The latest from 1 Infinity Loop has taken the market by storm, unsurprisingly ... again. For a fifth time in a row, Apple has managed to hit record numbers on launch day and set the standard for how a high-class smartphone should look, act and perform. That said, Apple is far from perfect (believe it or not), and have once again hit a few road bumps shortly after a new product launch. Last year was the enormous "Antennagate" debacle that blew up in Apple's face. And they were met with a slew of angry customers who overestimated the strength of the glass Apple used on the front and back of the iPhone 4. This year, however, Apple is facing a completely different problem, a problem they have rarely faced in the past: concerns with battery life.

For anyone who remotely follows Apple as a tech – not just mobile – company, it is widely known how much time and effort Apple puts into making their devices the most well-rounded on the market. They try not to sacrifice any aspect of performance, but to improve all areas, collectively, to offer a solid product. This is why they have such a huge following. And to date, battery life has been one of their most prominent features.

Just two weeks ago, Apple's iPhone 4S shipped to wanting consumer hands. Initially, battery life was of concern and up in the air. Immediately upon opening my iPhone 4S, I noticed that battery life was not quite as impressive as my CDMA iPhone 4. But battery life is usually variable with any new product (which makes it especially hard for us reviewers to gauge in a short review window) and needs time to "settle." This is due to users likely fiddling with their device more than they normally would on any given day – it's still fresh and prying fingers want to try out the new features while they're still hot – and the battery needing a few charge cycles for optimal performance.

Since then, I have calibrated my iPhone, disabled some pesky services that are known for battery drain and have done everything I know to do to improve my battery life. Whether it's because of the things I have physically done to my phone or because the initial hype has worn off and I am using it less, the battery is better than before. Simply put, though, the battery in the 4S does not stack up to the iPhone 4. With my CDMA iPhone 4, I could easily charge my phone every day and a half without issue. I am forced to charge the 4S every day; this could be due to Siri, the A5 dual-core processor, the "intelligent switching" antenna or a multitude of other variables. (I would include iOS 5 as a possible culprit, but I do not believe that is the case. I used iOS 5 betas on my iPhone 4 for several months with minimal problems, few of which were ever related to battery life or unfixed in a following beta release.)

My battery woes are, more or less, me being picky. I can easily make it through an entire day with moderate to heavy usage (which is more than can be said for my HTC Amaze 4G). But reports of dreadful battery life are beginning to pop up left and right. These claims are much worse than any of my experiences. One user told The Guardian that his iPhone's battery would drop 10 percent per hour while in standby mode. Apple has allegedly reached out to this individual and some others, trying to crowdsource the issue and come to a resolution.

Serious kudos to Apple for a quick response. If you are experience battery woes, however, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issues on your own:

  • Try turning Siri off for a while to see if things improve
  • Turn your brightness to about 1/3 with auto-brightness – this is where I always keep mine
  • Enable restrictions and disable Ping – this has been known to work in the past
  • Perform a few charge cycles (zero to full) and calibrate your battery
  • Leave your phone alone for a while – it's easier to gauge drain if the phone is in standby and not being constantly used

Luckily, the worst of the battery issues don't seem to be affecting the majority of 4S users. Most of the people commenting on the issue or that I have talked to seem to be experiencing battery comparable to or better than mine. And in truth, most of the problems will likely be resolved with a little know-how (hint: follow the tips above!). As for those of you experiencing drain issues similar to The Guardian's report, hang tight. I'm positive Apple will get to the bottom of it and will respond accordingly, and rest assured we here at PhoneDog will keep you in the loop.

Are you experiencing abnormal battery drain on your iPhone 4S? Have you tried the tips above? Chime in below and tell us your story or share some battery-saving tips of your own below!

Also, have a great Halloweekend!

