We see a lot of phones these days, and not just because there are a lot of manufacturers out there. No, we see a lot of phones these days because there are a lot of manufacturers out there, and they are making a lot of phones. There is nothing wrong with that at all, truth be told. These companies make money by selling phones, and the only way to keep doing that is to make phones that everyone wants. Or someone wants, over and over again. It helps that companies like HTC and Samsung have multiple mobile operating systems to choose from to release a phone, while companies like LG (for the majority, anyway) and Motorola have chosen their Android ways, but manage to release plenty of devices (one company more than the other, though) anyway. But, here’s a question: why on Earth is Samsung the only company out there that can manage to make a truly flagship phone?

Samsung seems to have this down to a skill, actually. We saw it with the original Samsung Galaxy S, and we saw it again with the Galaxy S II. Both of these phones are phones that we still talk about, and these are phones that we’ll continue to talk about, even as we use them as placeholders and comparison devices. But, where are the devices that have garnered this much attention and praise from HTC, Motorola and LG? Nowhere to be found, that’s where.

Sure, Motorola, HTC and LG have some great phones, there’s no doubt about that. And they will continue to release great phones, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. And yes, they’ve got devices that people still talk about, long after their release. For Motorola, most would say that handset is the Motorola DROID, the handset that launched the DROID lineage for Verizon. For HTC, it would be the HTC Hero, which not only brought Android into the public eye in a whole new light, it also brought on Sense UI and a brand new craze for proprietary user interfaces on Android. But we aren’t talking about these handsets for the same reason we’ve got people talking about the Samsung Galaxy S II, not by a long shot.

Those devices were great in their own right, but they weren’t the benchmark for all other phones. These weren’t the handsets that everyone wanted to emulate, that everyone was aiming to not just match, but also beat specification for specification. Sure, the HTC Hero launched proprietary user interfaces for Android, but that was eventually going to happen anyway, HTC just beat the rest there. No one was lining up in the streets to get the Hero based on its physical specifications, after all.

So why is Samsung the only company that can manage to release a flagship device, but still release plenty of other devices at the same time? Why can’t HTC and Motorola do the same thing? Where is HTC’s Galaxy S II? Where is Motorola’s iPhone? Can we assume that HTC’s and Motorola’s strategy in the smartphone race isn’t the same as Samsung’s? I mean, they both seem perfectly content on releasing device after device, all of which feature new and better specifications than the last phone, but will be easily forgotten just two months after release. Just look at the Motorola DROID lineup and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Google’s got the Nexus (which, ironically enough, seems to be a Samsung brand now, too), and Samsung has the Galaxy S family. What does Motorola have, which actually features a stand-out, memorable device that everyone wants? Where is HTC’s phone of all phones, the one that all other companies want to emulate and steal the thunder from? That’s a long search, but unfortunately the results aren’t great.

I want these things, because it is more than obvious that both HTC and Motorola have the means to do this. So, let’s make it happen, ladies and gentlemen. Give us a phone that has HTC or Motorola branding that we’re talking about for months down the line, and we’re praising it long after its release. Make it happen!

