Sprint 3G 4G mobile broadband plans

Earlier this month Sprint decided to axe unlimited data for mobile hotspot users, replacing the bottomless data buffet with a 5GB 3G/4G cap, and now it looks like mobile broadband will be getting a similar treatment. Sprint's website has been updated to show that customers with mobile broadband devices (tablets, USB cards, netbooks, hotspot devices) will no longer be given unlimited 4G data effective starting with their next bill. As can be seen in Sprint's handy chart up above, customers that used to enjoy 3GB of 3G data and unlimited 4G data on a mobile broadband device will soon be given a flat 3GB ceiling for both 3G and 4G data. Similarly, users that currently have 5GB and 10GB 3G/unlimited 4G plans will be allotted 5GB or 10GB of total monthly 3G/4G usage. Any overages will result in a $0.05/MB charge.

This change is the latest in a long line of policy adjustments from Sprint, and it's definitely a bummer for anyone that's flocked to Sprint to enjoy unrestricted WiMAX access on a tablet, hotspot, or some other device. The bright side? Smartphones on Sprint still have access to unlimited data for now. How many of you Sprintsters out there are currently rocking a mobile broadband device with unlimited 4G data? Does this change bother you or do you not use enough data for it to matter?

Via Engadget, Sprint

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"Do you think Sprint will get rid of unlimited data?"

