iPhone 4S packaging

The Apple iPhone 4S may not officially be launching until October 14th, but that hasn't stopped a bevy of information on the new handset from making its way onto the web. Today we've got a few noteworthy tidbits of iPhone 4S news to report that'll hopefully keep all of us entertained until the phones start arriving on doorsteps on Friday. First up, it appears that one lucky German individual has gotten his iPhone 4S delivery a few days early and, like any good mobile addict would do, has posted photos of the device and its packaging online for all to see. Up above is the money shot, showing the the front and sides of the iPhone 4S packaging which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like the iPhone 4 packaging. You can check out a couple of more photos of the box right here.

Moving right along, the folks at Anandtech have put the iPhone 4S through the benchmarking paces and posted the results in easy-to-read graphs for regular Joes like you and I. You can find two of those charts below. So what kinds of juicy bits of information did Anandtech's testing reveal? For starters, the iPhone 4S's dual-core A5 processor is said to be clocked at around 800MHz, slightly lower than the iPad 2's CPU that's clocked at 1GHz, a move which was likely made to prolong the iPhone's battery life. When the tests were done and the dust had settled, the iPhone 4S managed a Geekbench score of 623, which is quite a bit higher than the iPhone 4 but a tad lower than the iPad 2 (shocker). Testing the iPhone 4S's graphics performance shows that the new device has about seven times the graphical horsepower compared to the iPhone 4, just like Apple said when it introduced the 4S last week.

The last bit of iPhone 4S news we've got for you is a quick video demo of the Siri voice command system that'll be exclusive to Apple's new smartphone. Apple posted a clip showing just how Siri works when the iPhone 4S was first introduced, but this latest video offers a peek at it working with a regular person in a somewhat noisy locale. I won't spoil the whole clip for you, but I will say that overall Siri seems to work well enough that you could use it around others or while listening to your favorite jam (you know the one!) in your car and still have it understand what you're saying. Check out the nearly three-minute video demo below.

So far it looks like the iPhone 4S is shaping up to be a pretty respectable device for the over one million folks that have placed pre-orders so far, especially for anyone upgrading to it from a 3GS or something even older. That said, the only way to truly see how the iPhone 4S measures up to is predecessors as well as other smartphones on the market is to spend some personal time with it and test it out in the real world, something that you can bet we'll be doing when we review the 4S. What do all of you think of what you've seen of the iPhone 4S so far? Do any of you that have pre-ordered the 4S think that you'll actually use Siri on a regular basis?

