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Bah!  Who needs a Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Verizon's hitting the holiday season hard with three new high-end 4G LTE Android smartphones.  Two of them - the Motorola DROID RAZR and the HTC Rezound - are already available in stores for $299.99 with a contract.  The DROID RAZR is the thinnest 4G LTE device to date, measuring in at a scant 7.1mm thin.  It packs a dual-core 1.2 GHz TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display with PenTile, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, and Android 2.3.5.  The Rezound is no slouch either; on top of a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, it's packing a 4.3-inch true 720p HD display and is the first Beats by Dr. Dre HTC device to land in the United States (and it comes with headphones to boot). 

Obviously, both phones have advantages.  If size and better battery life are important to you, the DROID RAZR will most likely be the winner.  If music and a gorgeous HD display are what you're after, the Rezound will be the better device.

I turn it over to you: which 4G LTE device are you most interested in, the Motorola DROID RAZR or the HTC Rezound?  Cast your vote and let me know why in the comments!

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Khalil Qatawneh motorola Driod RAZR
Mansoor Ahmed I want both...:p
Ryan Etzel @rezoud
Mark Belkowski The rezound, wish i had an upgrade or money to buy one.
Justin Ibarra HTC Rezound!!!!!!
Tracy Williams I have both rezound n the razar. Rezound is better to me. 1.5 dual core vs 1.2 2.0 front camera vs 1.3 dual flash vs 1 flash beats sucks cuz it only works with the phone software. Not pandora/slacker etc. Ever phone has pros n cons it depends on what u want.
Anonymous Rezound, hands down!!
Andry Thérèse HTC of course with the HTC Rezound !!!!
Tomas Hernandez I prefer the Droid Razr.......
Chris Montana Rezound anytime anyday
Mohammad M. Ghosheh The htc. Both are wonderful 4G as people say. But the motorolla I used to had broke by 1 fall so I hate it. The htc in the other hand is tough and got a high chance in the market.
Raunaq Kumaran out of these two the Rezound, great specs and if i have to choice a custom skin it'll be Sense. but IMO the Galaxy Nexus is a MUCH better choice!
Nicki Ann Barr htc rezound.when I upgrade.I can't upgrade .till nov 2012.long .wait.I can't afford the full retail .price if I buy it now
Orion Pax People putting iPhone here and bashing Android, then stick to your restricted communist device.
Orion Pax I just saw the Rzr.. The screen is garbage..
Keith Howells razr is nice and thin; a bit too wide and the display is not great; REZOUND feels similar to the T-BOLT but waay faster and screen is GEORGOUS!! I'm waiting on the NEXUS!
Brian H Foote "H*T*C ~ R*E*Z*O*U*N*D" hellz yeah!!!!
Bradley Warren Hanstad if they rezound had beats in anything BUT the stupid music app then I would love it. WTB slacker beats, or spotify beats.... BUT NOOOO
Jared Prado Rezound
Jonathon Licht bionic is better. and extended battery life.. awsome.. bionic wins
Mary Winskie Syms Luv my Razr. Battery lasts me 24 hours so why would I want to remove it??
Danielle Marie Morales Resound, I love HTC and the Sense UI
Kevin Mybigman i will choose HTC Rezound.....
Gary R McDaniel Ilove my new Data!
Chris Artis Galaxy Nexus!
Sebastian Il Rezound = Beats its obvious
Eduardo Ordaz Both are great Android phones
Prince Steven REZOUND all the way
Marie Koehler Chico I LOVE my Evo about as much as you can love a phone so I'd have to pick the Rezound, HTC is amazing :-)
Raynard Robinson Razr all the way I have had a droidx for a year and a half never had a problem so I know the razr is awesome and sense is boring looks the same on ever single device on every carrier
Juha Wahlsten Neither. Android is buggy crap.
??? RAZR
Ron Smith I'm an HTC man so I'll have to go with the resound
Armando Sanchez The rezound.
Steven Le Rezound for beats
Brandon Worley Carry one of each....HTC hands down is a better experience
Phil Bridgetoclarity I have the rezound and I won't be returning it. It is fast. I haven't even tried the beats audio. Not the reason why I bought it. It's not too thick for me. I will be getting a second battery. No complaints from me.
Steve Moore Niether, I'm done with Verizon. They release a new phone every week. Just riding my year and a half out, then I'm buying a couple of tin cans and some string.
Asher Enciso @Ben you can't really say anything techy because you said that is running at 1.2 and 1.5 mhz.... ROOKIE mistake like, super-noob mistake. its ghz not mhz
Tim Miyashiro Neither because I don't have Verizon.
Kyle Miller RAZR u can video chat now