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Nashalung Rai
Nashalung Rai iPhone battery pretty much sucks I only get little hours of heavy the battery %keeps draining away ....
Justin Ponder
Justin Ponder No problems with the battery here
Vikram Gorla
Vikram Gorla I still have Nokia 1100 to use when smartphone batteries die everyday... Windows best, iPhone better, Android worst on batteries!
Lee Grip Gresham
Lee Grip Gresham All phones have poor battery life now days. The devices of today useing the batteries of yesterday. But a little technique I learned from the OG Razr is to let the battery die out and then charge it fully while the device is off. It works with my android....
Marvin Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez Letting my new 4s battery die then charging the sucker up so it won't build a memory.
Tom Parker
Tom Parker My battery life totally sucks!! Worse than my 3Gs
Tom Parker
Tom Parker @Jason. I totally agree with you.
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli Slightly worse battery life than the Iphone 4? No kidding, it should be expected since it is running dual core processors. I doubt Siri has anything to do with it.
Alan Moore
Alan Moore My wife's 32GB 4S is working just fine. Her old Blackberry Curve 8530 she handed down to me, I gave up on trying to charge it. Charge the battery separately and swap them out each morning. Good to go.
Marco Duran
Marco Duran Yeah major issues my 64gb will be at 100% on the charger and as soon as i disconnect it it drops to 99% and after two texts messages it drops to 97%.I just left the apple store and they ordered me a new one should e here monday.
Ra Gray
Ra Gray Haven't had any problems with my 4s battery life,but in saying that If I'm around my pc I usually keep it plugged in charging
Lee Hasalem
Lee Hasalem Control. And turn off something!!
Allen Fream
Allen Fream Last about 18 hours with txt browsing and music
Keegan Vas
Keegan Vas Ask siri what to do!
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz No one smartphone with 4.0 inch last longer. Even the icraowith smaller screnn
Johnny Holmqvist
Johnny Holmqvist Whats a iphone?
Anonymous iphone hipsters use those mini hippie solar panel chargers while they ride their purple 1speed "retro" bicycle to work. So no, they dont have any battery life problems.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson I don't know about battery life on the 4S it seems to last a while for me, but of course some batteries need to be broken in. My N1 had great to terrible battery life, and the Focus started off bad but now I think that might have the best damn battery management I've ever seen.
Prafull Arora
Prafull Arora stf you all haters .. :P
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel People still use apple products?!!! I enjoy 4.5inches on my new galaxy nexus...
Eric Quach
Eric Quach how much battery life is it? 7 hours? unless you spend all your time on the phone, its fine. pretty sure they made the battery like that so you actually do something else and not get addicted. or maybe the technology isn't there yet.
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez So far the battery is good.
Sanad Batarseh
Sanad Batarseh An iPhone doesnt need spare batteries tho... I'm an epic 4g owner btw...I like android more, but you cant compete with the iPhones lagless iOS and battery life.
Anthony So
Anthony So All smart phone battery life sux except BB's if you get a day of usage your laughing
Lucy Akopyan
Lucy Akopyan Not at all! It's awesome! Living it!
Kong Yang
Kong Yang Nope, don't own that P.O.S.
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas Its ok. I just hate that on ANY phone iOS or Android you have to kill your apps, lower brightness, turn off bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Just to make it through the day. Whats the point of all the features when you can only use them for 3 hrs then your phone dies. iPhones have good battery life but even they need to step up their game
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams My battery life sucks on my 4s. I've tried everything to get it to last longer but nothing works my friends have the same phone and there's is fine but I still won't give up my phone for a android
Stephen Guerra
Stephen Guerra I am having horrendous problems. Have everything turned off and still lose 10% or so per hour on standby...
Andy Rocio
Andy Rocio No problems with the battery on my iPhone 4s
Justin Bunch
Justin Bunch Tbh my battery life is horrible on my iPhone 4S. I'll be lucky to make it a full day with out having to charge it. My iPhone 4's battery was better.
Philip Ramirez
Philip Ramirez But it can't compare to my old blackberry 9700. That thing would never die. It would take me literally a couple days of heavy usage to get it to red lol.
Philip Ramirez
Philip Ramirez The battery life is alright. But I heard that if you drain it a couple times and get some full charges, it should solve the "problem". But I can say the battery life is better than most smartphones up to date.
