Symbian Carla, Donna may follow Belle in Nokia's update line

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 17, 2011

Symbian Carla Donna

There are some mobile operating systems out there that use unique naming schemes for major updates alongside the typical numbering system. For example, Android uses desserts (Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich) and Windows Phone updates end with the letter "O" (NoDo, Mango, Apollo). We've also seen Symbian updates gain a naming scheme of their own with the release of the Anna and Belle, and now it looks like the names of the next to ladies in the Symbian update line have been revealed. According to a leaked photo of a slide purportedly from a Nokia Developer Day in Mexico, Symbian Carla is expected to be the title of the next major update for the platform, bringing with it an updated browser, secure NFC, improved widgets, and Dolby Surround Sound. Following Carla will be Donna, though not much is known about the D version of Symbian except that it may only be destined for dual-core devices.

Nokia's been focusing pretty heavily on its Windows Phone efforts as of late, but it's good to see the Finnish firm continue to show love to the folks sticking by Symbian. Obviously details are still light on both Carla and Donna, but it's rumored that the former may be coming sometime later in 2012. You can be sure that we'll pass along the deets on both of these ladies when we get them.

Via Engadget, Symbian Latino