iPhone 4S arrives early for one German customer as benchmarks, Siri video demo emerge

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 11, 2011

iPhone 4S packaging

The Apple iPhone 4S may not officially be launching until October 14th, but that hasn't stopped a bevy of information on the new handset from making its way onto the web. Today we've got a few noteworthy tidbits of iPhone 4S news to report that'll hopefully keep all of us entertained until the phones start arriving on doorsteps on Friday. First up, it appears that one lucky German individual has gotten his iPhone 4S delivery a few days early and, like any good mobile addict would do, has posted photos of the device and its packaging online for all to see. Up above is the money shot, showing the the front and sides of the iPhone 4S packaging which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like the iPhone 4 packaging. You can check out a couple of more photos of the box right here.

Moving right along, the folks at Anandtech have put the iPhone 4S through the benchmarking paces and posted the results in easy-to-read graphs for regular Joes like you and I. You can find two of those charts below. So what kinds of juicy bits of information did Anandtech's testing reveal? For starters, the iPhone 4S's dual-core A5 processor is said to be clocked at around 800MHz, slightly lower than the iPad 2's CPU that's clocked at 1GHz, a move which was likely made to prolong the iPhone's battery life. When the tests were done and the dust had settled, the iPhone 4S managed a Geekbench score of 623, which is quite a bit higher than the iPhone 4 but a tad lower than the iPad 2 (shocker). Testing the iPhone 4S's graphics performance shows that the new device has about seven times the graphical horsepower compared to the iPhone 4, just like Apple said when it introduced the 4S last week.

The last bit of iPhone 4S news we've got for you is a quick video demo of the Siri voice command system that'll be exclusive to Apple's new smartphone. Apple posted a clip showing just how Siri works when the iPhone 4S was first introduced, but this latest video offers a peek at it working with a regular person in a somewhat noisy locale. I won't spoil the whole clip for you, but I will say that overall Siri seems to work well enough that you could use it around others or while listening to your favorite jam (you know the one!) in your car and still have it understand what you're saying. Check out the nearly three-minute video demo below.

So far it looks like the iPhone 4S is shaping up to be a pretty respectable device for the over one million folks that have placed pre-orders so far, especially for anyone upgrading to it from a 3GS or something even older. That said, the only way to truly see how the iPhone 4S measures up to is predecessors as well as other smartphones on the market is to spend some personal time with it and test it out in the real world, something that you can bet we'll be doing when we review the 4S. What do all of you think of what you've seen of the iPhone 4S so far? Do any of you that have pre-ordered the 4S think that you'll actually use Siri on a regular basis?

iPhone 4S Geekbench benchmark

iPhone 4S GLBenchmark

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