Siri outage affecting many iPhone 4S owners across the U.S. [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 3, 2011

Siri outage iPhone 4S

It was just yesterday that we were discussing the battery life woes that iOS 5 users have been encountering as of late, but today it looks like iPhone 4S owners have a new issue to deal with. Reports have begun flying in from users that are unable to use Siri at all, suggesting that the servers that Apple's assistant connects to are down. The problem appears to be limited to the U.S., as our friends at Today's iPhone are reporting that users in other countries are chatting away without a problem.

Siri has run into a few minor hiccups here and there since its launch, most notably right after the iPhone 4S was released and everyone and their mom was trying it, but this is the biggest outage we've seen for the voice controlled assistant yet. Apple has yet to comment on the issue, but we'll be sure to update you when we hear more. How are things going for all of you iPhone 4S owners out there?

UPDATE: Everything seems to be returning to normal. Has Siri begun responding to your random queries once again or are you still having issues?

Via Today's iPhone, MacRumors

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