HTC Rezound pops up in Verizon's internal systems

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 13, 2011

HTC Rezound Verizon

Late last month, a batch of new HTC Vigor images showed off the device complete with Verizon 4G LTE branding and, at the same time, word started getting around that the Vigor may be known as the "HTC Rezound" when it finally hits shelves. While that name is still by no means official, it has gotten a whole lot more likely thanks to the shot you see above. Sent to the folks at Droid-Life, the image shows that a device named HTC Rezound has shown up in Verizon's internal systems.

Unfortunately there's not much more information about the Rezound contained within this photo, so details like a potential launch date and pricing remains shrouded in mystery for the time being. One thing that is for sure, though, is that with the Vigor/Rezound, the Moto DROID HD/RAZR, and the Nexus whatever-the-heck-it-ends-up-being-called, Verizon customers that are in the market for a new smartphone are going to have a tough buying decision over the next couple of months.

Via Droid-Life

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