So we’ve passed the one year mark for Windows Phone. We’ve hit that huge bump in the road, so to speak, where people are looking at the mobile platform and evaluating its position in the market. Now, after we’ve seen it out in the wild for over a year, we can safely weigh it against the competition. We can sit here and say, pretty confidently, how it stacks up against the likes of Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS (soon to be BBX). Unfortunately, Windows Phone is still kind of hovering right there at the bottom of all those percentage lists, detailing where our favorite mobile operating systems stand in comparison to one another. Of course, personal preference plays a big part, but at the same time, so does availability.

And right now, availability of Windows Phone handsets in the United States is pretty slim. And that’s not anything to do with AT&T or T-Mobile USA, because those two carriers are putting in work when it comes to handling Microsoft’s mobile OS. Ever since launch both of the GSM-based major wireless carriers here in the States have been behind Microsoft and their fledgling platform, and it doesn’t look like that support has waned at all. In fact, we know that a few major handsets will launch for both networks here soon, from both Samsung and HTC. So, this isn’t something that we can fault those two for.

No, I’m looking right at Verizon. Actually, I could be looking right at Sprint, too, and maybe I should. Maybe I should be pointing two index fingers right now. But you know what? Sprint’s upper-management hasn’t come right out in the past, or at any point that I can remember, and said that Windows Phone wasn’t needed. You remember what I’m talking about, right? I’m referencing Tony Melone, Chief Technology Officer for Verizon, who at the beginning of the year said that the three main competitors on the Big Red network were (are?) iOS, Android and BlackBerry. He also added that Verizon doesn’t need the Microsoft and Nokia partnership (and therefore, by default, Window Phone).

I wrote about that back in February, and I said that I hope Verizon changes their opinion, and plans. It seemed pretty clear to me, after what Melone had said, that the HTC Trophy would be it for Windows Phone on the Verizon network in 2011, and you know what? That turned out to be true. In fact, while we’re hearing about new handsets for AT&T and T-Mobile, we aren’t hearing anything about Windows Phone for Verizon at all. The wireless carrier recently had a rally for its employees, and Android was the main focus of that gathering.

I seriously believe that Verizon (and Sprint, I’ll concede) need to change their outlook on Windows Phone. Or, if there’s something beyond that, it needs to be fixed right now. The HTC Titan would be an amazing replacement for the HTC Trophy, and I bet it would sell more than a handful of handsets overall. Or how about any of the high-end Samsung-branded devices that are heading to AT&T? Why are none of these handsets heading to Verizon?

If this is something that Microsoft needs to do, something that they need to negotiate or change, then they need to do it. It’s all well and good that we’ve got new handsets coming to AT&T and T-Mobile, but Verizon is too big of a market to just hand over to the competition. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Microsoft and Verizon, listen up: you’re both in the market of selling phones, one way or another. Microsoft, you’ve got manufacturers who will create CDMA-based phones for Verizon’s network, and high-end ones, too. Verizon, you’ve got subscribers out there that want to get Windows Phone. How about we figure it out and make everyone happy, shall we?

Yes, this is a rant, but as happy as I am that both Verizon and Sprint have apparently completely jumped on the Android wagon, I want them to also offer up something different. Choices, that’s all I want.

