All good things must come to an end. Or so they say, anyway. That’s what I’ve heard. Whether or not you consider the partnership between Sony and Ericsson a “good thing” is up to you, but let’s just have everyone pretend that it is for now, okay? That will make this a lot easier. Earlier today you might have heard that Sony officially bought Ericsson’s stake in the Sony Ericsson deal. They did so for quite a few bucks, and the company has admitted that they plan on leveraging all of this new found freedom in things like tablets, PCs and other great things. But, should we actually expect anything great?

For those of you who didn’t hear, Sony bought Ericsson out of the joint mobile venture early this morning. It’s actually been rumored to have been incoming for quite some time, and it finally happened. The deal equaled 1.05 billion in cash. Sony will officially take full control when the start of the year comes around, and that will be a pretty exciting time for Sony. While they’ve seen some pretty good times with Ericsson along for the ride, now that Sony has made the necessary steps to go it alone, we can assume that the company believes they are in a perfect position to do so. Sony Ericsson phones aren’t known the world over for being the most popular, but they’ve got a fan base all of their own, and for good reason. When you look at the newest Xperia devices, and if you’re lucky enough to get a chance to use one, then you know that SE knows what they’re doing when they release a phone.

But, it hasn’t all been golden. Sony Ericsson’s commitment to Android has also caused some rough times in the past for the pair of companies, as a poor update schedule for released devices seemed to push people away, rather than draw in new customers. But SE made all of that better in 2011, telling everyone who cared that their Android-powered phones that launched in 2011 would get upgraded to Gingerbread. Not every company has made everyone happy, so we can’t really hold that against SE, now can we? Nope, so let’s move on.

Sony’s position in the smartphone market has been completely dependent upon Ericsson’s position in the smartphone market, at least for the last decade. No surprise there, considering the partnership. However, that’s a decade of people knowing Sony and Ericsson smartphones as Sony Ericsson smartphones. That’s a long time, and it will really be interesting to see if anyone is eagerly anticipating Sony smartphones in 2012. Of course, it’s going to come down to specifications, as it always does.

But, in truth, I think it goes a bit beyond that. Why? Well, Sony has laid it out for us. They aren’t going to just focus on their smartphone industry. They are going to focus on integrating smartphones with their already established devices. So Sony wants you to be able to use your smartphone with your TV, your tablet, and your PC. We’ve seen that same outlook from Microsoft, which has the same kind of marketplace that Sony does. Microsoft’s presence in the video game console market and PC market, and now an emerging factor in the smartphone market, has got to be making Sony think that they can leverage their own products to do the same thing.

No, obviously Sony thinks they can do it better, or they wouldn’t be going down this route. And the truth is they may have something here. Just “doing the same thing” won’t cut it and Sony knows that. So the fact that they are taking the steps to go out on their own, and to tell everyone who is listening that they plan on connecting their smartphones with everything else should go up as a huge flag to all the other companies out there in the same race. Why? Because people want integration. They want to make it easier to communicate with things, and they want their devices to work together, not against one another. If you’ve got a Sony smartphone, a Sony tablet, and a Sony TV – think about all the things you could do from room to room, and not having to deal with any applications that force synchronization. Your devices are built to talk to one another, and there’s nothing better than that.

Sony’s got the PlayStation Vita coming next year here to the United States, and Sony’s hoping that it changes the way we play video games on the move. Well, while the Vita probably won’t do that with its terrible battery life, Sony will eventually realize that they’ve got the same potential in the smartphone race, which they’ve begun to touch on with their PlayStation certified phones, like the Xperia Play. Sony, if they make all the right moves, definitely has a chance to really make an impact here.

But here’s the big question for all of you: should Sony stick with Android? Or should the company go on their own way, creating their own mobile OS, or maybe even adopting another mobile OS like Windows Phone? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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"Can Sony make it big without Ericsson?"

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Cody Dee Burachenski Nope. cause everybody is getting blackberry and iphone......and crapy androids
Terry Oakes dont like sony or ericsson mysef
Ritz A Luiz Sony is one of the bests in the electronic world in every category except, their smartphones. Why? because there's a name after their own that's holding them down. I have a feeling, down the road, maybe a year or so, there's gonna be a name after "Sony" on a phone, & it'll spell: N e x u s.
Sebastien Lachapelle Sony will never make it since they are not a phone maker per say. Ericsson had an expertise in making great phones prior to smartphones. Future doesn't look good !
Eric Quach sony ericcson!
Jermaine Mercurius Sony should buy rim!!!
Erman Guido What kinda question is that?? u deserve a slap!! Sony has always made it like a BOSS!!!
Cory Wilson They can do it they made ps 3 they should have their own os
Lewis Hachmeister Fredrick, that's an excellent question. The answer is simple. No one.
Anonymous who cares
Mwotia Makumi The screen, video/camera and sound/music are sony's main contribution. You never know though!! Maybe not.
Krzysztof Jakubowski They always do it Sony Way, who needed MemoryStick? I guess only Sony. Everybody in CRT monitor industry had similar tubes, with similar pixel shape, and more-less same mask mounting, but no, Sony needed Trinitron. So no, alone they will have to reinvent the wheel, and it's too late for that in smartphone industry, unless you own fair piece of the market (like Samsung with their Bada).
Nick Truskowski Dude fuck apple seriously. I'm sick of looking at stupid icons and no widgets or app drawer.
Ahmet Karabulut Can Sony make it big? Well that depends, if they slap Android on their devices, then NO! If they come up with their own software then maybe. or if they join with Apple and call it Sony Apple then big fat YES!!
Wilberto Ortiz stop asking stupid questions
Steve Österdahl No not i europe now samsung moving in hard or htc . Just unboxd my latest sonyericsson active and its awsome!!!! Would like to buy three of them
Jersey Joe Da-Know Well, since Sony is PARTING WAYS with Ericsson ...I guess we'll never know.
Shubham Kumar Make it even bigger but may be costlier
Marcelo Gutemberg DeSouza Nope. Sony cant do it. Otherwise it would have already.
Chad Richter If my xperia play is any sign, then hell yes!!!
Sulaiman Naveed John spell ericsson right nd may be they can or maybe not
Ernest Marvin Esteban i like it better. Sony has a better sound to it than Sony Erickson
Andrew Qi Wen Sony needs to focus on what they do best. Video and sound. That's all. Their poorly designed phones are distractions that have repelled pools of investors worldwide.
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. the answer is... YEEESS !!!
Shaun Lim Wait sony ericsson still makes phones? lol
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. PSP is something that Sony Produce... Ericsson already weak even before the colored fon arrived!
Joe Leah Yeah song will do fine.. Not many people have the phones and they seem to be fine as it is now so I say they should be fine :)
Ivan Aleman Yeah they can. They need to put everything together
Mark Fisher Jr. The erisson aint not but updated nokias. Looks like the n95 software.
Rahul Sharma Even Sony is not making big with Ericsson....
Brian U Lopez Ericsson is like sony's superman . with out that there fucked
Hansel Starley lol Sony Android offerings are weak as hell.
Isaac Dadda Manford fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk no
Peter M McDaniel easily. Maybe now we can have more non AT&T Sony phones. Would love the arc on TMO
Phillip Parrish Sony anit bad
Dexler De Jesus ofcourse!!! sony alone is great

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