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BlackBerrys have long been the go-to smartphone for folks in the enterprise, but it looks like RIM's grip on the title of king of the workplace may be starting to slip. According to a survey completed by iPass for its Mobile Workforce Report, 45 percent of the total 2,300 workers polled said that they used an iPhone for their business needs in 2011, a jump from 31.1 percent in 2010. BlackBerry fell from the top spot in 2010 to second place with a 32.2 percent share of the workers polled. Meanwhile, Android saw its usage nearly double in 2010, going from 11.3 percent up to 21.3 percent in 2011, enough to finish in third place. Rounding out the pack is Symbian at 7.4 percent, Windows Mobile at 5.5 percent, and "Other" at 2.1 percent.

Overall smartphone usage has also grown considerably, reports iPass, as 95 percent of mobile workers have a smartphone and 91 percent use their smartphones for work. These high numbers are thanks in part to the fact that many employers are adopting BYOS (bring your own smartphone) policies. iPass says that 42 percent of employees use their own smartphones for work, a figure that's up from 34 percent last year. It's not all good news, though, as the report shows that being connected all the time has led one in three workers to lose sleep over work and to one in four employees getting less than six hours of sleep per night.

We've seen both Android and iOS capture quite a bit of the consumer market, so it makes sense to see that the both platforms are also beginning to take control of the enterprise side of things, especially as more and more employers let their employees use their own smartphones for work rather than issuing company-specific devices. It'll be interesting to see how these figures look going forward; Android and iOS are gaining more enterprise support and business-friendly features, but RIM is also hard at work on BBX, which could cause regular folks and employers to give BlackBerry another look. Do any of you use a smartphone in your line of work? If so, which OS is it running?

iPhone Captures Top Smartphone Spot in the Enterprise According to New iPass Mobile Workforce Report

Business smartphone usage climbs to 91 percent of mobile employees – productivity and sleepless nights set to rise

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., November 16, 2011 –iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading provider of mobility services for enterprises and service providers, today published its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report, which found that iPhone has unseated BlackBerry as the top smartphone among mobile employees with 45 percent market share, and overall business smartphone usage has increased to 91 percent.

The findings come as mobility in the workforce expands within enterprises and business smartphone usage rises. Today 95 percent of mobile employees have smartphones, up from 85 percent in 2010, with 91 percent using their smartphone for work – a 26 percent rise compared to 2010. This is due in part to the adoption of “bring your own device” policies by enterprises. Currently 42 percent of mobile employees use individually-liable smartphones for work, up from 34 percent last year. The report also found that this expansion within enterprises has also reduced the median age of a mobile employee to 41 – indicating that mobile employees are no longer only business travelers; they are every knowledge worker with a smartphone.

“Today’s mobile employees are critical to the success of every enterprise, contributing 240 more work hours a year than their non-mobile counterparts. Connectivity is essential because work is no longer where you go but what you do,” said Evan Kaplan, president and CEO of iPass. “While increasing iPhone usage in the workplace was inevitable, this is the tipping point when the iPhone has overcome the Blackberry on its traditional enterprise turf, and business smartphones are in the hands of nearly every knowledge worker.”

Smartphone Attachment

The Mobile Workforce Report also found the saturation of mobile devices has led to a hyperconnected workforce that is sacrificing sleep and exercise for their jobs. One in three mobile employees claimed that they sleep less due to work and one in four mobile employees sleeps less than six hours a night. More than half reported that they exercise erratically or not at all — 60 percent attributed lack of exercise to work. The report also found that mobile employees are emotionally attached to their smartphones – 59 percent would feel disoriented, distraught or lonely if they were without a smartphone for even a week.

Other findings include:

Mobile employees waste only about 28 minutes on technology distractions. The top two most time consuming technology distractions are work-related – first work email, second technical issues and third social media.

BlackBerry market share declined slightly from 35 percent in 2010 to 32 percent today, while Android nearly doubled market share year over year, growing into the number three spot (surpassing Nokia/Symbian) with 21 percent market share.

Tablet ownership has grown to 44 percent of mobile employees, up from 33 percent in second quarter of 2011.

