Republic Wireless launches its $19 unlimited talk, text, and web plan

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 8, 2011

Republic Wireless LG Optimus

Last week Republic Wireless assured us that it would share more details on its $19 per month unlimited talk, text, and web plan on November 8th, and now that that date has finally arrived, Republic has gone ahead and done just that. New customers to the service will need to pay $199 for their first month of access, but that price includes a special version of the LG Optimus that's equipped to make Wi-Fi calling. After that, users will pay $19 per month for service that includes unlimited voice, SMS, and data as they can use, though Republic does note that customers that do too much on the cell network rather than over Wi-Fi will be warned and given tips on how to reduce their "cellular footprint." If users continue to eat through too much cellular usage, Republic will help them find "a more suitable, traditional carrier." There's no mention of exactly how much cell usage s too much, but Republic says that users can consume 550 minutes, 150 texts, and 300MB of data and still be ok.

It's not a shock to see that there are a couple of caveats involved with Republic's $19 unlimited plan. After all, that's pretty cheap compared to a traditional cell plan. But for folks that spend most of their time around a Wi-Fi connection and don't mind having only one handset option, Republic could be a good way to save some cash each month. Anyone thinking about giving the service a try?

Via Engadget, Republic Wireless

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