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The launch, or lack thereof, of the Galaxy Nexus is frustrating, to say the least. Google and Samsung took the stage just over one month ago and announced the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. This was nearly two weeks after the original scheduled announcement date, which was supposed to take place at CTIA. Although their reasons for postponement were noble, it doesn't change the fact that they have, in almost every way possible, botched this launch.

When the rumors of the Galaxy Nexus first picked up, it was believed that Google had bumped up their tentative launch schedule to impede iPhone sales. Had they launched the Galaxy Nexus within a week or two of the iPhone 4S, their plans probably would have met decent success. No Android phone is going to stand in the way of a slew of Apple fanatics snagging the latest generation iPhone on launch day. But at least it could sway some of those fence riders in the other direction.

Instead, Google and Sammy delayed their announcement and thus threw the entire launch of the product off kilter. It has disrupted the entire tech world and apparently thrown Earth off of its rotational axis.

On stage at the announcement, Google nor Samsung gave us a solid date for the Galaxy Nexus. They did, however, reveal that it would arrive at some point in November. Matias Duarte, Director of Android User Experience at Google, later affirmed that general launch window while on camera at On The Verge with Joshua Topolsky.

When we were told to expect the Galaxy Nexus in November, though, we were not told which specific carriers would be receiving the Galaxy Nexus right away. Regardless, we assumed that since rumors pointed to Verizon having an exclusive with the device, that Big Red must be getting the device in November. Never did it occur to me that this could be for the UK version and that we here in the States may not see it this month. In truth, that could still happen; there are still 11 days in November. But time is running out, and "leaked inside info" (that could easily be false, dated or out of context), is hinting at a December release.

Sigh ... Is anyone else getting sharp flashbacks to, say, the ThunderBolt release?

As the title suggests, if this is how things go down, if the Galaxy Nexus does not officially land on Verizon's shelves in the next 11 days, I might cave and buy something else. I made a promise to my mother and grandmother that I would be giving them phones in November: my grandmother will be getting my old iPhone 4 as an early Christmas present and my mother, who kindly allowed me to use her upgrade to get my paws on the iPhone 4S for a while, will be receiving the iPhone 4S once the month is up.

I now know that any mention of the word "November" and misinterpreting the tentative date of November as the definite launch of a US-based Galaxy Nexus probably weren't the best decisions I've ever made. Nevertheless, if the Nexus does not launch this month, I am left with two options. I can either tell them that I was wrong (or blame Google and Samsung for "lying to us"), that the phone will come out in December and it's only a few more days to wait. Or I can give them the phones they were promised, in the time they were promised, and buy whatever phone Verizon currently has that is relatively impressive.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything on Verizon that I really even want at this point. The iPhone 4S is beginning to bore me, so I don't want to go back with iOS. The DROID RAZR, with Motorola Applications Platform and a mediocre display, just seems so ... passe. And the Rezound is yet another HTC product that has moved from mysterious rumored device to official without as much as piquing my interests. Beats audio is a gimmick, Sense UI is played out and buggy and those red capacitive buttons ...

This wouldn't be a problem, had those numerous rumored Ice Cream Sandwich halo devices been real.

I guess you could call me picky, or that my problems are trivial. And, of course, I could just buy something I don't really want at the end of November and exchange it for the Galaxy Nexus later. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone thinks quite like I do. Not everyone wants to play this waiting game and work the system by exchanging devices. In fact, neither do I. Not everyone is tired of the perpetual launching of nearly identical HTC phones, and not everyone thinks the iPhone is boring or the RAZR is already dated. It's these people that will not wait until December to buy their phone. Black Friday is under a week away and there are going to be countless deals on phones. If someone has been holding out or didn't cave on the iPhone 4S already in hopes of something bigger or better, they're probably going to be snatching up those Black Friday offerings and totally forgetting what that Nexus "Droid" thing is.

