RIM hasn't said much about its upcoming BBX-powered smartphones except that they're coming, but today one executive for the Waterloo firm took the time to shed just a little bit of light on what we can expect from the first batch of handsets running the new operating system. Speaking with PCMag, Alec Saunders, who is RIM's vice president of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, said that rather than carrying over the design of existing BlackBerry 7 smartphones like the Bold, the new BBX devices will actually have the same screen aspect ratio and resolution as the BlackBerry PlayBook, which packs a 16:9 1024x600 display. Those aren't the only things that the BBX handsets will have in common with the RIM's tablet, as Saunders added that the phones and the PlayBook (with OS 2.0) will share similar features when the handsets finally hit the market, including native email and BES support.

We've heard RIM explain that BBX is a platform for both smartphones and tablets, so it's not a shock to hear that the first handsets running the new OS will resemble the PlayBook. Still, it's good to hear that RIM is hard at work on its initial batch of BBX handsets and that they'll feature a design that's a tad different than the BlackBerrys that we've become accustomed to seeing the company pump out. It's still not clear precisely when RIM plans to launch the very first BBX smartphone, though it's currently expected sometime early next year. That jibes with a rumor we've heard about a BBX-powered device codenamed Colt that may be arriving in Q1 2012.

Via PCMag (Image credit)

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Yisa Labi Musty
Yisa Labi Musty they should sell the company already......BBM should go 'cross-platform'
Moses S M Kawuma
Moses S M Kawuma No!
Tito H Dominguez
Tito H Dominguez I think RIM is trying to hard... I mean their devices are already complicated enough for half of the users out there, I don't really mind since for as long as there's customers with issues I have a job, but RIM doesn't necessarily provide is with the info on most of their issues when it comes to settings, trouble shooting, or known issues and that's what flusters me when I talk to a customer using a brand new blackberry device... then we get all the blame for not knowing how to fix, operate or have the slightest idea on the new menu structures... Idk... just my thoughts
Kenny Chao
Kenny Chao Too little too late ...
Jody Al
Jody Al What morones really BB done ? Not a chance. Android is watered down and unstable with a new 1 coming out every other week. BB sound, minimal issues with a proven track record. Android is great for my teenager but I want a reliable Work horse. Enough said BB will improve and Survive
Marcus Frederick
Marcus Frederick I wish I had my old BlackBerry black. I hate my HTC EVO 4G. :( If you want to chat about phones inbox me!
Chad Richter
Chad Richter Not likely in the u.s. market but worldwide they have a chance. I don't count rim out by any means they do make a good product on their own but by comparison to ios and android it just falls a little short.
Issam El Kouartey
Issam El Kouartey Wtf is RIM.? Lol.
Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae Rim and palm are one in the same and that is when they where on top they where top dog and didn't think they could be dethroned because of the business world but it's actually the non business person that buy on impulse and buy thing whether or not they need it
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Would love to say yes, but for the consumer segment I say no. They will always have a HUGE stronghold in the biz realm and I don't see that easily changing. I stand by my viewpoint that RIM should support other systems and modularize their BIS/BES support to other platforms. Especially Android and WP7. iOS won't play fair, so pass on them.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Blackberry sucks
Bryan West
Bryan West Slap a X on it, and it will sell... :/
Chad Allen
Chad Allen Black Berry is done time to let it go that ship has sailed
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig Everybody has their own taste...But whoever has a BB at this point has Bad Taste. But that's just me.
Paul Lum
Paul Lum Wackberry ... its over.
Oseki Paisley
Oseki Paisley How about a 4inch qhd display,a front facing camera and some freaking apps!!!. really BB sucks at apps and lastly would it kill you guys to put an 8mp camera.
Toreon Jones Sr.
Toreon Jones Sr. BB. who? BB. wat? save it.....
Marco Raymond
Marco Raymond Its over fir RIM
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour Nope
Frank Zambrano
Frank Zambrano Blackberrys rockk as they are and BBX will decimate chauuuu!
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel No
Jeaneene R Johnson
Jeaneene R Johnson No
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Just let rim die
Dillon Sappingfield
Dillon Sappingfield I would like to see them rebound and BBX has potential, but its not likely. They have to give people a reason to consider them again and at this point there isn't much especially with the bad PR they've had in recent months
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino They should otherwise there doomded
Joshua Nwankwo
Joshua Nwankwo If its implemented well enough, yes.
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Hell no. They minus well give up on trying. Blackberry is failing.
David Harness
David Harness As long as they can compete. There are quite a bit of people that still prefer Blackberry's and if they make them able to compete with iOS and Android on the OS side then they'll do well.
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz *PD
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz just wait and see, and how many times PA needs to ask this question?? Gahd just for hits huh, think of something worth reading.
Patrick Deeney
Patrick Deeney They need to put themselves up for sale/
Raxit Patel
Raxit Patel There's always a rainbow after every storm...
Gary Brown
Gary Brown depending on what comeback mean ? # 1 smartphone ? no those days are never coming back but being # 3 they got a chance .
Dwayne Demaurivert
Dwayne Demaurivert Depends on the price point,
Sue Riot
Sue Riot Judge when they do something. BB users will stay with the brand as long as they work well. Too many people seem to jump on the next big fashion. That's what phones are now, mere accessories to fashion conscious idiots.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline No lol
Brandon Nsfw Jackson
Brandon Nsfw Jackson They'll be fine.. won't be major but I believe variety is the spice of life. Like cars and women , society loves options :-)
David Garcia
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson This is like the third time you've asked this question, how bout we wait until the damn phones come out before we sound like presumptuous douchebags?
Kanwar Singh
Kanwar Singh HELL NO !!!
Rudy Ibarra
Rudy Ibarra Probably not. It's sad since blackberrys were great devices. They need to listen to what people are looking for in a phone and create a market plan.
Austin Wirl
Austin Wirl nah
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller No
Terrence Cartwright
Terrence Cartwright Probably not
Bill McNamee
Bill McNamee lol what kinda question is that? Google just pulled the GMail app for BB - they are going down the drain
Mark Mann
Mark Mann Put a fork in them!
Rin Von Irisviel Einzbren
Rin Von Irisviel Einzbren no,they will R.I.P like webOS ~
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr Let your self die rim
Hon Guin Lee
Hon Guin Lee No way, too late to do anything!
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal no they are going down
JanuaryBeauty Richards
JanuaryBeauty Richards they gonna have to b hudini to pull somethin out of that hat
Keith Talsma
Keith Talsma RIM is DONE
Robert Angel Diaz
Robert Angel Diaz No
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez Just die already RIM

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