Samsung Galaxy S II vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. DROID RAZR vs. iPhone 4S vs. HTC Rezound Comparison Chart

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| November 11, 2011

Over the past few weeks and months, we've seen some amazing, ground-breaking devices, all of them spectacular and all of them with some unique features. The Galaxy S II has Samsung's new Super AMOLED Plus display, the Galaxy Nexus is, well, a Nexus device which always attracts a crowd, the DROID RAZR is the beast smartphone that rose from the hugely popular flip phone, the HTC Rezound features Beats technology, and the iPhone 4S is Apple's newest smartphone. It's awesome to see so many great devices, but for you, the consumer, it also means you have a tough choice on your hands. Which one should you get?

That very question is what inspired me to create a chart that compares every detail of each of these five phones. You've probably seen other charts like this and I have too, but I wanted this one to be different. For one, there's no "Siri" or "widgets" category, so a phone won't get points taken off for not having those features, and virtually every aspect of each device is listed and compared. I know you guys are passionate about phones and you consider more than just screen size and price. This chart should help you make an informed decision. (At least it will have to do until Aaron is able to do a few Dogfights with these devices if they're in order.)

Here are a few notes about the chart: When listing specs for the Galaxy S II, the Skyrocket model for AT&T is what is being considered along with Sprint and T-Mobile's versions. Although AT&T has an original Galaxy S II, the Skyrocket is the newest model. As you'll notice, data technology is also listed. LTE and WiMAX are listed as such, but HSPA+ speeds are listed in more detail where reliable information could be found. The purpose of this is not to give one device an advantage, but rather to clarify which evolution of HSPA+ the device uses since there are differing levels out there. Also, the devices are listed in no particular order and a "winner" is not declared overall or for each category. This a reference so you can make your own decision!