iPhone 4S Geekbench benchmark

iPhone 4S GLBenchmark

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Sharang Karve HELL NO.
Zach Robinson And if it wasn't for dropping my phone in the toilet twice, the tub once, throwing it out of raging fury a few times, dropping it from a roof more than once, all with no case, and the thing is still ticking, built like a tank, though from an almost unbearable cracked screen and camera, Im due for a new. If not for that, iPhone 4 running ios 5 is just fine. But no other phone out today or anytime soon would take a betting like that , except maybe an old rugged Nextel, maybe
Zach Robinson Excited about 64 gigs. That's about it.
Gabi-Guillermo Ortiz-Albert Not at all! Im waiting for the Nexus Prime. It will blow away the iphone 4s. From any way you look at it.
Gerald Mccrae I have an iPhone 4, iPad and a mcbook pro and i can truly tell you the iphone 4s it's worth it all they did is take an app from the app store improved it and then removed it so you can't down load it, then took the guts out of the iPad and called it the iPhone 4s . I still believe it's a good phone it's just not worth trading in the iPhone 4 for the iPhone 4s
Steve Doric Nope, nexus prime all the way biatch's
Anonymous [ looks in the mirror} look at that, im not a hippie, hipster, or an idiot; so NO
Craig Kaczmarski hell no, there is no change to the device itself other than the new letter. if u were to be excited about any phone it should be either the GSII or the HTC Amaze 4g. I personally lean more towards the HTC.
Bob Fitzgerald iPhone sHmiphone ..
Mark Balcher No. I would not get one. The tiny display is a joke, and the device has way too many limitations for me. I'm all about the GS II. A much better choice for geeks like me.
David Hilgendorf Why of course not and still wouldn't even in another lifetime..... Prime, Vigor, Razr for this guy <----
Michael Yarborough Yes, so long android, hello iOS. Currently on Evo 4G
Nathaniel McCord And I thought android fans ware usually more mature than this. Well I guess even android a has its little fan club trying top convince them selves that what they just purchased is the best thing out there I'm not saying the iphone 4s is the best thing out there but its not the worst.
Jason King Yes !!!! Very much so ...
Flako Ramirez Hell yea, cant wait to get my iphone 4s
Glenn Serrano Jr Yes, but what I'm not excited about is not getting it on Friday the 14th release date.
Luciano Ace Escobedo I love android its a great os but why bash iphone 4s if u havent even used it! Its not even out! So imo im going to give apple a shot ive never own a iphone so fuk it why not! Plus I wanna see what the ios5 hype is about!
Joernie Berrios Iphone's are lame....boring.....no customizing....:(.....CyanogenMod7.....on my samsung vibrant..
Frank Rivera Hells nah....My Nexus kicks ass.....
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Nexus Prime.
Terrence Dc York I have a iPhone 4 and a droid bionic and out of all da stats that says bionic is supposed to be so much better the only thing better is the bigger screen and 4g lte speed. I'm happy using my iPhone 4 over my bionic but I'm not getting a the 4s cuz it's not a big enough difference to make me spend money on it. Just because the specs look better on paper doesn't mean that they are cuz iPhone spec quality is awesome so they don't have to come out with a new phone every week and they still rule
Stephanie Ureña No one's ignorant or stupid. Everyone has preferences simple as that. If you prefer Android good for you and if you prefer Apple (Like Me!) Good for you!
Chris Calvin Hendricks Does it have 4g speeds? Oh, No? Then ima keep using my ANDROID phone
Victor Espinoza iPhone= simple and efficient Android= complex faster and better
Andres Escobar 1,000,000 orders in 24 hours!!! what do you think...?
Zach Cline The force of droid trolls is always strong on any iPhone related post.
Eskias McDaniels The force of Droid is strong in here....
Ryan Turner Trying to save up more money so I can get a real phone, Droid Bionic!
John Gardiner Not until the iPhone have a least a 4 inch display!
James Fisher Got my iPhone 4 in June, the new one is sort of pointless. With iOS 5 available on iPhone 4s what's the point of the new one? A slightly better camera & a "p.a" for people who can't be arsed to type, not much difference.
Matty Burchold Can't go wrong with a Nokia with the original snake!
Fan OfDreaming Not really... Maybe when I try it in the stores I will have a different opinion
Mark Mann Another iphone 4 will it take 10 months to get a white one lol
Everett C W Byrd The Nexus Prime uses the same GPU so iPhones won't beat it in any benchmarks at all. That is the phone to get. Finally a progression over 'flat' slabs.
Brandon Johnson Lol did somebody just say people that buy iPhones are ignorant and don't read reviews? From what I recall almost ever model has been reviewed pretty highly so ummm... Yea, I think there are more people with androids who haven't done research, hence them winding up with those shitty low end phones
??? ???????? Much more excited about the LG Optimus 3D
Taynia Dejesus No. im getting the new amaze from tmobile
Josh Pieters Garbage
Joshua Castro iphone 4s I don't think so
Hilme Khateb Sure I am getting it because of Siri it's stunning
Chance Hakimi Android OWNS!!!!!!
Daniel Kallini It sicks anyway. think siru is a big deal? android users download vlingo, simply put the same thing if not better and its free. Honestly iphone's are for people who are so ignorant to look at reviews and search up specs on phones. They just want it because there is an apple on it
Cory Wilson Not me, getting Sprint version then flash it boost mobile or get t-mobile version then to simplemobile
Pierce G Hohenstein I'm already running iOS 5 it's absolutely amazing!
Stephen Turnipseed Seems like a joke to me.
Stephanie Ureña Havent had an iphone since the first generation. Cant wait to get mine. Ive always had android since n I gotta say nothing like apple.
Kamil Galimski Different* OS's.