Mobile employees describe themselves as highly proficient when it comes to technology (69 percent), compared to 6 percent who rated themselves as fairly proficient or non-proficient.  As a result the majority of mobile employees only contact IT as a last resort (81 percent).

About the Report

The iPass Mobile Workforce Report is published quarterly and based on a survey of more than 2,300 mobile enterprise employees at 1,100 enterprises worldwide between September 27 and October 26, 2011. The iPass Mobile Workforce Report can be found at http://mobile-workforce-project.ipass.com.

About iPass Inc.

iPass helps enterprises and service providers ensure their employees and customers will be well connected. Founded in 1996, iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) delivers the world’s largest commercial-grade Wi-Fi network and most trusted connectivity platform. With over 600,000 connection venues, iPass gives its customers always-on, frictionless connectivity anywhere in the world – easily, quickly, securely and cost effectively. Additional information is available at www.iPass.com or on Smarter Connections, the iPass blog.

Via CNET, iPass

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"Is an iPhone better than a BlackBerry?"

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Alexx Plotsker sorry to say it, but blackberrys are old news already.
Anonymous Of course an iPhone is better than a BlackBerry! If RIM comes out with BBX, I may change my mind.
Anonymous I've never even used a BlackBerry before... but my friends say the Qwerty keyboard is very useful. That advantage is mitigated by the newer keyboards on the touchscreen phones though.
Marc OKelly freedom
Justin Ibarra Idk i like keyboard but the iPhone is cool. I would say iPhone
Terria Brown Blackberry
Mohammad M. Ghosheh I have a bb so I would have to say that the iphone is quit a dream come true..but bb have a full Querty keyboard which is actually useful for messaging and typing methods!!! So bb is better in my opinion.
Charles Jones Android freedom! IPhone jail!
Dalton Aeschlimann Yes. No question.
Syedul Islam I actually lold at this question
Sergio Rubio Wtf? How did android come into this discussion? Some of you Android guys try a little too hard to get others to notice your OS/phone....enjoy it and stay out of iPhone discussions
Zulfi Rasool And ur a PIMP at hustlin street??? :D
Zulfi Rasool @Noah i would suck your dick.. But clearly ur Justin Bieber's Sister :p
Sandra Dusek Furtado Probably, had bb hated it never had a iphone. Love my droid
Hassan Ali Yeeah course its better than bb because of its processer and the camera is just mental
Jennifer Manson Hell NO , fuck iphone
Stian Grøtåsen The answer is obviously yes. We'll se what QNX can do or whatever they will cale it on their phones.
Nammir Saad Jabboory Blackberry crap iphone no.1
Paul Alexandru Way better
Syed Mujtaba A banana with a sim card shoved in it is better than the I"phone".
Joyal Rathva ha ha ha lol, no doubt
Noah Ward @miguel yea you can multitask but iPhone can't which saves battery, and I clarify I use the music and stuff 45 at school cuz that's my lunch time but I use it like non stop at home. I'm really happy mainly because its just easy to use ya know it's not complicated to find one app because they are all right there and I dont have to scroll in a app bar forever
Marvin Breakfield Apple, try redesigning the thing.
Marvin Breakfield Iphone is overrated. It was revolutionary when it first came out, but now it's just another phone. I mean they just came out with a voice command while Android has had it for years. I know on my Samsung Galaxy S 2 I can't just ask it a question and it responds in voice. I have to say open calendar and it does no problem. My ex-wifes Iphone has had so many problems and she still thinks it's better. Hahahaha. And Manuel Sahagun, you are right, my former in-laws are always charging their Iphone.
Andrew Liston Is the pope catholic?
Jesse Ling blackberry is a business tool,ifags and androids are just expensive toys
Miguel Sahagun *oh and I can multitask on mine. Its annoying on iphones when you can't do this. I'm notorious for jumping in and out of apps like its a desktop. That's the real beauty of Android
