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The iPhone 4S was quite a popular little handset over its launch weekend, with Apple announcing that it sold over four million units within the first few days of availability. Unsurprisingly, this led to sell-outs most everywhere, leaving many customers that opted not to pre-order without a 4S or a clue as to when they might get a chance to buy one. One might think that now that 4S stock might be more plentiful now that we're nearly a month removed from launch, but according to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, that's not the case. Whitmore recently contacted both online and brick and mortar stores belonging to Apple and the three U.S. carriers that offer the iPhone and found that on average, the wait time for a 4S came out to around 14 days. Around 85 to 90 percent of the 30 Apple stores contacted by Whitmore reported that they're running out of 4S stock every day, despite the fact that new shipments come in fairly frequently (sometimes even daily).

Keeping up with the iPhone 4S news, Consumer Reports today announced that it's given Apple's new smartphone its "Recommended" seal of approval after finding no issues with the device's antenna. Consumer Reports made headlines last year and earlier this year when it said that it couldn't recommend either the GSM or CDMA iPhone 4 due those handsets' death grip/"Antennagate" signal issues. The iPhone 4S features two separate antennas to help improve call quality, and the design has also all but eliminated the problems suffered by the iPhone 4. Meanwhile, Consumer Reports says that the new 8GB iPhone 4 still experiences the same death grip problems as previous iPhone 4 models.

Although it can be tough for customers interested in buying an iPhone 4S to actually find one, Apple does offer a reservation system that allows users to secure a new iPhone by checking the stock of their local Apple store after 9 p.m. and putting their name down for one if their desired model is available, then pick it up from the store the next day. I actually used the service last weekend, and it worked exactly as advertised. Apple's reservation system seems to be your best bet if you're want to purchase an iPhone 4S as soon as possible, as the carrier websites this morning are showing that most orders placed today won't ship for 2 to 3 weeks (Verizon does report that 16GB and 64GB models will be shipping by 11/11). Are any of you still searching for an iPhone 4S?

Via Today's iPhone, Consumer Reports, CNET

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"Have you gotten your iPhone 4S, given that stock is still low?"

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Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae Why do you need the iphone 4S your phone is only as good as the computer its connected to if your computer is TB when that's what your phone is and most importantly they still need Google and Bing to operate. where as Google don't need apple or Bing to operate
Chad Allen
Chad Allen Got mine on release day and am so glad to be back with ios Iphone is heads and shoulders better than any thing android has with its late updates and constant delays and flooding the market with phone after phone its just a mess!
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith I have one. I can't use it though because the battery is dead.
Sharon Long Jordan
Sharon Long Jordan yes i got it a week ago. has battery issues. i can watch the battery go down in standby.
Cody Horton
Cody Horton Nope, too in love with my EVO 3D.
Michael Mikhail
Michael Mikhail Yeeee buddy, I love it
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Getting mine in about a week. I have an otterbox case coming for mine next Thursday.
Justin M. Houston
Justin M. Houston I hate my 4s and now I'm stuck with it
Dan-Petra Armstrong
Dan-Petra Armstrong Waiting until Feb., trading in the HTC Evo.
Anonymous NO, and I wouldn't use it if one was given to me
Lucy Akopyan
Lucy Akopyan Got it on the first day
Kojack Sanders
Kojack Sanders Nope. I just got the 3Gs and waiting on the IPhone 5.
Maegan Babcock
Maegan Babcock I got mine the first day they were out and have been loving every minute of it.
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage Were overstocked in Sydney plenty of iPhone 4s here.
Bryan Platt
Bryan Platt I'm on tmobile an wouldn't have an iPhone anyway my hd2 still the baddest phone out there but as my mama use to say to each there on
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru I hope i`ll get mine 11 novzmber
Oseki Paisley
Oseki Paisley Google os till i drop, android till die.
Hubert John Abiera
Hubert John Abiera It's a quality device but I prefer Windows Phone myself.
Rip Lu
Rip Lu When y'all going to make the 4s the top phone on verizon AT&T and sprint. If it was another phone you would have changed the list so quick. I know you tired of apple reigning supreme. They are clearly the best
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez I used to own an iphone, but after it killed my dog and raped my grandma, I switched to Android, and I'm never going back!!! :-P
Jorge J-ota Hernandez Gonzalez
Jorge J-ota Hernandez Gonzalez I per order mine same night from sprint. No complaints at all !!!
Houssam Bertini
Houssam Bertini I just got it today, great phone. I typed in this comment with it :)
Eric Dunn
Eric Dunn Had it since day one. Love it!
Blake Cochrum
Blake Cochrum That's what I am doin. Pickin mine up today.
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III Order directly from apple store, if you a carrier that sells the iPhone you get it within two weeks. There is a new option to pre-order via a apple retail store and have it the next day.
Andy Godoy
Andy Godoy I'm on T-Mobile :( hook it up phonedog!!
Justin Alan Smith
Justin Alan Smith Xperia PLAY > iPhony
Jorden Karma Senapati
Jorden Karma Senapati I have 3 white 64's :)
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly Yep, preordered!
Joeana Marie Bush
Joeana Marie Bush Nope not till my upgrade date and then ill get it should be enough time for them to figure out all the bugs
Jimmie Draper
Jimmie Draper Nope. I will soon though.
Jerson Yanes
Jerson Yanes got mine like a month ago =] the day it came out !!
Mike Sanders-Demott
Mike Sanders-Demott i got mine! definitely needs the update to fix the battery issue but other than that is nothing short of amazing!
Steven Quintal
Steven Quintal Yes I wanted it! But I wasn't willing to wait a month, so I went with a iPhone 4 from a droid incredible 2, and I LOVE it!
Steve Moore
Steve Moore I got one for AT&T and took it back, and got the HTC Vivid. So far I'm not missing it. It's was a nice phone but a 3.5 in screen is a waste of a dual-core processor in my opinion. I think Apple revels in not giving in to customer demands. It would be an awesome phone if it had at least a 3.8 in screen.
Johnny Cababe
Johnny Cababe Waiting on Galaxy Nexus.
Tyler Karlstad
Tyler Karlstad Got mine like 1 week ago,, there's a glitch in the camera
Chris Penketh
Chris Penketh Ordered on 14th of oct got it on 27th, straight from Apple, it really needs 5.0.1 to fix battery issues though
Noah Everett Braley
Noah Everett Braley Yeah I got mine like the 2 or three days after it was released. i didn't preorder though And I got the most expensive one so Couldn't be picky
Doushane Murray
Doushane Murray Gotta Luv HTC SENSATION!
Vinny Marino
Vinny Marino In my Best Buy Mobile we sell them as soon as we get them. I feel like I'm asked if we have any 67372728282 times a day....
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr Nope, waiting for Lumia 900 (I hope that Nokia will release this soon)
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson My friend says they are only selling to first time contract people in the AT&T store an the rest have to order an wait when she went.
John Jenkins
John Jenkins Nope, waiting for the Droid Rzr
Kev Baldwin
Kev Baldwin no because there SHIT
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay smthing wrng wt da iSlaves in china ?
Zeke Russell Barber
Zeke Russell Barber Yes! I pre-ordered it. I love the 4 S.
Jersey Joe Da-Know
Jersey Joe Da-Know NO!! Don't want that ALL GLASS "ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN" piece of CRAP"."
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez No waiting on galaxy nexus !!

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