Kamil Galimski @Nick hahaha good one except you kinda said exactly what I did. I actually don't care at all with comparisons its fun to just watch people freak out. I'm actually not an idiot, considering I was in computer science and computer engineering schools for two years. And like everyone else said, they're sufferer OS's so there is no comparison to make with now hardware works. Sorry to get you all worked up. Its kinda funny though...
Kelvin Reid To be honest I own a Iphone 4 and a samsung Galaxy S2 I must say if you are a tech geek like me and want to take your phone to the fullest potential then I say this in my own opinion you have room to try them both. Some of the features on the new Iphone 4s like notifications already been implemented on my Iphone jailbroken. but you cant overclock an iphone like the android platform. I root my galaxy so I want to always offer the best choice for my friends as to which is better. Its like this Iphone has began a trend from the first one I had which was the 8GB but after that there has been a lot more challenging for them to stand beside an open platform. Android is by far for the Geeks and a regular Iphone is for the simple consumers that dont bother taking the phone outside of what its offering them out the box. I hope once im done with this Army career I will began diggin deeper into the tech thing because its only going to get better. Enjoy your Iphone 4s and enjoy your Androids....No Geek I know has one phone. I like them both and use google voice so im good.
Brandon Johnson Awful lot of people that aren't getting the phone commenting in here....
Josh Dunn Nah, I'm lovin' my Galaxy S II.
Quentin Hickman I SURE AM !!!!!!!I just got the iPhone 4. On the 1st of Oct. And I'm gonna exchange it for the 4S!!!!!
Osvaldo Cardozo LOL!!! Why the fuck are people overclocking their CPU in their phones if they are really happy?! That makes no sense.
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz Nope Google fan boy here lol stupid apple fan boys lol
Dayan Inclán Will never buy an iPhone. period.
Marc Middendorp htc titan with mango outbeats the iPhone 4s easy....
Damaine O. Carpenter Ummmm no iphone 4S is pointless
Nicholas Riddle im excited for people to stop asking what we think about it.
Jesus G. Nolasco I rather go phoneless. Iphones are outdated garbage!
Ian Slade Im quite happy with my Atrix overclocked to 1.4 ghz ;)
Joshua Bender Horton HELL THE FUCK NO! No 4g on sprint apple ur gettin buttfucked by android
Ayoub Hage lol no love for iphone 4s in this room
Ryan Christensen I cant wait for mine to come!
Errol Glanville If you have to mod and over clock the phone what's the point? I always left my phone on the stock shit that was left with it...
Trae Day nah it's no point of getting it cuz it's the as iphone 4 only thing good a about it is that 8 mega pix camra so nah I'm sticking with the galaxy s2
Noel Barcellos No and im NOT getting one. :)
Nick Catelli @Kamil You're an ignorant idiot with literally no argument... see, it only took me one sentence to show that...
Stephen Grancell So fucking tired of idiots bashing anything Apple, truth is each OS has positives and negatives to it, compare the amount of fan boy bashing on android and apple threads and android users never shut the fuck up There's good things about each OS and without the original iPhone release android wouldn't be what it was today because they had a simple keyboard and blackberry esque OS before the responded to the introduction of the iPhones touch screen Don't complain about Apple fanboys when Android users flame any apple post. THANKS.
Angelo Bruno Stupid Facebook app...this is supposed to be the discussion for house lol
Kamil Galimski @Nick Catelli. It seems like it took a long time to write that. iPhones still suck. And it only took me one sentence. See, no numbers, no stupidity.
Angelo Bruno The part where my dvr didn't record it properly because of the baseball game...that was probably the best part
Mark Daly Nope, waiting for my Samsung Galaxy S II to be here!!!!
Rian Kapadia Nobody except isheep even want it
Goodwill Mzumala i feel they should have added infrared so it could control some of you house applances like the tv.
Daisy Natalia Wijaya Not at all.....don't like IPhone....used to like it but after I tried it on my bro's phone....No thanks!! EVO 3D!!!
Alexander Acosta Del Valle im tired of my android not meeting my expectations, yes im excited
Nick Catelli You're welcome, and I'm not a fan of either. Currently own an Android phone (Droid X) and have it modded out the ass. I just hate ignorant comments from people who know nothing about tech. If ignorance will drive you to go to Android, I'm fine by that. I'll stick with what I want from a phone.
Goodwill Mzumala if its better in the inside why isnt it better on the outside. and the features dont even wow me the same way it did with the retina dis when iphone 4 came out
Junior Roman No That iPhone Sucks ...... Jr.
Paul Ullrich uuuuhhhmm.... nope lookin forward to my htc sensation XE ;)
Ravivardhan Prakash The iPhone 4s benchmarks are out now. Looks like it trumps everything else by a mile
Mo Man Nick you wrote so much trying to defend apple that even me, who owns an iPhone, just became an android fan. I guess I'll be upgrading to SGSIII in Jan :-). Thanks for your help, nick!
Wyatt Slate Chuck Testa
Garrett Royalty Give it 7 weeks they will have a new iphone 5 with better memory and slightly better prossessor
Jaahfir Acey Wish I could
Jeff Hollins Galaxy s2 is way better. Tired of apple .. Slow, boring, small.. loving my new G2 by far.. iPhones are a has been now.
Matthew Ashbaugh I have to wait until April that's when my contract ends. :(
Christopher Cade That's have lol
Christopher Cade Will it hand flash player?
Jeffrey Hobbs All these people that are saying its the same phone trip me out. Its like the droid x and the droid x 2. Yes, they look the same on the outside, but just like with these phones the x2 has a way faster dual core processor, and hell the iphone even has a better camera than its predecessor whereas the x2 didn't.
Goodwill Mzumala no because their not that many new features its the same old S**t
Jeff Adams Android sucks!

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