Jeff Janes
Jeff Janes iPhone...meh. My GSII's battery is great ;)
Garrett Knowlton
Garrett Knowlton Mine lasted nearly the whole day, 10x better than my Samsung Continuum which died in like 7hrs
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Battery life and accessories are all that phone has/had going for it.
John Resch
John Resch 1 hour, that's plenty..
Linda Morgan
Linda Morgan Put ur phone down & maybe do something else
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson Zero issued with my iphone 4s
Stace Barto
Stace Barto nope
Aaron Scotland
Aaron Scotland turned off the weather and stocks widgets, and siri's raise to speak feature and i've had no issues
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf Look at all the ihate comments about battery life sucking on ANDROID lol.... My devices always last all day and that's with talking, texting, gps, and browsing w/ flash. Your Better off with !phones cause there much simpler for your kind. !diots YUP WE SMASH RIGHT BACK lol....
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour Least we can have spare batteries with us.unlike I phone
Norman Chan
Norman Chan yes battery very poor indeed.when i listen to music talk web play games not enough batterys.won't last me a day
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Battery life sucks on all android devices.
Assa Singh
Assa Singh Yeah .... But it has also not replacable hahaha.... Anybody cant buy ... But iphone buy product.... By bodies......
Burns Gaskins
Burns Gaskins Idk about the iPhone but three Droid pro battery life sucks!!
Jeffrey Ly
Jeffrey Ly Nope lasts 20+ hours with GPS On/Wifi on/3G On/auto brightness On/sms from time to time, about 2-3 hours of music per day, wifi browsing (pulse), lasts WAY longer then my ANDROID desire z crap!
Aristotle Rosales
Aristotle Rosales Nope it's good
Juan Ping
Juan Ping 14 hours with steady usage on my galaxy s2
Juan Ping
Juan Ping if Iphone batteries drained in 2 sure thier "fans" would say battery life was great.
Andrew Sowards
Andrew Sowards I was but just turned the brightness down and now it's fine
Chevon Phillip
Chevon Phillip It's great for me. Nothing to complain about.
Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez Yes!!!
Nathan Crenshaw
Nathan Crenshaw i love mine. so shut up you haters.
Andy Carlson
Andy Carlson Way better than my android devices I've had
Ian Walker
Ian Walker The battery life is absolutely fine I ain't saying that there is no dud ones but mine my wife's and my work colleague all are getting great battery life from ours ! It's about the same as the iPhone 4 which is a lot better than most android phones.
Carlos Hargrave
Carlos Hargrave No it's really good for me.
Alexander Acosta Del Valle
Alexander Acosta Del Valle Its great compared to android, at least on my experience
David Harness
David Harness I've had great battery life on my 3GS since iOS 5. Not sure how the 4S is
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly Mine's very good! Over 14 hours of heavy use yesterday.
Kevin Trinh
Kevin Trinh Yup.. on standby mode with only 3G on (no location services, multitasking apps, bluetooth, etc.) battery drains by about 15% for me when it's in my pocket at school D:
Blake LaFever
Blake LaFever My 3GS gets much much better battery life with ios5 than before!!!
Gregory Brothers
Gregory Brothers It's ok could be better
Anonymous how did I know I would see this topic lol
James Fisher
James Fisher my iPhone 4 has great battery life :P surely an iPhone 4S should have even better battery life? to be honest its obviously going to bad if you have your brightness on full and leave your apps open :P
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz I love almost everything on my galaxy s excep battery life . About 3 hours of videos . I dont . But allways have one on my packet. So no problem
Ramón Acevedo
Ramón Acevedo Nope! It's by far the best one I've had!(compared to all my previous Android devices)
Chris Powell
Chris Powell Alex at&t has a special that if you sign up with them for 2 years the iPhone 3 is free
Robert Collins
Robert Collins Battery life is way better a lot better than all of the android phones I have had.
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres Samsung GS2 has great battery life.
Jerry Trujillo
Jerry Trujillo Ya ppl have battery issues even on iphone 4
Rogelio Victoria
Rogelio Victoria No, on the contrary it's very good.
Hamid Reza Mossavi
Hamid Reza Mossavi Yeah, pretty much is bs
Alex Lechuga
Alex Lechuga I can't afford an iPhone 4s,4,3gs,3g, or the original. Someone sent me one? Haha
Pablo Moreira
Pablo Moreira I think so
Jimmy Som
Jimmy Som Yes. The battery life on here is ridiculous.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez I'm doing fine
Nick Truskowski
Nick Truskowski Android>ios
Michael Ducylowycz
Michael Ducylowycz No, it's actually really good...

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