Motorola Verizon October 18 event

We've already seen rumored specs for the upcoming Motorola Spyder/DROID HD/DROID RAZR leak out a couple of times up ahead of Motorola and Verizon's October 18th event, where the device is expected to be unveiled. The device with many names is back once again this morning, as the folks at BGR have "confirmed" some of the features of the new Android smartphone. According to the site's source, the DROID RAZR will include a 4.3-inch display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 4G LTE, and a body that's not only described as being the thinnest LTE device yet, but also thinner than the iPhone 4S and its 9.3mm thick body.

Pretty much all of those features are ones we've heard before, but the thinness of the DROID RAZR is news to us. Since Verizon's other 4G LTE handsets aren't exactly known for being the thinnest phones around, and because we've also already seen most of the DROID RAZR's specs on other currently-available Android phones, Moto could help make the DROID RAZR stand out (and earn its "RAZR" name) by making it nice and slim. We'll be live at Motorola and Verizon's event next week to see the DROID RAZR make its debut and find out just how thin it really is, so be sure to tune in to PhoneDog for all the fun.



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"Are you more excited about the DROID RAZR or the Nexus Prime?"

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Thanks for your participation! :)

David Hilgendorf I'm having a hard time deciding so it will be both for me :)
John Thomas The prime
Vincent Lai nexus prime for sure!
Tim Davis Prime
Lee Grip Gresham DROID PRIME (vzw)
Nadim Uddin The Nexus Prime for Sprint... Yes, I am waiting excitedly for that.
Jon Recinos (btw I know the quote is wrong, and I also know DBZ is fairly stupid)
Jon Recinos To quote Vegeta: "There's one thing a Saiyan always keeps; his PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME" And I side with him.
Orion Pax I already have a Rzr at home to shave. Prime all the way.
Abdiel Fernandez Neither HTC Vigor..if it comes out!!
Enrique Berrios nexus prime
Mark Mann Prime
Steve Doric Prime all the way my biatchs :)
Julian Vaughn First of all people how do u know how the droid will perform everycompany has there flaws and u cant base the droid by motos recent short cummings all we know for shure is that there definataly are.coming to verizon but let the pruduct come then start runing your mouths but but will be shure to turn out to be incredible devices
Anonymous Prime; unless we're back in 2004, then maybe the RAZR... nah we're good.
Umar Gillen prime.
Tim Fuhrmann Neither
Tim Killian I'm excited about ICS not the nexus phone. I am interested in the DROID razr.
Shariq Hussain Prime no doubt niggahz
Pete Galluzzo prime, it will sick if this only goes to best buy, off contract it woulb be 699.. way to much.
Hendrick Equis M Unless the rzr will come with vanilla ice-cream sandwich and a lot love from there new parents google
Allen Drewe Prime. Give it to me
Dave Trivino Galaxy Nexus
Aj Green Both.
David Harness Just to see what it is. I won't be getting it.
Peter Pain Ferguson Waiting for a dog fight
Shannon Steele Amaze is girl phone
Rin Von Irisviel Einzbren prime,I want to know more about new ice cream for SGS 3 ~
Robert Skeen THE PRIME!
Zach Cline Neither. Getting the iphone 4s in a few weeks.
Cheryl Lowery No, just got my iPhone 4s!
Nathaniel Hull def take the htc amaze, if it wasnt tmobile
Nathaniel Hull well my atrix has a horrible gallery, and video player that always glitchees or fc..... so not motorola
Brandon Johnson What the hell happened to the raider 4g....
Mark Fisher Jr. I'm not excited about neither one.
Aaron Couts Let's razr probably will have bloatware, nexus prime probably will not and perform better I'll go with prime
Ernie Navarro Prime=ICS, RAZR=Gingerbread..... prime all the way.
Albert Vazquez Nexus Prime
Alex Palmer None. My infuse keeps me satisfied. BTW where the heck is my update?
Omid Mirshafiei Prime. RAZR is too thin and bootloader locked, encrypted.
Reese Woodson None because AT&T won't get any of them lol
Jerimiah Afabor Prefer d nexus prime...
James Ortiz Prime*
Michael Figueira Neither.Where's the HTC Vigor already?... Or Rezound or whatever it may be called if it ever gets released
James Ortiz Primeval
Brian Fruge Nope my I phone 4s and when Aron puts out a review video Aron I'm waiting
Mitchell Cochran It's Prime time baby!!!
John Traeger Nexus Prime or Samsung Note for me!
Chris Hagood I won't know until I can see both right in front of me.
Kyler Evans Prime!
Neil Hussey Neither. Samsung Galaxy Note for me.
Christopher Robin Linde i've had the 1, and the S.........I'm ready for Prime time!!!!!
Austin Pittman Nexus Prime!
Chris Arrington Personally, the Nokia N9!
Taavi Kala what ? why ? droid razr ain't shit compaired to the Galaxy Nexus
Carlos Tobon Nexus Prime
Dustin Taylor Did someone say iPhone 4S?
Adrian Anguiano I'm happy with my iPhone 4S with Siri assistant. Thanks :)
Brad Falkner Nothing Motorola makes gets me excited. Galaxy Nexus all the way.
Johnny Clausen Prime. After 5 droid Xs, I'm freaking done with Motorola
Thomas Scully Matthews Prime. No doubt

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