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Looks like it's about time to admit the LG Revolution to Club Gingerbread. Verizon just posted the changelog for an update to the Revolution that's carrying the build number VS910ZV7 and weighs in at 87.8MB. What can Rev owners expect to find after installing the update? Besides Android 2.3 and all of the goodies it brings, the new software's packing a bevy of bug fixes, including a reshaped cursor for easier text editing and a solution for the list menu force close issue that some users may have encountered. You can find the full changelog below.

Many owners of the LG Revolution have likely been hammering away at their "System updates" button ever since the LG Esteem (nearly identical to the Rev) for MetroPCS was announced with Android 2.3 preinstalled, but it looks like hitting that update key on the Revolution is finally about to bear some fruit dessert. We haven't heard official word from Verizon on the update's rollout, but a moderator on the official LG forums has said that the new software should start rolling out today and that all devices should have it by November 2nd, so you Revolution folk may want to go to Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates > Check New to try and manually pull some Gingerbread from the sky.

Email & Messaging

  • Email folders will now display in the correct order.
  • The maximum attachment size is now set correctly, even when the Exchange service is configured with unlimited size attachments.
  • Messages can now be stored on the SIM card. View these messages through the Settings menu, “Manage SIM card messages.”
  • Correctly set Out of Office without having to set a start or end time.
  • The popup message asking to delete accounts when changing theSIM card now displays correctly.

Device Features

  • The cursor has been reshaped for easier text editing.
  • List menu force close issue has been resolved.
  • Issues have been fixed involving proper connectivity through the HDMI cable.
  • Data now works correctly when toggling in Airplane mode.

Via Verizon, Droid-Life, LG Forum

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Osama Qureshi HTC sucks
Wyatt Olsen Waiting for it on the infuse!
Ivan Aleman Why is so hard to update a phone. Do they spend money for that. Im steel waiting for gb for the infuse
Eric Kroh Samsung is the S-L-OW-E-S-T to get ANY updates...LG just came out with a phone resolution that beats Iphone 4S's resolution..go LG!
Eric Kroh I called Verizon..they have NO info on this
Brandon Johnson You know I used to defend android in comment threads (because I had an N1 and I loved it), but now I honestly cannot believe how terrible updates are, the thunderbolt just got 2.3 like last week, I swear that phone came out like in spring. I realize thats mostly the OEMs/carriers fault but even on WP7 you can force a major update if it's available.
Anonymous nope... got Nexus S last year
Jason King Good to see Android users are still optimistic. Lol
Zack Fox So i guess the Charge HAS to be soon. Right? Right?????
Leobardo Ruiz Got it on my epic 4g finally just wish it would have been over the air hope sprint hears this :)
Michael Ducylowycz Why, when I already have ios5
Asher Enciso Still waiting for froyo so everyone just stfu unless your in the same boat as me. (I have the unofficial froyo which has bugs)
Boss Roberts Can we get a Dog Fight!?!?!?
Jared Rodriguez I'm wating for gb on my lg thrill. If an lg divice is getting updated, i think that mine could soon (i hope)
Travis Todd Lol. I was just about to post about the infuse. You guys are on it. Just would lovee to get a GB update on it.
Paul Davis lol didn't they release an unofficial ginger rom for infuse4g? You could do XDA dev love and install the gingerbread captivate rom for the infuse. You just lose hdmi out, that's kind of worthless anyways.
Preston Schmith Yea whens it comeing for infuse 4g??
Wayne LegalShield Thompson I decided to quit looking for updates, i'll just let them surprise me. Samsung Infuse rocking froyo for life!
Cory Wilson Csi or ics
Mehul Bhavsar I've gone off LG. My contract is almost up and still no gingerbread for me on my LG 2x UK. Love android going to probably go got the new nexus
Cory Wilson HTC Evo 2 coming.
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Have 2.3.6 with Nexus One for a long time now! Sadly....no more updates to come since Nexus One not to run 4.0 :(
Cory Wilson I can't wait for galaxy note or HTC evo 2 coming in December
Mike West Most people will have a better chance seeing some gingerbread action in a new Shrek movie before they see it on their phone.
Quincy Dawson Got it on my G2. I had the newest version of Android for about 2 months.
Marvin Oubre My EVO 3D came with Gingerbread and I'm sure it will get ICS as well. Can't wait!
Marvin Oubre Adam, it was announced this morning G2X is not getting Ice Cream.
Stefan Sawyerr yes bcuz i have an lg revolution
Manny Diaz Nope I'm waiting for ice cream sandwich
KyoKeun Park No, waiting for ics...
Zach Cline I have it on my droid x and it's buggy as hell. It's a good thing i have an upgrade coming in two weeks.
Armando Aranda Do phone nowadays come with gingerbread?
Kevon Mayers epic 4g...come on samsung...
Steven Quintal Nope, Incredible 2, had it for awhile.
Adam Folger Got gingerbread on my g2x. But I'm waiting on ics to hit the street
Jesse Juarez I got ICS on my Optimus v :b
Felyn Bangilan I'm with Danielle...still waiting for Gingerbread on my HTC Droid Incredible. :-/
Zach Cline Its not just a damn cell phone.
Facebook user @Brent Legendre: Best. Comment. Ever.
Holliday Kevin I'm waiting for my contract to end so I can get an iPhone... Android is played out for me.
Brent Legendre I like Gingerbread at Christmas, as for cell phone, haven got a clue what that even means.
Niko Lapcic im waiting for a port to the iphone 4 ...
Bryan Dotman Yup, Epic 4G. -_-
Huy Pham no, ICS on my Galaxy S II :D
Kevon Chanicka This is cool seeing as how most Samsung phones/tabs are about to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update. LG is trash~
Danielle Marie Morales Yes on my Droid Incredible

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