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Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis Motorola so far
Jenny Reyes Talamisan
Jenny Reyes Talamisan I like to own MOTOROLA Razr.. but impossible to buy one here in the philippines.. because of its price.. i think i have to save more to buy one.. dying to have motorola razr.
Drew Page
Drew Page LOL how bout the one who gives up and concedes to Apple?
farmingpower106 HTC and MOTO
Don H Ashfield
Don H Ashfield Had an Acclaim then a Desire...just got a moto electrify...so far, so good...I love it
Sadman Sakib
Sadman Sakib Of course S2 went long away from other phones to compete with them
Justin Ladig
Justin Ladig motorola. good durability.
Irfan Mahmood
Irfan Mahmood Motorola i don't why peoples hate new kind of moto blurrrr......
Sasa Petrovic
Sasa Petrovic Sony and Motorola
Shin Wolf
Shin Wolf samsung!? But the best hardware in cp is nokia. I hope nokia embrace the android os
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph Samsung all day!!!! Had a GS1 and now I have a GS2 and love it!!!
Aniket Rathva
Aniket Rathva samsung & chelsea Rockssssss........:-):-)
Luchian Hristov
Luchian Hristov Well Samsung made 1000 models but one of them they say flagship and it is good for long time, that is true. HTC on other side keep made fantasy braking devices but why they copy them whit new names and similar specs and release as new model every day? Let's see Sensation and Sensation XE same phone a bit paint better battery and over clock processor actually on original sensation is down-grade frequency.
Chad Allen
Chad Allen Apple does defeat them and ios is king but of the android phones Samsung is head and shoulders above HTC and Motorolla!
Joyal Rathva
Joyal Rathva Samsung & Htc kings of smartphones ! Only Apple can try 2 defeat them ? Nokia, Lg & motorola only be part of smartphones !
Paris Hiltons
Paris Hiltons Samsung
Ayub Khan
Ayub Khan Coz they are not the game changers
Cole Edmonds
Cole Edmonds HTC
Fülöp Gábor
Fülöp Gábor My last three phone is Htc Legend,Htc Desire,and now i use Htc Sensation...these very cool,perfect devices. :)
Lily Maua
Lily Maua Motorola has the best hardware, at least for the DROID series.
José J. Landrau
José J. Landrau HTC THE BEST!!!!!!!!
Ashley Manieri
Ashley Manieri HTC is THE shit.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Like all of the UI's they are all the best. But HTC should stop using snapdragon processors on their phones they should use a better processor so they can be super super phones.
Sean Bardell
Sean Bardell HTC
GladisnFidel Jose
GladisnFidel Jose Samsung
Xingchi Ding
Xingchi Ding Because you do not have the total control of your software, PEOPLE who care their software should make their own hardware. You don't have your software, how can you make a good hardware?
Kris Sabo
Kris Sabo HTC hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar Samsung and Google are life bros they always leave new products and software together...so I say Samsung..
Aaron Aaberg
Aaron Aaberg While HTC and Motorola are clearly the leaders. Motorola takes the cake with Google owning it. Both have created flagship devices (HTC evo 3d) (Motorola photon) but the problem is the constant expanding and upgrading of mobile processors. Until the time comes where phones have the capability of upgradibility like computers (being able to physically remove ram and processors along with other components, and upgrade them) every mobile company will be limited by the hardware of capabilities of the hardware manufacturers products.
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross htc in the hand bu t i dont ike their batteries or camera
Bamm Grundie
Bamm Grundie Htc sensation xl a beast.......
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel Motorola
Jean Maxime Pierre
Jean Maxime Pierre I wish HTC and Motorola can make one phone for all carrier like Samsung
Casey Cunningham
Casey Cunningham Which ever one gives me a stock Android phone. Stop putting skins on these phones.
Jason Ditangco
Jason Ditangco HTC for HTC sense, but Samsung because of the beautiful display, larger screen sizes (Infuse <3), and just having Samsung phones all my life.
Anonymous Samsung!!!
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson Why stop at one phone when they can pump em out every 3 months and still get buyers?
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims HTC mind set is stuck on mid range and Moto is its own worst enemy with trying to out do the previous model instead of what the other competitors are coming out with.
Joe Hernandez
Joe Hernandez Moto and htc are good devices
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes UI Htc win, quality Motorola win,
Cody Moore
Cody Moore Htc. Luv it
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano Samsung all the way. Motorola is second. HTC is boring.
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders HTC make more than one flagship device, can't have just one, love my 3VO
Sam Platz
Sam Platz People bitchin' about the weight of HTC's.It's called good build quality.Rather have a slightly heavier phone that I know will hold up versus a plasticie pos like a Samsung.
Darren Walton
Darren Walton HTC.. love my sensation 4g
C Bryan Thomas
C Bryan Thomas HTC is my favorite phone manufacturer. I am a user of the HD2, Sensation and now the Amaze. I am a huge proponent of Sense UI...
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Samsung
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley HTC. I see waaay to many motorola devices back in my store after only weeks sometimes days of use... HTC is a far better quality built product. I carry an thunderbolt and a Razr...HTC hands down
Ken Sogamoso
Ken Sogamoso Moti
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson HTC!!!
Syed Shariq
Syed Shariq Samsung!
Christopher R Wofford
Christopher R Wofford Samsung of course, we are talking about flagship phones here
Jason Wyche
Jason Wyche I've tried the Atrix 2, Skyrocket, and Vivid all in the last month. If the Atrix 2 had a camera like the vivid or the skyrocket it would be my choice hands down. Im keeping the skyrocket because of the camera. If you could live with a subpar camera the Atrix 2 is the way to go. Overall here is how I would rank them. 1. Atrix 2 - 2. Skyrocket - 3. Vivid.
