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Ever since AT&T announced its proposed acquisition of T-Mobile back in March of this year, it's been saying that it expects the deal to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2012. Today AT&T pushed its expected closing date back a few months, though, explaining in a regulatory filing that it believes the deal will be complete by the end of the first half of next year.

This news comes hot on the heels of both C Spire Wireless and Sprint getting the go-ahead on their lawsuits against AT&T and its buyout of T-Mobile. Both of those suits, combined with the one brought against AT&T by the U.S. Department of Justice, have likely played a part in AT&T pushing back the acquisition's expected completion date. Where do you all stand on the AT&T-Mobile deal? Do you think it'll get approved or will it eventually be shot down?

Via Phone Scoop, Wall Street Journal

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"Do you think AT&T&T will go through?"

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Marrion Bell fuck at&t I hate them they dont do shit but lie and take ppl money
Marrion Bell I, hate at&t they suck they just want tmobile because its rated number on customers satisfaction
Bryan Platt I sincerely hope not at&t sucks! it would be a complete disaster
Daniel Walle Dont matter
Bridget Williams No, I don't think it will. I truly hope it doesn't.
Shawn Poling I hope so more signal
Alixandro Sanchez I hope it does.
Christian Sotelo At&t is good at sucking dicks
Chris Montana Wassup with At&t&t?
Bill Devlin Who cares!!!!!!
Josh Avondoglio I left AT&T for TMo due to cheaper prices. I must also say that TMo's customer service is significantly better.
Josh Avondoglio 60/40 yes.
Chris Montana Nah.. all they want is to monopolize the carrier industry!!!!
Jose Sut I hope not!
Silver Fox I hope not. At&t sucks I would go to Verizon if that happen.
Anthony V Cannata I took my 5 lines from T-Mobile to Verizon I will never use AT&T again there high prices and horrible service never again... I love my new service with Verizon
Judith Kahn-Levine My hope is that this Takeover will NEVER materialize. I've been with T-Mobile for ten years, my satisfaction level is the highest and I know from my land-line experience that AT&T is over priced, unaccommodating and NOT customer friendly. Consumers stand to be let down on many levels if this deal goes thru'. They will pay MORE and get LESS!!!
Vincent Lai If the merger does happen, I want no part of the results
Wayne Price Hope not.
Hector Portalatin Everythings merging, all signs connect to the new world order, but at the end of the day all will have to plead there case to God ! Get cha speeches ready lol, and I don't know if At&t&t will happen :D LOL !
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery I left T-Mo just in case.
Juan Carlos Malave Martinez Not they way Atsuckingt intended too. It will be a partnership. ATT with the spectrum and Tmo with the network and customer service. Honestly I hope that it doesn't happen at all.
Bill Moran I hope notthe baby bell. Is big enough
Nick Wiltsey i hope so , so i can get a tmobile phone
Pierce G Hohenstein I would hope so!
Alexander Sharp They will probably keep it as a side competitor
David A Cameron No stay away
Tommy Stueck @Brandon okay. Thanks
Brandon Coffey @Tommy that will happen if the deal goes through but not until then.
Justin Charles Reback Once the Justice Department said no I think that pretty much foreshadows the ending of this story.
Baudric Paten I seriously hope not, "Sprint" is definately starting to look intriguing... [GOD] is all
Tommy Stueck since AT&T is buying out T-Mobile, when will our contracts switch over from T-Mobile to AT&T where we can buy phones from AT&T?
Tyler McConner Now I hope it does. Maybe my iPhone 4S will finally get 3G.
Chris Corliss The deal better not go through or I will be dropping my contract and going with another provider. ATT is a fuckin joke.
Dylan Greene Rename it AT3
Orga Price Do you trust your elected politicians to keep your best interests at heart? What? Why are you laughing? Stop laughing and answer the question! All jokes aside, AT&T&T has way more lobbying dollars than your average citizen. So they'll hem, they'll haw, they'll pretend to be thinking about us, they'll tear gas some more people in Oakland to distract us, and then it'll go through.
King Josef Damn tim good out look but honestly the way that the presidential campaign is going as far as the economy not having enough job most likely this deal will be test sprint will be in a lot of trouble
Tim Moore I hope not. My thought right now is that it won't. DOJ seems pretty clear they are trying to block it. But we'll see.
Tim Houp Yes, especially since their biggest competitor Verizon supports it and they have enough of Congress in their pockets due to lobbyists and campaign contributions.....
Hector Romero I got out of AT&T last year...now T-Mobile is going2 tern in2 AT&T. Dude that suck!!
Francis Singh nope i think the deal will be a mistake in the short part

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