Ah, 4G. It’s great, isn’t it? Our smartphones have access to the Internet faster than some people ever thought possible. They really are like little computers now (not that they weren’t before, technically), fully capable of browsing the Internet while on the go as if we never left out WiFi signal at home. Of course, it should go without being said that to enjoy that speedy benefit, you need to live in an area that has 4G coverage from your favorite carrier. Now, we’re not going to talk about who really has 4G and who doesn’t, because I think that’s a bit like nit-picking. (Granted, it’s a viable argument, we’re just not going to go there right now.) A few days ago AT&T revealed that they will begin rolling out Advanced-LTE in 2013, which is following in the steps of Sprint, and seemingly jumping ahead of Verizon. But, is AT&T aiming too high?

First, I will admit that I’m a little curious as to why Verizon isn’t jumping on the Advanced-LTE network bandwagon quite yet. It is, after all, the next logical step in the network infrastructure right after LTE, so it would make sense for Verizon to reveal that they, too, will be moving into that standard in the near future. But, instead we’ve got Sprint and AT&T talking about the expansion, which has us right here, and the only reason I’m a little confused about AT&T’s recent announcement, is the sheer fact that the wireless carrier has just started rolling out their legitimate 4G LTE network, and now they’re already talking about moving ahead of that in less than two years? Interesting.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t be confused about Verizon outlining plans to embrace Advanced-LTE at all. And, on the same side of the token, I’m perfectly okay with Sprint going ahead and telling everyone who cares that they will be moving to Advanced-LTE, too. It makes sense for Sprint because the company has already shown quite the focus in their expansion of the WiMax network they currently employ for their 4G devices. It is in that same state of mind that it would make sense for Verizon to start talking about the future, because they are already entrenched in their roll-out of 4G LTE, and the network is continuously expanding at a pretty good clip.

But AT&T is new to the whole show. Sure, they’ve had HSPA+ and other “4G” devices out in the wild, but we all know where that conversation can veer to, so we’ll just try to avoid it for now. We aren’t talking about HSPA+, but we’re focusing on LTE, which looks to be the network technology of choice for the major wireless carriers (moving forward). So while AT&T is currently just starting their LTE roll-out, we’ve already got the carrier confirming that they will be moving to yet another network type in under a year. That seems slightly short-sighted, and it doesn’t do well for the general consumer who reads that. I’ve already been asked if Advanced-LTE will mean another change for customers, for handsets, and for the network’s plans.

In truth, we have no idea how an update to the network will go, and it wouldn’t be fair to AT&T to sit here and subject ourselves to conjecture. The Big Blue network could very well roll out Advanced-LTE without a hitch; change nothing about their plans, and even incorporate new phones into their ranks without much fanfare. (I seriously doubt this last part, but there’s a chance.) I do think that AT&T should have kept their plans in place, yes, but not necessarily made it public knowledge quite yet. People love to embrace new technology and what not, but if they know something better is coming soon, viewpoints change, as they should. So, AT&T is basically saying right now, “Here, love 4G LTE right now, but get ready for Advanced-LTE right around the corner!”

AT&T should be focused entirely on their LTE roll-out, and that’s it. That’s it. And while I’m sure they are for the most part, the moment you start talking about what’s to come, you’ve already admitted that you’ve got more than a few eyes looking more into the future rather than staring at what’s going on right now. Problems happen that way – it’s always safer to just focus on the here and now, and get to the future when you’ve got your feet firmly planted in the present.

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"Should AT&T already be talking about Advanced-LTE?"

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Mario Volta AT&T shouldnt be talking about anything at all. VERIZON ALL THE WAY!
Marrion Bell no because at&t can't even back up 3g n a lot areas they sorry so how they gonna do 4G
Kris Sabo Need to do somtging to excite peopleto their network cause it is so vonjested it is not funny
Kenneth Li another garbage from att! they cant even announce the 15 market of LTE 2011 and now they already talking about LTE Advance??
Mark Abelar Yes bc arron and others critizize their hspa+ network amd other geeky stuff,basically for having no actuall 4g.so yes they should and sprint has to
Gary Strickland No they tried to spin off tmobiles 4g hspa. Now there trying to copy Verizon's LTE. AT&T how about you get your own network! VERIZON is the best and always will be!
Eric Kroh no..they will always be 3yrs behind verizons network..says the CEO of att..lol
Matthew Dyer The government didn't shut it down they are still in negotiations and they won't be done till later next year If any of you have T-Mobile. They have some FAQ facts about their merger on their facebook page. I have AT&T I'm getting out in 183 days and off to Verizon!!!!!
Paul Davis ATT is spread out too thin, they need to keep offering 3g instead of future LTE. pathetic
Shaunta Lovejoy Weems I think so I live in Atlanta and 4g and lte are really fast. I use the HTC vivid and it's great.
Josh Alvarez yes tet should
Shawn Poling Yes getting my Samsung skyrocket soon to get LTE.
Zachary Gearwar It's perfectly okay for AT&T to think positively about the future of their network, but they need to start thinking realistically. No. They shouldn't. AT&T only just launched their LTE network a few days ago, and it's only covering a small handful of cities in the US, whereas Verizon and Sprint's 4G networks are already covering more than half of the country. They need to focus entirely on improving on their 3G, HSPA+ and LTE networks. The majority of the networks perform terribly because they can't handle the data overload. Nothing more, nothing less.
Evan Bobbitt They should get one network a little better then crap, and work there.. then move on.. they don't have any good networks because it is becoming a pissing contest between them and verizon. (BTW Verizon is winning! Haha)
Adam Tamer Khodier U never will see it the government did not approve of the merge because it threats the us with a monopoly of power
Steve Ly T-mobile is getting lonely here... When will we see AT&T-Mobile in the future?
Jason King Sure why not, the only draw back is reliability & is the network ready? LTE is great but it's when Vzw was rolling it out there were a few outages which sucked but AT&T had fake 4G for a while now which sucked. I hate these companies that tout 4G and it's not really 4G. But in my opinion I think AT&T should walk before it runs. But only they know what they are capable of. Who am I to say they are not ready or should bring it up.
Art Morris AT&T has many areas that are still using their "EDGE" 2G service. I'm in one of them. In this era, that's just stupid. Verizon & Sprint have had 3g service here for years. HOw can they be competitive with such limited 3g & 4g coverage?
Mary Foley Whalen Well considering how much phone dog likes to talk about sprint, I guess someone needs to talk about what the other carriers are doing....
Chris Arrington They should be talking about it. Then again, they shouldn't. Therefore, I would have to say ''Probably, but maybe not.''
Collin Hoylman They should work on Getting better coverage first lmao
Rogelio Victoria Ummmm. Probably not.
Pierre Hughes I love phone dog ;))
Brad Blackstone That could be the only downside
J Litz Van Is this a question even worth asking? That's like asking if we would like to win the lotto. Of course they should expand their LTE network & always look to moving forward.
Dan Hammen Heh, way to keep people from investing in theory current 4G devices
Brad Blackstone Sure. I guess. Haha.
Roman Holland Yeah but it's not faster than LTE.
Kenneth Torres It doesn't matter
Roman Holland No! AT&T barely runs on 4G LTE! Actually they just started!
Patîrnichi Constantin i still use 2g and im fine with that
Cat MacKinnon haha...i'm still rocking 3G.
Rudy Isaiah Santana Yeah!!!:D, I can't wait til the 21st though

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