There is very little that cannot be accomplished from a mobile phone anymore. I used to rely on my computer for everything: browsing the Internet, social media, typing up and viewing documents, creating and keeping up with schedules, and even playing games. I was essentially shackled to a computer if I ever wanted to get something done.

Ever since I took the plunge and dove into smartphones, however, things have gradually changed. That was just before the smartphone world really took off, and from that point, smartphones have grown from slightly smarter feature phones to pocket-sized computers.

I still have to rely on my computer to do a few more laborious tasks like coding, hacking phones and roughly 10 percent of the article writing process. I now use my tablet – which is, let's face it, a blown-up smartphone – for typing out a large portion of my articles, school assignments, scheduling and leisurely Web browsing. I use my smartphone for essentially everything in between.

With ever-increasing capabilities, I have begun to use my phone for quite literally everything. In some ways, this is good. But that "everything in between" I mentioned above consists of a good bit of productivity, a lot of social media and some entertainment. Recently, I have started to take notice of just how much time I waste with my phones and tablets. (I've been on an "optimization" kick as of late and have started cutting out unnecessary things in my life – minimizing wasted time has largely been the goal.)

On an average day, I will use my phones (I currently carry two) mainly for social media and streaming music. Anywhere from four to five hours, collectively, goes into social media alone, and I'm almost always streaming music in the background. After I finish working for the day, my usage ramps up. I begin scouring Android Market and App Store for more apps that I can waste my money on, mobile games actually worth playing (shamefully open to suggestions here), taking tons of pictures I will never use nor look at again, texting, reading news and who knows what else.

And the worst of it all? Insomnia. I have no backbone when it comes to laying down in bed and sitting the phone on the night stand. Every buzz and every flashing notification LED keeps me up and simply cannot wait until tomorrow. Shutting down and waiting until tomorrow is undoubtedly the biggest problem to date.

All things considered, my phones do help me save some time on occasion. There are times where looking up something, purchasing something or even making reservations to a restaurant would take a lot more time if I did not have a smartphone. In that respect and in many ways, my smartphone does save time. But wasted time easily outweighs the saved.

In short, I always complain about not having time to do this or that, time that I could be exercising, planning for the next day so I don't work for 12 hours, or being a little more proactive when it comes to my personal or school life. My strong attachment – no, addiction – to mobile tech has invaded my life in almost every way. There are times that I try to disconnect as much as possible, where my phones sulk in standby for a day or two. But it never fails. When I return, I always make up for lost time by tweeting more or uploading and sharing pictures of my away time.

I'm curious, readers. Does your smartphone help you save time? Or are you a slave to your phone like me, and does it only make you waste more and more time? Do you ever feel the need to pull the plug and disconnect for a while?

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"Does your smartphone help you save or waste time?"

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Desmond Alexander Smith a combination of both. when im at work it saves me time because i can do my inventory and read emails on my feet. when not at work, im all about gaming so of course thats not very productive.
Suzanne Shanks Now that mine is broken and I have to use a dumb phone temporarily, it's clear that my Windows Phone was a HUGE help, despite it's lower popularity. I still have an Android smartphone--which is okay, but nowhere near as good for work-home coordination, synchronization, customizing, rooting, etc. If you're not using XDA-Developers to personalize your phone and make it work its hardest for you, go check it out.
Arthur Mmayie I have to say both.How?When doing a quick research or report for school,that helps me save time then going through textbooks.To waste time when I'm bored or not doing anything,I play Asphalt 6,Zenonia 2 and 3,N.O.V.A 3D,watching videos on YouTube(phonedog reviews and dogfights and wirefly smachkdowns) and netflix.
Moses S M Kawuma I save time with my SGS2!
Kean Grg Its alot better to waste your time on phone rather than being bored or doing useless stuffs..
Tj Hill Both
Ely Carranza Mostly waste time but ya bothh!!:)
Vincent Whalen Both that's why they are great
Jabin George Is that a trick question? Both
Stephen Gunnoe Both, but definitely waste more than save. Although I'd actually say "kill" more so than "waste" in all honesty.
Kevin Martinez Playing angry birds all day, waste my time.
Bill Thomas Lol both
David Nichter Excellent question! I believe it does some of both depending on how motivated I am at the moment.
Byktor Urvaes Both.... But I guess that's why we buy them for. Lol
Ryan DeClue My phone is a life saver
Javier Pineda Both hahaha
John Zanatta This question is the definition of irony. Most of us are probably at work right now trying to defend in FB how it saves time... If you answer "both" shouldn't you then have to weigh out whether more time us wasted or saved and then see who wins? On a more serious note, I say BOTH.
Luis Leon A mixture of both lol
Jeff Curtis I justified my purchase of a lenovo ideapad tablet on the basis of using it for business and calendar... I am now addicted to doodle bowling and chalk ball. Oh yeah, and I am still working on utilizing the calendar.
Tony Abiama Both... Can't help it
Dre Ill Waste, but I can't help myself!!!!!
Gladys Devant Definitely both!! I try to balance it, but unfortunately I do more time wasting :D
Vivek Dahiya I like what I do and I like to use my smartphone and it give me lots of enjoyment .... I dont think so that it waste my time
Tonya Renee Right this minute? Waste..
Rick De La Cruz Like most answers....BOTH!
Israel Campos It helps me save wasted time.
Marti Ruiz waste my money
Douglas Prevo I save tons of time that I then waste on my phone.
Teejay Crooks If i dont pass my exams am blaminght on samsung
David DiPilla Both but times that you would waste your time would be like if your waiting for someone or to get to a later time lol
Aj Green Its helping me do that right now.
Teejay Crooks Am in class now and am on face book so it waste time
Erica Reid Waste for sure!
Lamar Sarracino I'm still rocking the original Droid!!!! So I have to say both!!!!!
Sam Rick both
Ricardo Perez It helps me kill time..lol
Jennifer Alldredge A little of both
Abram Wenevermet Dennis It does now.. When I was with sprint it was pretty much a waste of time being it took ages for pages 2 load..
Gordon Christie Bit of both
Steve C Trevino yes it wastes my time but i panicked one day when i got lost and pulled out the bionic and took me home since i have no gps in my car.. i was lost out in the "sticks" lol
Ash Hus Both I cnt be without ma ifone
Joel Madison Mine helps me waste time on break. I watch old videos on the Time Machine app.
Nick Catelli There's a lot of wasting time... but it's way made up for with the amount of times its saved time. Whether it's emailing a professor, reading notes or the news, or whatever.
Jim Lucas Both equally.
James Newman They both offset each other.
Naeem Hussain both but waste is more percentage
Bryon Carlin Waste more then save.
Ariel Orellana i would say both but most likely to waste my time O_o
Chris Luna I wish it was both...but my OG Droid is so dam slow it wastes time even when I'm trying to save it : (
Chai Lee Waste time
Ivan Sencillo Haha both.. Bcuz for my business it helps so me so much with my clients and when im not busy it helps me waste time! :)
Hannan Ali It used to waste a lot of time, but recently, I don't really play many games so it's actually been helping me lately
Tim Moore Both. Finding stuff while I'm out, directions, keeping my calendar organized. But then facebook and everything else distracts me.
Cory Wood It does what I need it to do!
Ernest Marvin Esteban both actually..
Ryan Hunter Saves a bunch of time, most definitely

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