Miguel Sahagun @noah what am I wrong about exactly. You stated you text, go on fb and browse/listen to music for 45 mins. That's veeeery light usage. You get about 20% more. batt than my GS2 doin the same thing. Granted that I browse in full flash with gmail, weather, yahoo, and all my other apps synced up. It all becomes a moot point since between charging intervals you get pretty much a days worth of productive usage from both phones. Why would anyone want to leave their phone at 20 to 30% anyways. I see EVERY kind of phone at work charging because nodody wants their phone yo drop less than 50%. And yes ask me how many iphones are aaallllways charging I dare ya lol
Denny Khav Do I even need to say iPhone? iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone Blackberry??? Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Ed Plnia I think that almost everyone here comment to what's the better system and the question is about enterprise usage! Don't rate the system and read the question and the give the right answer!
Tyler Madsen Yes easily!!
Dee Nazario The iPhone is a better media device while the Blackberry is the better communicator.
Kevin Joel ANDROID and we know it. Damn you fan boys.
Noah Ward Make that 4 androids actually. I forgot about my Mytouch 3G. I've been on every android version. I had the Mytouch on 1.5, then I got a Samsung intercept on 2.2 and then a blackberry for a bit, the I had the HTC thunderbolt on 2.3 then a droid and here I am on iPhone. So say I look up stuff but your seriously wrong.
Hector E Craig They both suck. Period. Android ftw.
Noah Ward @Miguel and @ xulphy, both of you are wrong for one i use my iPhone all day from like 10 am to 11 pm and it still has like 50%. As for you Xulphy, I have had 3 droids a Blackberry and now a IPhone so you can blow me you unibrowed goat fucker. I know all 3 OS's so you don't have shit on me. Suck a dick.
Patrick J OConnor lets see a dog fight on phonedog to see what phone is better lol
Linda Babilaa Really that was a serious question. And you really wanted serious responses. Phonedog it must be a slow day for you guys. Who even uses Crackberries anymore. Yuck
Xavier Jackson Hands down.
Patrick J OConnor well that is true they are all different
Marti Ruiz both suck
Clay Asato haha no. well, both of them are not quite suited for enterprise. the blackberry does give the impression of a professional while the iphone is a kids play toy. of course, both run on their own dedicated servers that crash all the time.
Jaylen Riley Dddduuuuhhh
Eric Shayna iPhone>crap>blackberry>android
Chris Rodriguez Is a Bugatti better than a Kia?
Patrick J OConnor I have a blackberry and i like it a lot never had any problems with it.. I had a htc and a droid had nothing but problem with it they suck ass...
Martin Hernandez Can't believe there was a such thing as "Crackberry"
Will Beckman HTC Droid > iphone > blackberry
Nole Lazaroff HAHAHA! What kind of question is that??
Cody Dee Burachenski Is this even a question? come one phonedog.
Trever Pitts Watch out blackberry BBX phones will come out soon full touch screen. 1.5 gb of speed will kick some ass
Paul Davis Who cares, as long as the phone works I'm good.
Aaron Andrew Caniglia Why is this even a question? Everyone knows the answer
Rohan Patel iOS is a toddler compared to Android and Blackberry
Reece Beaulaurier i don't even like the new iPhone but duh its better than any blackberry
Raxit Patel @miguel-what do u mean?
Brandon Knight I have the blackberry curve and hate it
Kris Sabo Yes bit not better than myHTCsesation
Chad Richter This has nothing to do with android so stfu. I prefer my phone not to freeze up and randomly restart so I chose ios over bb and never looking back
Dre Day Uh yeah...
James Treszoks I would take a feature phone from 2000 over the iDon't
Gerardo Castillo 9 times out of 10 yeah its better than BB... Because I currently own and use the BB Torch 9800 in white and thinking of upgrading to an Android like the Samsung Infuse 4G or HTC Inspire 4G. I used to own the iPhone 2G, 3G, & 3GS since when they came out and I think its better than my BB, there software and more stuff like that, since my BB likes to FREEZE too much, and now my touch screen isn't responding to the touch and doesn't work how its suppose to, I think Blackberry's are the worst made smartphones in the market, they are the ugliest phones I've ever seen. I chose the BB Torch because of its slide up keyboard and touch screen, but it doesn't work now!! Instead of naming it "Blackberry"... Let me change the name "CRAPBERRY!!" *Best to worst smartphone "made" category* Android>iPhone>Windows Phone>Blackberry
Sebastian Il Nope blackberry has a boss email client and I get emails faster than one desktop, my sister has an iphone and I hate it I'm an 8703e user and I'm proud of it
