few months to see if there are any issues with the phone. That's my plan.
Ediben Yoonan iphone is the worst smartphone. i still don't know why people use that phone cuz ios is boring !!!
Glen BigHurt Davis Gs2!!!! Forget the iphone
AnJel Lopez No because my mom got 1 my dad got 1 my grandpa got 1 my grandma got 1 my 3 year old sister got 1 and everyone I know that was using a flip phone that did not do $#!T but wanted a touch screen got 1 ....all my smart friends and family members that actually know about what a true smartphone has to offer got htc androids!!!
C Paul Courtney What were the numbers?
John Williams Droid Prime will be better...
Juan Carrasquillo Not surprised. They ignorant.
Mike Link No surprise! iPhails for iBots
Arvydas Gr Lol, yes. This thing made me realise that America is STUPID.
Jesus G. Nolasco Stupid ignorant people
Jonathan Morley eh, not really, Apple fans will jump off of a bridge to get the latest Apple products.... wait, that gives me an idea! [evil] Muhahahaha =P
Josh Skye no surprise, most ios users don't know that there are better phones then what apple makes
Zakari Ghachi Not surprised at all since they're getting a free Dildo with it.
Brian H Foote Phonies technology falls behind android technology due to the fact Apple drags its butt getting their technology out to the market & now that Steve is gone its only going to get worse just like why he came back after he left the first time. Unfortunately for Apple they are totally alone from now on without Steves visions to overcome & exceed Android!
Fabian Garcia Maybe for those customers on sprint that have long wanted their hands on an iphone but couldnt get it until now...
Ateeth Kosuri Yep 200k sold on first day! It's insane!
Dallas Payne @Arnulfo no one asked if your sister was switching either. Stay on topic and quit being the comment police.
Bryce Weekley No I wasn't surprised bc it's either upgrade to the 4s or a phone with android and android BLOWS.
Arnulfo Barajas @Cornelius ...nobody asked for that answer !!!!!..the question clearly says "Were you surprised at the iPhone 4S pre-order numbers?..stay on topic
Joey Carranco @Jesus it depends on what phone it was
Cornelius Hardy iphone sucks, and the new one is not worth the dough but I knew fanboys would be ready to fork over the rent money.
Chris Murchison I was in a way, i think apple has that trust factor and all there products have that preiuem feel. Steve jobs death also could have boosted sales also it looks fantastic.
Chris Murchison I was in a way, i think apple has that trust factor and all there products have that preiuem feel. Steve jobs death also could have boosted sales also it looks fantastic.
Anthony Dunlap A little bit
Pierce G Hohenstein iPhone is amazing! It doesn't surprise me at all
Jesus Lopez I went to android from my iphone 3g and was highly disappointed
Arnulfo Barajas @gary same thing with android
Ian Jamieson Nope. If it has an Apple on the back then it will sell.
Arnulfo Barajas yes!!!!....my sister and her husband have the evo 4G...there gonna leave the evo for the iphone 4s
Brian H Foote I sure was considering the fact everyone was expecting the iphone5 instead! I expected many to get frustrated enough to say the hell with it & just go out & get an android phone.... Infact many have done just that!
Gary Brown No, apple fans are very devoted.
Daniel Marcano Of course not. You can throw an apple logo on a rock and say its ground breaking. People will buy it.
Stuart James Baucum not really, seeing how more popular every new iPhone gets (cause of hardware updates I think + plus the long-awaited iOS 5)
Jose Blanco That let you no how dumm people are are what happend to the iphone 5 that y I'm getting lg gx2
Jesus Lopez No its APPLE
Gavin Feist I was actually stunned. But i bought an SGS2 instead

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