Of everyone I know, I'm probably the most excited for the Galaxy Nexus. Despite people complaining about the PenTile display (really, I think this is negligible at 720p and 315ppi), lack of a microSD slot or the hit or miss camera, I'm still deeply enthralled by the Nexus. I'm determined to get one. However, the fact that I'm even considering buying something else and just giving up on the Nexus for now (and likely waiting it out for a T-Mobile version, which is what I wanted to begin with) makes me question how much longer other people are going to wait for this phone.

Will you wait it out, no matter what? Or is there a time that you will quit waiting on the Galaxy Nexus (T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint users included) and buy something comparable? Feel free to vent and rant about how you wish Samsung and Google could finally get it together in the comments below!

Image via Mashable

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"Why is the Galaxy Nexus taking so long?"

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Jon Strong My guess - somebody at VZW realized that releasing this on the heels of the RAZR and Rezound would probably cannibalize their sales...and they probably decided to at least get some momentum with those phones before throwing the Nexus into the mix. Whatever the reason, I REALLY hope the Nexus is out soon -- I'm SO ready for it!
Pedro Costa ehehe iPhone FTW
Chad Allen just get a iphone 4s and dont worry about when that buggy fragmented mess comes out!
Niko Lapcic cuz its shit
Marcus Cadwell All the nexus had going for it was ice cream sandwich. Hardware wise, theres nothing special going on. Considering ice cream sandwich is coming to my new phone, I don't give a damn
Nathan Hosford Just read a review of the UK version no mass storage and no menu button in tons of apps so fail also official only 16gb and no SD card on Verizon so double fail
Scroll Lock And how the hell should I know?
Lewis Hachmeister It's gotta be perfect!!
Jeff Cross I just got an Atrix 2 for $50 at Best Buy. AT&T doesn't seem to be getting anything with ICS anytime soon let alone LTE in Orlando. I'm hoping the Atrix 2 will get the ICS bump in the next 6 to 8 months by the luck of the Android gods.
Hector Portalatin how lame..
Patrick Singleton Fear what you don't know
Mark Fisher Jr. It probably got hella bugs that needs to be work out.
Cory Wood Because for once, android is copying ios! Lying and creating an demand for the item! Uh oh apple your not unique anymore! Haha!
Zulfi Rasool Htc Sensation Xe.. lovin it..
Zakari Ghachi Why don't u stop asking stupid questions ?
William Smith It's verizon! If it was att or t mobile it would have been here! But like the thunderbolt and the bionic they suck at releasing phones that people really want until its to late!
Orlando Stagg Smh @ me? Lol Sure, I've been anxious for things but I've certainly never acted the way you are now. Btw, this "kid" is no kid. Everything I've said still stands. ICS code is already out, it still has to be compiled to work on each phone and all the different hardware and the Verizon version did just pass through the FCC this week. Sure, a solid release date would've been nice, especially since its already been released in the UK. All we can do is wait and hopefully if enough people skip this phone because they took too long, they'll do better with their announcement next time and be a little more strict with the carriers launching the phones.
Tony Abiama Hector what the hell are u talking about? Anxious is one thing but the ICS build is not going to be out for other manufacturers devices anytime soon. I'm more so pissed that there's no release date, nor is it confirmed that any other carriers will get it.
Chris Rodriguez Because Verizon fails at launching Droid phones that everyone is anticipating
Hector Portalatin patience for what I'm human u act u never been anxious for something before smh at this kid..
Orlando Stagg *ICS source
Orlando Stagg @ Hector, ODD source was realesed already. Do you really think its going to be on other phones before the Nexus device is out? It's never worked that way. Of course it hasn't been pushed to any phones yet. Code has to be compiled to work with the hardware from each manufacturer. And the code has only been out for what, a week? Or would you rather have a half baked version pushed out to your HTC/Motorola/Samsung phone? Patience is a virtue. It's just a phone.
