To put it lightly, RIM's past year has not been the greatest. They've been hit from every angle by upset shareholders and investors, faced some rather ominous quarter earnings reports and more recently, have endured one of the largest BlackBerry Internet Service outages in history. The fate of the company rests on the co-CEOs' performance over the next three months, and their unlikely ability to bring forth modern, up to date devices.

Since the beginning of 2011, RIM's stock prices have been plummeting, along with their US market share. Both are currently at low points for the company's history. Stock prices are currently sitting at $18.69 per share, as opposed to $56.22 a year ago and $144.56 in June of 2008. This is the first time their shares have dipped below $20 since August of 2004.

The daunting news for RIM doesn't end there. The latest report from Canalys reveals that RIM's current US market share resides in the single digits at nine percent, compared to last year's 24 percent. Apple has also dropped, albeit not nearly as drastically, from 26 to 20 percent. And Android scoops up much of the rest with 70 percent of the US market share pie – HTC and Samsung have 24 percent and 21 percent, respectively. Other platforms are thriving on the demise of what used to be the smartphone giant.

With that in mind, not all news for the Waterloo-based company has been bad. RIM has been playing a different game for the past two years and it has paid off, to some extent. Their biggest gamble has been gobbling up every possible bit of the wide open international smartphone market. According to Canalys, RIM has grown 59 and 56 percent in EMEA and APAC regions, respectively. It's certainly promising, but can they do anything with it?

It's easy to forget that a whole world exists outside of the United States. In those areas, RIM is thriving. And it's this that gives them some padding. But that padding is wearing extremely thin. Android still controls 57 percent of the worldwide market share, too. As Android OEMs begin (and continue, in some areas) to flood different countries with a variety of devices with different form factors and price points, RIM will certainly face yet another hurdle. If they fail to produce competitive devices and launch them internationally, simultaneously, BlackBerrys may become a thing of the past. (And that would be a shame.)

RIM does have a chance at turning things around, though. They're on the verge of releasing their newest platform, BBX, which co-CEO Jim Balsillie believes will "leapfrog the competition." With strong mobile players like QNX, Torch Mobile, The Astonishing Tribe and the slew of other acquisitions in RIM's current playbook (no pun intended, I promise), they certainly have enough collective power to produce a superb product. But their main problem at this point is execution, delivery and consumer support.

I highly doubt BBX devices will leapfrog anything, except maybe their current lineup. Even if they do leapfrog say ... iOS and Android, and they manage to produce superphones in line with the latest from Google partners and Apple, RIM will still have a mountain to climb. They have lost a great deal of customer loyalty as of late, and getting people to reconsider their jump to another platform will be harder than convincing them to stay for as long as they did in the first place.

I know I will give RIM the benefit of a doubt and will likely have to try a BBX phone for myself. That said, I'm a long-time fan and one of the few who still has that lingering hope they can pull through. As it stands and from what I've seen of BBX thus far, however, I'm not impressed, irrespective of hardware. What about you, ladies and gents? Will BBX be enough to save RIM? Or does single digit market share and record low stock prices mark the beginning of the end of the BlackBerry era?

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"Will RIM survive?"