Darrow Fields Jr. Same phones, different manufactures, prefer HTC sense, dual flash, removable battery, better interface and it comes with earbuds. I played with both. REZOUND hands down.
Josh Graham HTC REZOUND!!!!
Shawn Smallwood galaxy nexus
Kevin Pizana Rezzzzzound
Sam Rick Razar looks sweet.I luv that qHD Amoled display.
Joshua Wilson HTC Rezound
Ken Tate Rezound!
Chad Richter Razr for sure. I work for vz and the speed difference alone is ridiculous. the rezound's beats music player isn't all that great and sense has become waaaaay too resource heavy. If any of you are on the fence, go with the razr. If you really don't like it, that's why you have a 14 day trial. ;)
Bob Allen Droid Bionic. After my Thunderbolt experiences, I'm giving up on the "latest and greatest" for a while!
Anthony Torres Ortiz iPhone 5/6 or whatever they'll call it!!
Stefan Telvian Galaxy Nexus
Anthony Bazaldua @Miguel A Rosa, Snapdragons suck in general, lol.
David Hilgendorf Rezound is WAY to laggy and battery like is a joke. Razr hands down. If you ask this question after the nexus is released it will be a different answer. NEXUS!!!!
Anthony Bazaldua Oh that's too easy! Galaxy Nexus of course.
Zach Cline Neither. Android blows chunks. I switched to the iphone from it and it blows these buggy pieces of shit out of the water.
Ben Wright Cant believe all the people that say rezound, I LOVE my razr....i dont think people should comment unless they have one. because i used the rezound, and honestly, it wasnt that impressive. you really cant tell the processor power difference. its hummin along at 1.2 mHz (razr) and the 1.5 mHz (rezound) isnt even noticable. the screen and design factor of the razr FAR outdoes the rezound.
Henry Lavender Rezound, despite the lag. It's HD display, bundled Beats and the RAZR has a fugly UI (even though it has Smart Actions)
Michael Langley RAZR. 2 words: battery life.
David McClain I have played with both in my local Verizon store, I prefer the Rezound.
Carl David but i want windows 7 phone
Ysidro Fernandez Razr, i heard beats on the rezound n its just a marketing gimmick, i would give it to the ear buds tho... the screen on razr looks much better too...
Carl David HTC Rezound for me
Justin John Litz Van HTC rezound. I also find it funny how hard it is for some people to answer a simple question. The poll isn't, "do you prefer the Motorola razr, HTC rezound, iPhone, sprint, dominos pizza, ballroom dancing, southwest airlines or jc penny's." It's, "do you prefer the Motorola razr or HTC rezound". Pretty simple, eh?
Shawn Harlow Neither of them are too apealing, but if I had to pick it would be the rezound..I have at&t and Sprint
RockinRose Wolf Donnell HTC all the way
Shawn Harlow @ Victor, Sprint is awful . Well atleast In MI it is ...just terrible , I have the galaxy s 2 epic 4gtouch . It's a brick compared to my inspire . Believe it....
Nathan Wright Nokia Lumia 800 is my absolute favorite but between these two....the razr for sure.
Marko Teullet Rezaound
Namkell Kelly None of these UIs are better than Go Launcher..except sense
Perro Rosello RAZR. Dual core Snapdragons suck...
Fehr Felegrino IPhone sucks I had it ans switched to Android, I would get the rezound
Namkell Kelly Rezound...beats audio and as always HTC sense..everyother phone maker should step their UI game up
Hendrick Equis M Galaxy nexus
Bill Gillespie oh and i like the razr
Orewa Najib galaxy nexus off course
Bill Gillespie there always has to be a iphone troll.. go back to your non 4g havin toy and leave us alone
Coty Cox I use windows phone 7 but between those two I would pick the droid razr
Stephen Grancell IPHONE 4S YEAHHHHH
Daniel Pintor Droid razr!!
Erik Rosli I prefer the Razr over Rezound, but I wished it had removable battery and a better processor. Saw the video review, thought it was a bit laggy during browsing. Oh well, can't win it all.
Detrick Douglas Galaxy S IV
Scott Beaudoin Rezound ,,,, all the way ,raze feels like a small book in your hand ,the htc fits perfect ,, thc thanks for a good phone
Nicolas Flores Rezound Baby
ShehrYar Asghar Razr is better
Evan Yaffe rezound hands down
Sam Platz Rezound
Steven Jaycoxe Motorola DROID RAZR
Benjamin Lee Rezound. It has a better display than the iPhone, and it is just as fast as the RAZR. And it has beats.
Hywel Thomas Gs2 baaaaby oooohhh yeeeaaah
Lazar Veljkovic Nokia 6630
Reece Beaulaurier Razr and galaxy nexus
David Harness Out of those two, Rezound. Though I wish it was at least as fast as the RAZR
Sachin Swami rezound cause motor are sketch.. they have too many problems even though the motos battery life is beter
Joshua Pingley I am still content with my iPhone 4, but if I left iOS for Android, it would be for the RAZR.
Yuvi Love Samsung galaxy SIII
Victor Rios Neither...Sprint is better!
Niko Lapcic i prefer my iphone

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