Everett C W Byrd For Enterprise? Blackberry hands down. Let me know when a blackberry gets hacked from a magnet or inserting a usb cord into a linux pc. Sorry no-one here has anything worth keeping secret.
Patrick J OConnor no iphone suck ass at times.to .. i am all about blackberry battery last longer then the iphone. the blackberry does what i want it to do, and you all need to fine a phone you like not what other people tell you to get.... try them both out and u tell me what you like... BLACKBERRY is in my pocket...
Robert Centennial Only people still on blackberry are cock and balls
Marvin Rodriguez Yes iPhone is better than a bb. Now on the other hand Android is better than iPhone
Ricky Rodriguez iphone is just really a great phone wayyyy better than blackberry but i love android
Hector Portalatin ice cream sandwich 4.0 Android take ova btch!!!!
Miguel Sahagun @raxit explain BB to that dumbshit noah lol
Chris Montana Android>iOS>BB
Lance Johnson Never Ever own another Crapberry.... the only phone that shits on itself
Dom Inik Not true. Blackberry all the way!!!!!!!!
SungBin Park iphone is 1,000x blackberry
Zulfi Rasool Noah is a kid who uses google all the n sees all the concept phones n believes they r real n make thm hz imaginary phones with telescope n shit :p
Raxit Patel Have been a BB user for the last 5 years.. Thinking to say gbye to BB and move with I4S.. Its a tough decision to make since I travel outside the country a lot and all I do is replace the sim card with the other countries sim card and I'm all set! My current BB is unlocked however. Not sure how this will even work with I4S!
Miguel Sahagun @noah so you moderately use your iphone and amazed at the battery life.LMAO. Of course little usage and you'll have good life. My GS2 goes for hours and hours in my moderate useagw also so its nothing new
Andrew William Sheldon Yes only because of the apps stick an iphone in a bb then would have perfect phone :)
Ken Humphlett No but Android is better than both!
Asher Enciso It depends. Business? Blackberry wins hands down in my opinion
Nikolas Manuelides Blackberry is the worst "smartphone" in the market, its a smartless smartphone, and i dont even like iphone, but bb is crap. Android Rulez!
Jobany Zamora Hell yeah it's better
Michael Diaz THE!!!!
Miguel Sahagun @issam so you didn't realize that the BB was the only go to enterprise phone in their time?? Your irrelevant post shows you know squat about this. The iphone was a toy when it came out and has evolved sure. Kick a man when he's down but BB has the long storied history to prove its lasted.
Jeremy Stewart Anyone want to trade my iPhone 4 for a blackberry 9930 on Verizon?
Kenny Kemp Yes iPhone is better than blackberry phone also windows 7.5 Mango will soon overtake blackberry
Noah Ward Woah woah woah. I have an iPhone 4S and I love it, I went from a droid 2 with android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and I love the feel of the iPhone, the battery life is amazing (I go to school on about 98% battery (@9:30) and come home with between 90%-88% (@4:30) all with the occasional text in class and normally 45 min of music and browsing around and being on Facebook frequently, also I love the screen, it's amazing and the camera truly shoots 1080p hd, I did a interview video with it in HD. The droid on the other hand had only 2 features that were good, the keyboard and the free music apps. Plus for me I like all the awesome accessories for my iPhone, there's like remote control cars that are controlled on a iPhone or iOS device and there are like camera addons for like actual photography and I even saw a microscope attachment for looking at slides and things... Well imma end my rant on this note: BLACKBERRY AND ANDROID BOTH SUCK DONKEY PECKER AND THEY IOS IS THE KING!
Robert Centennial Rimbots making the battery argument have never used the Bold 9900.
Eriq Blaque a rotary phone is better than a blackberry
Miguel Sahagun Its taken Android only 2 solid years to overcome Apples hold on the cellphone industry and will do so again in the tablet industry very soon
Moises Castro Im an iphone hater, the anti iphone, but imma say yes it is better than a blackberry, n I used to use blackberry, now use android
David L. Clark Not a huge feat...
Issam El Kouartey @ miguel : you don t know what you taling about
