Samsung Galaxy Nexus training underway at Verizon, accessories appear on Samsung's site

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 11, 2011

Verizon Galaxy Nexus training

Verizon still hasn't said much about its version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus since it officially announced the device back in October. That's kind of maddening to those of us (im)patiently waiting for the device, but thankfully we've got a ton of leaks to keep us busy during Big Red's silence. The latest tidbit of information comes from the folks at Android and Me, who have learned that Verizon employees have begun training on the latest member of the Nexus family. The screenshot above doesn't reveal any details on a concrete release date for Verizon GalNex, but the fact that Big Red's workers are currently learning the ins and outs of the device seemingly supports the rumors that a launch is right around the corner.

Next up in this episode of "The Pre-Release Life of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus," it seems that Samsung has gone ahead and posted the battery cover for the "Nexus Prime i515" on its accessories store. As you can see below, it looks a tad different than the one we've seen before, with this version packing a Verizon logo as well as a Samsung logo instead of the Google one. There's a 1,750mAh battery for the device in the store as well.

So there you go, Verizon folk. As I mentioned before, we're still waiting for Big Red to hand down availability details on the Galaxy Nexus, but the latest reports from the rumor mill claim that it could be coming on November 21st and feature a $299.99 price tag. Now that we're winding down into Friday evening it's looking unlikely that we'll get an official Galaxy Nexus launch announcement from Verizon this week, so we'll have to turn our heads to next week and hope that it'll bear some fruit (or dessert). The wait continues!

Verizon Galaxy Nexus battery cover

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