Apple investigating iPhone 4S battery life issues

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 28, 2011

iPhone charging

If you're one of the millions that's picked up an iPhone 4S since its debut earlier this month and you're finding that your battery life is less than optimal (to put it nicely), you're not alone. There have been a number of 4S owners reporting poor battery life with the new smartphone, with one user telling The Guardian that his battery would drop 10 percent an hour simply while just sitting there in standby mode. Even after turning off Siri and removing all third-party apps from his device, the phone's battery life was still abysmal. That's when a senior Apple engineer reached out to him, the person claims, and "admitted that this was an issue." The Apple employee reportedly went on to say that although the company isn't yet close to finding a fix, it is reaching out to users to collect data on the issue.

It's good to see Apple working to resolve these battery problems, but hopefully it can figure out what's going on and get a fix out soon. After all, a shiny new smartphone is no good if it dies after a few hours of use. What kind of battery life are you iPhone 4S users getting? Taylor noted in his review of the 4S that battery life on the device wasn't quite as good as on the iPhone 4, but was still enough to last him through a day without needing to reach for a charger. Are you seeing similar results or does your iPhone 4S's have more in common with the owner mentioned earlier?

Via Today's iPhone, The Guardian

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