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Sharlim Perdomo Yes, just in time for LTE
Terry Oakes im sure they will follow sincw they have the iphone now
Cinthya Escobar If they do im done witem.
Wendy Johnson yes and hopefully that stupid 4g($10) add on.
Daniel Barrera Ever realize that every each iPhone with their carrier lost there unlimited data?
Travis Rector hope not
Novell Blair i use metro so bck off
Jason Mason There speeds are horrible anyway,I was thinking about leaving before this already,so just adding gas to the fire
Jordan Acosta Nothing now,leave sprint,no more sprint.
Kihun Shin What's the incentive to stay with Sprint now?
Hector E Craig Who the fuck uses metro piece of shit?
Ryan Gomez Yes. They'll be going the way of Verizon after not too long. Which is unfortunate for them considering that's one of their major sales pitches.
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight I don't see what the big deal is about having unlimited data. Quite frankly that's not something I need nor want. AT&T offers free wifi which I am entitled too since I use my home router. 2 GB is fine for anything else that I need if I'm out or something. I don't feel there's any reason for unlimited data and if people are so concerned about it maybe they need to get off the Internet and read a book that involves turning pages not looking up a search engine. As much as I love my iPhone I'm not constantly on it & I do other things.
Frank Valle I hope not lol cuz if the at&t / T-Mobile deal goes through I'm switching to sprint only because of there truly unlimited data plan
Glenn Pettit Sprint has the right to remove unlimited data weather or not they will allow grandfathering is also up to sprint.
Takara Alexander Eventually, yes. I give them a year max.
David E Braggs That's what make Sprint big over the others wireless company
Hector Portalatin I believe they will its a money thing unfortunately.. From Sprint to Lite Fag Jogging :\
Jeremiah McFarland If they do can I leave sprint?
Judy Njoku Dropping 4G unlimited data on Mobile Broadband has nothing to do with the iPhone.
Truly Nice Na they won't......atleast no time soon.....sprint is in the process of doin a major over haul of there network......the next 5 yrs they will make some major changes wth the iphone deal they made,killing nextel,LTE,and having that LTE on there 800MHZ frequency......market wise they need to stay competitive and I don't see them shootin themselves in the foot like that....dan hasse is a very smart man
James Newman All Sprint has is unlimited data. Getting rid of it is a death wish.
Chase Michael Vandiver I don't think they will since they always advertise their unlimited data plan vs the other 3.
Steven Quintal It's just a matter of time :p sorry Sprint owners.
Christina Elena Amaya just a matter of time
Ryan DeClue If they try to take my unlimited, I will sue for breach of contract!
Matthew Garrison Why is everyone worrying? If your already on sprint, then you'll be grandfathered in just like with all the other carries. And if they do throttle or make 2gb and so on its breaking contract and your free to walk.
August White PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Chad Richter Who cares. It's sprint. I'd be more concerned about metro pcs dropping unlimited lol.
Joshua Mikell If they do im goin to metro
Matt Myers Sounds like a material change in contract to me, if they decide to cut the unlimited for smartphones... Which means all of you get a "get out of the ETF free" card.
Nick Truskowski I will drop sprint like a bad habit. Unlimited data was the only thing they had going for them.
Hector Ivan Hernandez Maybe only iPhone users should be limited.
Tim Fuhrmann My in-laws got a letter from Sprint saying starting Dec. 1st their data plan(unlimited) will not be available any longer and they had to choose a new plan. I told them to tell Sprint to blow it out their a$$. Their contract is like 4 months old.
Frank Miller It"s Sprints unlimited plan with limitless limits!
Linda Beheller Mazziotti I just read that they are only keeping the unlimited plans for the smartphones and iPhone and the other phones will have to pay extra for the extras like texting, data etc.
Alison Renee Heller i agree with many here, bad decsion.
Steve LeBoeuf Yes its just a matter of time.
Freddy Vasquez That's the only good they got going for us, it will be a horrible business decition.
Robert Athakhanh If they cut the unlimited data... I'm going to cut them. It's the only reason I'm even with sprint..
Kevin J. Lee WTH. :-*(
Willie Sneeze No only company still have it I go over 2 gb in a month
Lee Boren uhhhhhh?! They flat out said that they wont ever get rid of it.
Tyrai King Thomas Only a matter of time
Luis Torres They have to, thats why is the slowest network in America, thats y other carriers adopted tired data to maintain the network and have better speed for everyone.
Michael Westerfield Its the only reason I am with sprint.
Eric Marco No, they will just raise the price so they get more from u because of the iphone
Cory Wood Yes, with them getting the iphone they will limit the data! Maybe not right away but they will!
Brandon Johnson I saw this coming months before the release of the iPhone, not sure if people know but sprint spent like 20 billion to get the phone.. So naturally to make up for that the unlimited everything plan will be one the first things axed.
Evol Lime Yep with everyone going LTE every company will NOT benefit from maintaining unlimited data, n if they don't try will definitely THROTTLE users speeds so then wuts the point? 2GB n wifi is enuff plus $10 for every 1GB yu go over, n if yur really going over then yu have too much time on yur hands n jobless lol
Gregory Brothers Ha ha suckers
