Galaxy Nexus prematurely appears on Samsung's website [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
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Published: October 18, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon

We're just a few short hours away from Samsung and Google's big Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong, and that means that we've officially entered full-on Nexus mode. It seems that Samsung is also getting a tad excited about the Galaxy Nexus, as the device just prematurely popped up on the company's website. Doing a search for "Galaxy Nexus" on site yielded the image you see above, which shows the phone's backside and also lists it as "from Verizon." What happens when you click one of those pretty blue links, you ask? You're redirected to this registration page that doesn't yet exist.

Combining this latest leak with the spec-filled one from this morning, I'd say we've got a pretty good idea of what Samsung and Google are planning to pull out of their collective hat later today. Of course, we'll still be glued to our computer screens to watch the unveiling and bring you the all of the official news as it happens, so be sure to check back tonight at around 9:30 PM ET for all of that. What do you guys and gals think so far? Could you be staring at your next phone?

UPDATE: And the leaks just keep on a-comin'. A five-minute video of the Galaxy Nexus in the wild has just popped up on YouTube, and though the whole thing is in another language, you don't need to speak it to admire the phone. Check it out below.

UPDATE 2: The original video has been yanked, but the folks at This is my next have reuploaded and reoriented the video so that you don't need to tilt your computer on its just to watch it.

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