Noel Lv ANDROID FTW! ..they both suck ass in there own way ..BlackBerry freezes so much Idk how the hell people put up with it .and its so boring to use,..iPhone, no freedom. Why jailbreak it when you can just buy an high end android phone .. that does everything, no limitations of my knowledge..
Robert Narvaez Iphone Rock
Miguel Sahagun Dumbshit invalid question since BB is falling. But BB was better than cr@pple in their hayday. Android is better than cr@pple
Zulfi Rasool Blackberry is dull..
Isaac Dadda Manford dats lyk asking is taco bell bettr than mcdonalds
Elaine Killingbeck DePasquale I had a BlackBerry Curve until recently when I upgraded to the iPhone 4s. I like the iPhone but miss a lot of the BB features. What I DON'T miss is how I had to close out of all the programs on the BB, and how everytime I uninstalled a program the phone HAD to reboot!
Anonymous it goes iphone, then nexus(android) none of those other bullshit android phones that our fragmented to shit!.. then blackberry and windows 7!
Ed Plnia Hell no the iPhone don't last the whole day without charging, you need to charge the phone twice a day
Quentin Hickman Is that even a question ?!
Landon Empey hell yes!
Vishant Khunti I'm surprised RIM isn't out of business with its outdated and overpriced phones. The new curve is like $50 more expensive than the iphone 4s.
Ed Plnia For enterprise usage I don't think this iPhone is better than any blackberry! I personally have iPhone 4S, Blackberry bold 9930 and Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch! The iPhone can be better for anything else but enterprise
Ernest Marvin Esteban Yes. but Android is still better...
Tony Salazar I have a 9700 and I did try the Iphone and went back to my BB. Iphone is NOT for everyone.....
Mark Fisher Jr. Hell yeah it's better than that blackberry shit. I wouldnt let a blackberry get within ten feet of my pocket.
Eskias McDaniels LG voyager wow talk about a trip down memory lane ha. in regards to the question i dunno personal preference but bb's are secure as a hell
Brian Escamilla Definetly but androids is better
Sachin Swami i have a blackberry 9930 and i must say i want an iPhone at times :'( . blackberry had only a couple things left that made them unique and they're losing those too. like battery life, i can only get a day out of my bold 9930 and sometimes it dies before the day ends. an iPhone will get you through a day for sure. there is no apps and the os isn't appealing to the eye. the advantages are the keyboard, reliable os, the touch with type. BBM is overrated and isn't helpful to an American teenager when all his friends use iMessage, i got it because of the "blackberry" battery life and the global sim slot (for when i go travel) but but the iPhone i think gets better battery life now and the 4S has a global slot. how ever blackberry released a beta for blackberry traffic so at least there is finally turn by turn navigation
Collin Hoylman Windows phone. Thats a good one. Lmao
Carlos Nava Yeah !
Rey Amparo BOTH SUCK !!!
Joel Rivera Blackberry Is Best. Iphone is idk too blehhh for business.
Christian Herrera Iphone is almost a perfect phone, so I go with iphone
William Hall Windows Phone is better than both!!!
Ian Slade In every aspect apart from battery life! My curve lasted 4 to 5 days on a single charge, but the rest of the features are shit, which is why i replaced it with a 3GS lol...
Sergio Gamez Blackberry is winner by far!
Sam Bahhur Who else laughed when reading this?
Robert Centennial WP&, Android, and IOS are better than crapberry. That company should just die. Im tired of hearing about them and seeing them in the store. Also the last RIM fans are really annoying.
Dustin Carney barely...
Cameron Tanner Yes, blackberry is the same ole same ole no difference I'm operating system, iOS has many things you can do to make the experience better
Terrel Yorke BlackBerry is shit end of story rim. Should just quit
Jan Michael Cruz blackberry is still king when it comes to security, no doubt bout that. iphone is creepin in
Michelle Mims Yes, most definitely!
Derrick Holland That shouldn't even be a question. iPhone is far more sophisticated than that outdated junk.
Michael Mikhail yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Barnhart Who cares about the iPhone or Blackberry? Android is where it's at!
Andre Ruano Hell yeah it is better than Crackberry
Carrie Abbott My LG Voyager was better than a Blackberry.
Jacob Eckstein Who's BlackBerry ?
Allen Drewe What isn't better than blackberry?

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