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Jacob Silv I have had Verizon for 4+ years, I will be switching to AT&T because of this very fact.
Steve Moore Yes, they steer you away from the Trophy as soon as you walk in its general direction. And that's the only WP7 device they offer.. They release a new Droid every 5 days, I think it's safe to say WP7 gets no play with Verizon.
Trever Pitts Its funny verizon use to have HTC TOUCH PRO 2 windows mobil 6.5 but do they even have 1 windows phone 7? Any who I never really use wp7 but it looks clean...
Brandon Bucem Morris its awesome!!!! fuck verizon.
Vincent Hung What's this Windows phone?
Joeben Mar D. Batucan To all who hate windows! Congratz! You've just made Bill Gates the richest man in the world! Android and IOS is a crap OS that's why they need dual core for a mobile phone just to run smoothly! Unlike wp7 single core is more than enough! Why would Wp7 needs Verizon? They got AT&T!
Aaron Aaberg I'm not saying windows mobile is bad, I just think they will never be able to compete with android.
Jordan Mosley No, its windows phone thats unwilling to support Verizon. There are only 2 CDMA windows phones out now (sprint arrive and Verizon trophy), and neither are 4g. They all use GSM. Even the new Nokias that were just announced are HSPA, with no mention of a EVDO or LTE version.
John Brown I think it's a wait and see thing. They may want to see what people think of them before they take them on.
Carlos Garza No one forces you to use Windows. You can buy a Mac of build your own and install one of the 675 different distros of Linux. WP7 doesn't sell because it was late to the game.
Gerald Mccrae Fuck windows and blackberry the only reason people have windows computers is because they forced there programs on us. As for there phones there doing bad because they can't force there phones on us
Glenn Rubio Urrea Verizon's big wigs are too busy jerking each other's dicks too realize they need to not be such pricks. Not everyone wants Android or iOS. Sometimes people just want something different and WP7 delivers that. Android and iOS are way too similar for my taste. I don't think I'm alone. More choices is always good. Nuff said.
Kevin Pizana No windows phone ever sold on Verizon..imagio..q9c..omnia..kin 1 and kin2...all flops...
Krushi Vemula Yes. Sprint and Verizon need to support it if its going to legitemently challenge android and ios. I'm an android fanboy but would love a third major os.
Jason Vargas Windows is pretty to look at. Thats it. Verizon knows it doesn't have much more then looks therefore it wont sell. Smart Move
Issam El Kouartey I wanted to say : hell nooooo
Issam El Kouartey Beacause it doesn t sell
Stuart James Baucum cause they're not as huge right now as Android and iOS. it's like WP7 is below the chain with the late WebOS, hahaha
Leeming Wong Because windows suck, sorry nokia be prepared to file backruptcy. Bad idea of using windows
Dennis Petrospour No one is buying them that's y
Tyler Barron No one really wants a windows phone
John Dickinson it' not a cash cow
Scott Smith I just saw a recent interview with Steve Wozniak, he said he loves Android phone's and he even pulled an Droid x2 out of his pocket to prove it, along with an I-phone of course.
Chris Corliss The market for windows phones just doesn't exist to an extent that justifies supporting it. The reason android took off is because not only is it an excellent OS, but it satisfied the desire for a direct competitor to iOS.
David Harness Yes. They really only care about Android and are just carrying the iPhone because it will get them more money. They don't feel anything else is worth it because it's not part of the big two OS's
Scott Smith I predict, we will see a day where all computers are running either Apple OS or Android/Linux OS. Windows will soon go the way of the 8-track tape.
Hansel Starley Why would them? The Trophy is garbage
Vishal Talreja There's no mystery here - its because of the Kin debacle. Remember Kin? Verizon screwed it big time and ever since MSFT and Verizon are not on great terms.
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh Maybe because Windows sucks ass
Ramon Quintero @jason dual cores??? Wp7 does not require dual core. Yeah lte will be cool but ff cameras are on the 2nd generation phones. Dual core will just bring the prices up
Jason Ramos It's not that Verizon is unsupporting Windows Phone, it's the manufacturers. Where's the dual core processors? Where's the front facing cameras? Where's the LTE? Maybe when the manufacturers start acting like they're serious about WP7 the carriers will too.
Jeremy Bleich Lol the iPhone 4s demolished sales records when it was released. Why would Verizon lean away from apple? Morons
TJ Hahn Its not tha wp7 sucks, its just that it hasn't caught on and microsoft doesn't market it hardcore when wp7 came out. Verizon will carry maybe 2-3 next year. But there main focus is android. You can even tell there leaning away from apple because the 4s wasn't much of a improvement from iphone 4
Birftard Johnson Who gives a fcuk
Tim Killian Maybe it's a CDMA thing. Like Verizon Sprint also has only had one WP7 device. The Arrive.
?????? ????? Who cares ANDROID ROCKS!
Eduardo Ordaz Its boaring. Tried It didnt like it. Android is more customizable and u can do what ever u want with ur phone.
Michael Miller Verizon is a joke.
Christopher David maybe if windows mobile phones actully sold well they would sell them. Verizon is a company out to make money and microsoft giving the cdma carriers garbage phones I wonder why verizon said fuck em
AJ Goren Because Microsoft has a bad rep. WinPho is awesome!
Tim Smith That's why I left Verizon. I don't think they should be telling me what platforms I can or can't use. And I see no reason to ever go back. They don't care about their users, just some petty vendetta against Microsoft.
Henry Murillo Android is full of bugs... It's like dating a hot chick full of stds lol while Windows phone is clean and buttery smooth! No stds there, and yet beautiful :P
Tony Y. M. Avila There's not much demand for Windows phones
Kojack Sanders There isn't much support. Really the best feature on a WP7 phone is the Xbox stuff. Look for at least the next 7 years if you are not Apple or Android then you aren't in high demand.
Ramon Quintero @sam yeah ur right windows mobile did suck but wp7 doesn't. U obviously dont even know what you are talking about
Michael Pitts I think it's because there is not a huge demand for it. IOS and Android seems to be moving things alot further along and WP7 is having a hard time keeping up with the pace. I mean they just not got the ability to copy and paste and multi task something that it definetly needed in order to be of any use to anyone. Don't get me wrong there is alot of things that I love about WP7 but at this point in time if they cannot get the #1 carrier in the US to sell any of there devices you are pretty much dead in the water.
Alexander Rojas Windows is definitely not better than android I had one for 2 days and returned it so boring and locked down. Android ftw #cantwaituntilICS
Blake Anderson I don't think there is enough demand for them to really support or pay attention to it
Gordon Christie Wp7 isn't all that bad I almost got one before I got sgs2 for free and I hear mango is improving all the time
Sam Platz Windows mobile sucks that's why.
Charlie Kuroiwa Who cares about windows phones anyway
Gordon Christie Cos they know iPhone 4s is a bit crap
Joelle Plunkett I have Verizon windows phone.. So they're already supporting it..
Dre Ill @Arvydas. I have, and as much as I want to embrace it, WP7 is insanely boring! Nothing exciting about it at all....
Ramon Quintero Verizon only supports when the os is doing well. They didn't support ios until it became big. Now when wp7 gets bigger is when Verizon will jump ship
Jesse Lambert android is better than anybother platform out there ive had em all and i love android ill always have an android, nothing better
Michael Schneider because droid and iphone sell better
Ionut Ciopei They are on google's pay roll
Amol Wagh Not really, I think Verizon is waiting for Windows Marketplace to get more numbers Which one of the major thing Windows Phone 7 is lagging. Despite of their innovative UI, faster performance and Promise to bring something new in Smartphone market.
Wayne Holley Because windows phones are garbage simple, not a high demand for them...
Dante Robinson They're DROID brand seems like their main focus other than the iphone
Micah Madru There isn't the demand for wp7, so they don't put the effort into it. They're not going to take a risk on a new product, at least verizon won't.
Bill Thomas because verizon knows microsoft sucks
Arvydas Gr WP7 is much better than Android :) Just try it. You will see that.
Steve Williams bill gates had sex with verizons mom
Jeremy Gross because android is awesome
Christian Marquez because they suck

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