Ricky Rodriguez Probably the iPhone most likely be the reason why
Danny Almendarez THEY BETTER NOT !
Josem Torres It's bound to happen since the iPhone on their lineup
Dan Squires So incredibly lame, way to go Sprint.
Daniel Barrera They got the iPhone now, of course they will.
Michael Santangelo Unfortunately. Yes. With the iPhone 4s now, it will really bog the network.
James K Ray IV I hope not because If AT&T does get T-Mobile they would be the only company I would go because of there unlimited data
Trent Tolbert I hope not!
Shawn Towle Only if they want to lose their customer base.
Alexander Acosta Del Valle Nope since they know their 3g is way slower than verizon or at&t, that means that they havent made any improvement on the network thus not requiring us to pay for it ( what verizon and at&t are doing)
Gabriel Pinto AT&T has speed, Verizon has coverage, and Sprint has unlimited data. If they were to drop it, they would have nothing attracting customers, really.
Karl D. Green It already has.
David Tirado I don't think so since the iPhone sucks on the sprint network! Friends are complaining about data speeds out in the phoenix area!!
Karen Leazard I'll leave them in a heart beat...if they do...
Jim Harry They lost me today. Cancelled my Overdrive account.
Joe Czo Yes.
Oscar Lopez im sure they will because they got the iphone now.. verizon dropped theirs soon after they got the iphone, im sure sprint will end up doing the same
Jose Be Julme Haha, that's what happens when the iphone comes to town.
Larry Smith Jr. for travelers like me (truck driver) that hotspot comes in very handy and if they cap it. i'm screwed. time to start looking at alternate forms of wifi....i see the end is near.
Jacob Hughes They better not, its the only thing they have going for them! That and the iphone.
Larry Smith Jr. okay i can breath agian. so i read this and got pissed off. i call sprint to cancel my service. i was gonna payoff my old verizon bill and go back then the lady told me my plan would continue as i got it. i will be grandfathered in. i have moblie hotspot on my epic touch 4g so i will continue my service as it began some 2yrs ago.
Zach Williams I think it is crazy. I saw a Sprint ad for unlimited data just the other day. Not quite fair for the ones under contract. If they can change our terms at any time then we should be able to stop our contracts without penalty.
Tonny Be Yup. End of Q2. You heard it here, first.
Eddie Gutierrez IPHONE4S DIE!
Glenn Pettit Sprite isn't making money and the network needs a lot of maintenance to bring it back to a first class network. They should have never sold what towers they had in the first place. Now they are having to bulid new ones or purchase the old ones back. Like the towers that clear now owns.
Sean Patrick Cleary Who gives a shit, their internet suck. My friends phone on Metro PCS loaded internet pages faster then my iphone 4s.
Miguel Galarza Soto A coworker of mine here in Puerto Rico is a Sprint user, he was told by them that they won't be supporting his phone network type anymore, and that he will need to change it eventually. What? Looks like they will!
Marcus Henderson Verizon dnt hav unlimited data & now Sprint mayb gettin read of unlimited data...SMH
Kris K. Blomgren Yes...but their 3G speeds are horrible.
Ed Plnia I dont see the point of having "unlimited data" when if doesnt work because it doesnt have enough speed. I rather want to have 2 to 5gb of real speed than this unlimited plan that they are giving us. Im not happy at all
Lee Grip Gresham knew it wouldnt be long
Darryl Mouzone When this started happening with AT&T and people on other carriers started gloating, I knew that this was going to be the eventuality for all of the major carriers. This doesn't surprise me at all.
Eric Mitchell No need to. Their data speed is already slow.
Emmanuel Ramos In hotspot yes, in smartphones is unlimited, its a move they do to offer unlimited data on smartphones... Anyway is a good move for Sprint
Luis Montoya Nope....its the only thong keeping it alive
Silver Ochoa Next. The smartphones!
Logan Armistead NOOOOO!!!!!!!
Ricardo Perez They fuckin better not...
Jennifer DeAlmeida Getting rid of unlimited data would kill Sprint. Having that, plan prices and getting the iPhone are the only thing keeping them afloat. I have Sprint and love them but they need to keep unlimited data to complete with Verizon. IMHO. :)
Paul Martin Oh well if they change my plan I get to walk away with no etf and an epic touch to throw on ebay. It's coming eventually unless the new lte devices in the next year or 2 relieve their 3g network.
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell I hope and pray that Sprint keeps there unlimited plan as well, I been with them too long. Hate to go to another carrier.
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz Yes but they would be stupid to do so
Justin M. Houston They probably will. Stupid iPhone is gonna choke the network to death a la AT&T
Tim Miyashiro LOL if you want unlimited data you could always sign up for Metro
Andrew Johnson they better not... and they need to get the galaxy nexus asap as well!
Jason King Thats their bread and butter ... Im not sure why ...
Kyle William Dingle They shouldn't because it's the only real draw to Sprint. Plus now that they have the iphone, they would make it the only iphone with unlimited data
Justin Fitzgerald With the iPhone on board...yes, look what At&t and VZW had to do when they have the iPhone.
Adriana Perdomo Yes I already got the letter
Matthew Davies At&t at least grandfathered people in. If Sprint gets rid of unlimited they should at least allow people to be grandfathered in.

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