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Parth Desai
Parth Desai BB is gone man... Samsung and Htc took the opportunity...
William Hall
William Hall No, Windows Phone has taken what they had left.
Patrick J OConnor
Patrick J OConnor i have a blackberry best phone out there.... Why the fuck do u need a iphone, android phones for, you have a computer with a bigger screen on it , and why do u need all that on ur phone that is why they make a computer for.. fuck iphone and android phone i am staying with blackberry better battery and and better then anything out there.....
Vincent Hung
Vincent Hung I'll give my most honest truthful frank opinion about this situation: No
Ken Corcoran
Ken Corcoran NO
Bryan Platt
Bryan Platt Blackberry really should survive they just need to listen to there public there not keeping up I got tiered waiting
Romeo Cyril
Romeo Cyril Not likely:(
Cody Dee Burachenski
Cody Dee Burachenski Preety soon BlackBerry will be a starter phone and android still wont be in iphones league!
Chad Allen
Chad Allen Rim is a joke now the leadership is a mess i say no
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez small screen, less apps, it would appeal to a few. how can that win? the answer is written on wall. solution offer android phones as well with big screens!
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay mmm no
Ridha Fardian
Ridha Fardian Of course NOPE........
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig Blackberry?
JesusNveronica Flores
JesusNveronica Flores They don't stand a chance against android firepower ....
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Who really uses front facing cameras? One of the most ignorant comments on here other than Brent's. Plenty of people use them. I actually wish my droid x had one. I'm upgrading in about two weeks and I'm getting something with one. When is having less options ever a good thing?
Steven Bright
Steven Bright They still make them??
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla RIM is a good example of why you can't stay stagnant in the market. Same goes for any company out there who thinks they got a hold on the market. One day it could be all about how small you make a phone, the next day it can be all about how big you can make a phone screen.
Ella Margaret Brown
Ella Margaret Brown I just got a Blackberry for free. Already I brought another phone because Blackberry has a too small screen and it kept freezing up. RIM needs to improve their product to capture more of the market.
Trever Pitts
Trever Pitts Will in 2009 when I was in college all I seen was every one using blackberry now its iphone android what happen ?
Trever Pitts
Trever Pitts To be honest blackberry is best -Communication-Device , nothing can ever match the BBM n blackberry is not about playing games or going online every iphone user I no is always. On there phone on the web playing games n bberry started in 1999 so it was the first smart phone but yall got to no will they be #1 time will tell. By
Trever Pitts
Trever Pitts Hey a front camera is good for taking photo of ur self but I agree with u guys they need to be like apple make it something all bberry user want but make it other will want n make the phonw fast n look nice
Gary Brown
Gary Brown RIM need to do what apple does , appeal to your hardcore customers but make product that others may want . the average person want fast and stylist phone .
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés No... Only 12 yr olds get blackberrys
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Andriod is all play,an apple is all play
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Who really uses front facing camera, blackberry is good a brand
John H Green Jr.
John H Green Jr. Nope!
Jared Prado
Jared Prado Yes their gona give 125% all the way
Trever Pitts
Trever Pitts The b berry keyboard is what people like it dose email the best al ways has great battery life great texting just needs bigger screen better softwear the hard wear is fine
Trever Pitts
Trever Pitts I got to be honest I love my blackberry but it suck when it comes to apps its like all the apps I get on my iPod touch are better then blackberry. They just some way need to step up there game n have every phone running the new os I'm still running os5 wtf
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan To survive it MUST do two things: 1. Get rid of its ancient physical keyboards and make 100% touch screen phones 2. Make phones with bigger screens, 3.8 inch is the minimum. I would NEVER buy a phone that has a screen smaller than 4 inch, one of the reason why I hate blackberry is because all blackberry phones have TINY screens
Jabin George
Jabin George It will
Jason King
Jason King Yes of course they can ... But the change will have to come from the top and they will need some real inovation to break out and come back strong. Look RIM has almost no dept, a good relationships with their manufactures and they have a large market share overseas .... They are in danger but no where near the status of HP with the Webos debacle .... The 9900 is a good, strong start to turn around the company. They need to base their new phones off the 9900 and the torch 9850, 2 solid devices that need some minor upgrades and a new operating system based off QNX . They can do it. But will they is the question.
Jc Salazar
Jc Salazar If they step up their game with some android before it's too late
Pete Simon
Pete Simon Well I hope Rim makes it. The more choices of os's the better. After owning at least four different bb's I would never have another one after owning a di for the last year and a half.
Sairus Soliman
Sairus Soliman YES Ofcorse !!! , till now nothing can compet with the Blackberries are the most Secure-Communication-Device , nothing can ever match the BBM application or its integration with social networking such as fb or twiter also its Push email and BES .. recently announced BBX,to be next generation mobile platform andi think we will be seeing really big changed here . Blackberry will always no#1 . i know lots of ppl who switched to iphone and android and they admit it was there biggest mistake ever .
Issam El Kouartey
Issam El Kouartey Hell no
Alex Ochoa
Alex Ochoa What the hell is rim
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery My great grandfather says he won't ever get rid of his BB.
Brent Legendre
Brent Legendre When your business plan revolves around the investor and not the customer and your not a forward thinking company, you get the results that RIMM is getting. That being said, there is a place for RIM in the market for those of us who are older than 12 and like grownup phones.
Royce Dessaure
