LG Majestic render leaks, shows what an Optimus Black with U.S. Cellular branding looks like

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 17, 2011

LG Majestic U.S. Cellular

Earlier this year we learned that LG's Optimus Black was going to be making its way to a number of U.S. carriers, including Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Virgin Mobile. Sprint's version came to market last month under the name LG Marquee, but we've yet to get any more details on the other Optimus Black variants since the original report surfaced. That's changing today, as the folks at Pocketnow have stumbled upon an official-looking product render of the LG Majestic, which is reportedly going to be U.S. Cellular's version of LG's bright-screened device. The hardware of the Majestic itself looks relatively unchanged from the plain Optimus Black, though the software has unsurprisingly gotten an injection of U.S. Cellular flavor.

So when might the Majestic be let loose into the wild of U.S. Cellular stores across the country? Last we heard it was supposed to arrive sometime in September, but obviously that didn't happen. Unfortunately there aren't any new Majestic launch details to report, so any customers interested in buying the device are going to be waiting at least a little bit longer before brightening up their lives with it.

Via Pocketnow