John Zanatta It does disappoint me that there is so much time between announcement and US release. I think it lets it lose a little of the luster.
Paul Alexandru Because it's laggy...
Stephen Wagner Because Verizon sucks
Nick Mayner Just do a factory reset and BOOM, ICS! LOL. Go ahead try it out!
Jon Willis SMH SMH @hector SMH why'd you say ICS code when you meant SMH
Nick Mayner Didn't att buy tmo, anyways? Have fun with that. I'll keep my big red and take back this Razr, get the rezound, then swap it for the nexus. Oh yeah thanks big red for letting me keep my unlimited data! :P
Jeff Penczak This launch is nothing compared to the 9 months it took to get the Bionic.
Hector Portalatin Bro they haven't push it to other phones do u hav ics ? Exactly what im tryin to say.. smh
Chris Malone Hector, it is out now.
Kristopher Davis @Hector portlatin...ICS code is already released
Hector Portalatin Just release ics code before this year is over !
Jamille Browne This all wouldn't be a effing issue if google wasn't so damn passive about the release date during the announcement. How are you going to postpone the product announcement and then not state a solid release date. I don't want to wait till 2012 to get my nexus
Franky Frank just get tha Galaxy S2 from Sprint. If they had ICS on a S2 its hands dwn to the S2.
Christopher Keeley Why anyway is surprised by Verizon delaying a phone is beyond me.
Orlando Stagg My guess is that Verizon is the hold up. Almost thought about switching to them for it. They have a killer line up right now but they're shooting themselves in the foot releasing all these phones so close to each other and then holding back one of the most anticipated releases of the quarter.
Wayne Holley Yes I was about to say maybe it has smthin to with Verizon just like with the Thunderbolt but I'm being patient this time tho that Razr is tempting
Jay Massey What is the point?! It will only be the big thing for a couple of weeks!? I see lots of people saying things like "I'm about to go with SGS2", and people were JUST bitching about WHEN was the SGS2 going to be released! So who cares?! The novelty will be over soon enough!!
Moise Badou Because Google just doesn't get it...I would fire the person in charge of marketing in a heartbeat!!
Brian Blaauwbroek I agree with Endy. I am so tired of people constantly bashing other platforms. They are all amazing in their own way, its all about personal preference. This discussion is about Android so keep your comments to yourself.
Hendrick Equis M Yea I'm bout to go SGS2
Saj Varghese Fragmentation will do that
Tim Shull Maybe Rim.bought em
Max Nagtegaal Just buy an iPhone if you have the money for it.
Brandon Johnson You guys know why it's taking so long, VZW has gimped it in some way.
Samuel Joseph Pullen Got mine today ;)
Oscar Ortega They should of brought it to T-Mobile first! and then Verizon.
Dietrich Brown Good point its this or galaxy note for me
Mason Hartley Well they have to test it on the europeans first before selling it in america
Simon Kirshon It already launched in Europe, good morning
Bryan Kawashima Hope we get it soon so I can sell millions of them for AT&T!
Eduardo Ordaz Its worth the wait. I mean its ICS!
Adrian Fernandez Because Verizon decided to release three high-end phones (Rezound, Razr, and Galaxy Nexus) in the same month. They want each of them to sale so that's why they're releasing one at a time and Galaxy Nexus just happens to be at the end. It's already out in the UK.
Hector E Craig Comments like the one Arvydas made is what gets me mad about people. DUDE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF. WHO THE FUCKS CARES? and wtf you doing here obviously the tittle says GALAXY NEXUS NOT WINDOWS. FAMBOY SMH.
Jerry Parker Forget the Lumia, I want a Nexus
Michael Vann I agree. I think they have mismanaged this whole entire launch. At least push out 4.0 to the Nexus S .
Stef Vanhees who cares its just another boring phone like all the others id rather buy a nokia c3 than a galaxy nexus
Michael Abramyan Quit crying. They're making sure it's awesome enough. It's a Nexus, after all.
Matt Circonciso I'm happy with my CHARGE. Ice Cream Sandwich does look delicious though.
Rihards Baranovskis i got my yesterday, poor americans :D
Christopher Robin Linde Verizon is trying to get out of offering Nexus owners the "double data" promo
Arvydas Grušeckas Don't buy Galaxy Nexus. Android sux. Better buy Lumia 800! :)
Tony Baird I don't like it

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