Samsung Exhibit II 4G dummy poses for the camera again, is ready for its close-up

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 17, 2011

Samsung Exhibit II 4G T-Mobile

Late last week we were treated to a batch of photos showcasing some upcoming T-Mobile Android smartphones, including the Samsung Exhibit II 4G. The images were nice and all, but the Exhibit II 4G was only in one shot, and in that one zoomed out image it was relegated to a corner, meaning we weren't able to get a very close look at it. Thankfully things are changing today. Our pals at TmoNews just got their paws on some more photos of T-Mo-bound Android dummy handsets, and included in the short stack of shots is a pair of photos showcasing the Exhibit 4G successor. There isn't really any new information about the Exhibit II 4G that can be gleaned from the pics, but they do afford us a good look at the front and rear of the device.

Neither T-Mobile nor Samsung have stepped up to make the Exhibit II 4G official just yet, but we've heard that it could be launching as soon as November 2nd. Considering that the handset's dummy models are arriving in stores, as well as the fact that T-Mo's already announced three other devices that are expected to be released on the same date, expect an announcement from Magenta sometime soon. Anyone interested in the Exhibit II 4G and its unique blue backside?

Via TmoNews

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