AppleCare+ now available up to 30 days after iPhone purchase

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 19, 2011

AppleCare+ purchase period extension

When Apple originally unveiled the iPhone 4S, it also took the wraps off of its new $99 AppleCare+ program for the device, which extends the repair coverage and technical support to two years and allows a customer two instances of repair work on a handset damaged due to handling at a rate of $49 each. At first Apple said that the service could only be bought at the time of the phone purchase, but it allowed those owners that pre-ordered the device to purchase AppleCare+ through November 14th due to confusion during the pre-sale process. Now it looks like Apple has changed its policies once again, as a document leaked to Sprintfeed shows that those that pre-order the device now have until December 15th to sign up for AppleCare+ protection.

Apple's also extending the purchase period for folks that have recently bought an iPhone but passed on AppleCare+ at the time of the transaction. The company's site now shows that customers can buy AppleCare+ within 30 days of the iPhone purchase, though if you plan on going that route you'll need to either call up Apple directly or make an appointment at your local Apple Genius Bar to have the phone inspected. Both options also require a proof of purchase.

Although not everyone will feel the need to plunk down the $99 for AppleCare+, the service is nice to have for the more clumsy among us. (Or as Aaron might put it, folks that could be in the running for President of the Butterfingers Club.) It's good to see Apple extending the purchase period for the service, especially considering that some folks may not want to spend an extra $99 on top of the price of their new phone at the time of the transaction. How many of you have put down the cash for AppleCare+ on your new iPhone or plan to do so now that the purchase period's been extended?

Via Engadget, SprintFeed, Apple

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