Royce Dessaure What's a blackberry? Lol
Masashi Ikeda
Masashi Ikeda ??4:00 ????? ??????!
Mandel C Edwards II
Mandel C Edwards II Nope.
Luis Reich
Luis Reich No
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell @mason that statements a bit vague seeing as jailbreaking makes the IOS a somewhat open source when the android is full open source. And the bad graphics thing, theres a bunch of droids, my D2G looks nicer in white than the ip4. Besides that, apple and android wouldnt survive without linux.
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz no they should just pick up android
Angel Miguel Peguero
Angel Miguel Peguero If they. Make a good. Touchscreen phone with android apps
Scott Rager
Scott Rager I give them 2 years, that is overly generous time frame too
Tavaris Rashaun Johnson
Tavaris Rashaun Johnson There way behind front facing camera bigger screen phones and being more open to other apps they might get there mid rang androids do more right now. Lol
NemOry Oliver Martinez
NemOry Oliver Martinez No chance!!! Chances only are for those hardcore BB fans
Jermaine Mercurius
Jermaine Mercurius No but i think sony should buy it!!!!
Frederick Rodriguez
Frederick Rodriguez No
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Android running on it won't save it, that shit would be slow as hell.
Mason Schmitt
Mason Schmitt I like android and iOS but android seems insecure and has bad graphics, I like iOS because it can be jailbroken and has amazing graphics and is just good looking
Terry Davis
Terry Davis Has to be a larger screen 4.3 minimum
Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera If they bridged new technology; with bettrr more Futuristic devices, most definately,
Mason Schmitt
Mason Schmitt Prob not
Dan Moreno
Dan Moreno It is possible to see a JV between APPL and RIM?
Kevin Bowles
Kevin Bowles I hope so, its all about the jobs these days. We dont want to lose any RIM Jobs...
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Most of the changes RIM needed were already apparent three or four years ago. In fact, the appear to have explored but ultimately decided against some of them over the last few years. Many of the same tech bloggers that thought these ideas were silly, or that RIM had no reason for concern have been the most vocal THIS year about RIM's possible demise for not adjusting quickly enough. RIM may survive. The potential is certainly all there. However, whatever changes they make at this point will have to be drastic and almost immediately successful. I doubt that they can afford to be as patient as Microsoft is willing to be in building up Windows Phone. In fact, RIM might survive best at this point through an acquisition or licensing deal with another major tech player like MS, Google through Motorola, or some other.
Michael Mathis
Michael Mathis Another thing is blackberry has better battery life than android.
Michael Mathis
Michael Mathis To be honest, if I were to go back to buying a blackberry; I would get the touchscreen.
Sote Murguia
Sote Murguia Probably not, BBM is keeping em alive.
Michael Mathis
Michael Mathis R.I.P. BB...... (Blackberry has been found dead all across the world.) It's suspect? ANDROID.....
Jordon Folkes
Jordon Folkes I HOPE SO!
Kirsten Danielle
Kirsten Danielle I personally don't care if they're behind on anything. With the pace technology moves today thats not exactly saying much. When most phones get outdated after a couple months I can see why a company would lag. I just bought a new blackberry and android is boring in my opinion. Its on every single phone. I've used it and just don't see the appeal.
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz hopefully
Mikey Migliacció
Mikey Migliacció Only good thing about their phones is the keyboard
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Nope. If they wanted to turn things around they would adopt android. I'm not a fanboy or anything, But android devices are what's selling right now, And increase the screen size.
Keith D Campbell
Keith D Campbell Whoo?? #nuffsaid
Andrew J. Hwang
Andrew J. Hwang they need to merge with a company and stop always being behind on the eight ball for everything.
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago if they can sell it to a good enough company. then yes
Thaddeus Sylvester
Thaddeus Sylvester no
Thomas Urgento
Thomas Urgento no
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones I actually think they had something great going wit the 9900/9930 series. I think they just need to put in a much bigger battery(1650mah and up) and have 4g across all variants, not just the tmobile variant. I would probably switch to blackberry if it did that.
Ionut Ciopei
Ionut Ciopei They can always make computer keyboards
Justin Cartier
Justin Cartier BB is a dead os.
Finn Thee Human
Finn Thee Human No.
Johnny Torres
Johnny Torres and cassette tapes and 8 track tapes....
Jesus G. Nolasco
Jesus G. Nolasco Change the M. To a P. LOL
Lennes Shaw
Lennes Shaw No!!!!!!!! So stop asking that damn question. K thanks
Alex Panayiotou
Alex Panayiotou No
Rc Cavin
Rc Cavin I think so I'm loving my 9930 right now compared to my evo.
Ethan Hoang
Ethan Hoang put android on it and they might have a chance, but the BBX OS is DEAD, A LONG TIME AGO. Period
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi I hope so. The more competition, the better the phones.
Azazel Dark
Azazel Dark Not a chance
Yareliz Martinez
Yareliz Martinez Half of RIM's problems are the carriers. And I think they should make all the keyboards phones in the world.
Collin Hoylman
Collin Hoylman who cares
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Rim ain't shit. Get rid of it.
Mustafa Sidiqee
Mustafa Sidiqee Nope
Aaron Dean
Aaron Dean Not a chance
Hector Portalatin
Hector Portalatin RIM = Bodybag, Zip em up !
Alexis Abraham Ojeda
Alexis Abraham Ojeda HELL NO!
James Newman
James Newman Throw Android on one and I would be all over it. Nobody will ever make a keyboard quite like RIM does.
Arvin Dwight Villagomez
Arvin Dwight Villagomez or apple
Josue Cifuentes
Josue Cifuentes if they sell there souls to google then perhaps...
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour No
Dave Aké
Dave Aké YES! wait... RIM? um....no.
John J. Kamauoha
John J. Kamauoha Heck no!
Brandon Coffey
Brandon Coffey If RIM would integrate Android Market on Blackberry phones the same they were going to with the tablet they would have a higher chance of success.
Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta No
Johnny Torres
Johnny Torres yea look at Myspace....LOL!
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez yes some companies make comebacks

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