Rick Blake
Rick Blake HTC. But the dev cycle is so short that nothing is 'flagship'. Except Apple, and they contrive their cycle to maximize profits. Oh. and polish. Takes time to get it all right apparently...
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino HTC
Laurie Jensen Vervaecke
Laurie Jensen Vervaecke Love my HTC hd2. Wish I had this phone with Mango on it
Asher Enciso
Asher Enciso DELL haha no. How abouttttzzzz samsung. Best phones and decent at getting updates out
Shaunta Lovejoy Weems
Shaunta Lovejoy Weems HTC love my vivid
Phillip Parrish
Phillip Parrish HTC
Paul Davis
Paul Davis HTC keeps heavier and heavier, gonna have to hit the gym just to carry one around. They also have crappy locked boot loaders and suck worse than moto
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Moto releases phones every month, they need to sit back and release one big mofo and let all carriers use it.
Axel Caceres
Axel Caceres HTC! Sense is amaizing.
Jordan Scarano
Jordan Scarano HTC rules
Gerald Dawkins
Gerald Dawkins What needs to happen is stock android with the ability to load manufacture ui if and when u want it. I personally like sense
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein Used to be HTC for the longest time but now it's Samsung. I'm a sucker for a blazing fast device with a beautiful display.
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan Samsung is a beast when it comes to Android devices.
Jorge Irribarra
Jorge Irribarra Motorola... no doubt..
Salomon Murillo
Salomon Murillo Both HTC and Samsung
Noah Dominique
Noah Dominique Samsung
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme HTC or Samsung.
Steven Quintal
Steven Quintal Because they make a new device very other day!
Gerald Dawkins
Gerald Dawkins Htc currently the sensation, great phone. Would mind a Sony high end phone. Haven't tried a moto yet, too many issues with Samsung
Xingchi Ding
Xingchi Ding Samsung , best performance, htc poor performance and look, but solid build quality.
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull HTC. . . SAmsung for me
Carlos Zarate
Carlos Zarate Nokia :D they always makes good looking phones :P
Kehin Faux
Kehin Faux Alot of good arguments, but I still love HTC, but yeah they should just come out with one solid phone.
Joshua Marquez
Joshua Marquez Motorola they make great devices that are sturdy and have the best mics and speakers motorola all the way
Cesar Macareno
Cesar Macareno moto and htc!!
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling HTC
Juventino Sepulveda Jr
Juventino Sepulveda Jr The Galaxy S II FROM samsung are the best devices. Even if some people don't want to recognize that they are the best. Come on a phone. Come out with something better then we see. Mr. 3.5 inched screen
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. HTC and Motorola has been all about quantity over quality. They are just dropping too many phones. HTC has lost their magic since the OG EVO. Samsung is taking over now. Hopefully HTC gets that "it" factor back in 2012 or I'm just going to Samsung when its time to upgrade.
John Diamond
John Diamond Not Samsung....
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf I've loved all my android devices except two. By rank #1 G1 #2 Droid # 3 Droidx2 # 4 DroidX # 5 Mytouch # 6 Cliq So all Htc's and Motorola's I'm going with Motorola but I'm giving the Galaxy Nexus a go and that looks like it might grab that #1 spot for me
Michael Flores
Michael Flores HTC, unlocked boot loader .... enough said.
Jerry Trujillo
Jerry Trujillo My favorite is HTC they make great phones but android releases to many phones to keep up with. Each manufacturer should take time and build a solid flagship phone. With great hardware and stable software.
Edgar Perret-Gentil
Edgar Perret-Gentil sammy!
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen Samsung
Juventino Sepulveda Jr
Juventino Sepulveda Jr Apple sucks .bitches. SAMSUNG THE BEST.
Jordan Meinecke-Peterson
Jordan Meinecke-Peterson Motorola is too concerned with cranking out new devices every week or two. The problem is, there is nothing special about the new devices. The Droid Bionic is probably the best Motorola device on the market right now. I think they need to release device w/ a 3.5-3.6 inch display, a new ui, 8 megapixal rear camera, and a 2 mp, front facing camera, w/ a solid keyboard, and an exceptional battery life. A device with all these features, and a great battery life ( which always seems to be a problem) without making it a brick, would be flagship.
Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele Motorola only make phone for Verizon so they are not in my list. Samsung
Shawn Meadows
Shawn Meadows HTC.
Jorge L Morales Estrada
Jorge L Morales Estrada HTC and Motorola
Marc Hill
Marc Hill Samsung
Chris Rocha
Chris Rocha I like Motorola for looks and functionality tho like many said theyre often behind on the specs but they still make respectable Droid Phones/ I do wish they would increase the video capacity and make their software more reliable tho
Chris J
Chris J used to be HTC but now it's Samsung.
Ant Sambuco
Ant Sambuco If the razr was released*
Ant Sambuco
Ant Sambuco Samsung know how to make a phone and not release another one month later. They know what people like and it's not always about specs and how thin the damn phone is. motorola releases stuff to early. UnLike Apple and Samsung, Htc and Motorola don't know crap about sticking to one device for more than three months and sticking to it. THE DROID RAZR IS THE BIONIC! IT'S JUST THINNER! If the reader the razr 6 to 10 months later, the razr would be a flagship device and the bionic would be to cause it has time to become popular like iPhone and galaxy s series.
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent Asus
Jeremy Nixon
Jeremy Nixon Ummm... The htc evo 4G
Ethan Hoang
Ethan Hoang Google mehehhe
Byron E. Cóto
Byron E. Cóto After UI'S it was downhill
Casey Deeya
Casey Deeya HTC!
Steven Lynx Whyte
Steven Lynx Whyte HTC all the way!
Namkell Kelly
Namkell Kelly Htc
Per Kristian Sørpebøl
Per Kristian Sørpebøl My Desire HD is the most solid phone I ever had. But. I can't get a better battery :( Samsung in design, HTC in usability
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig I'm not going to say Samsung because I just go it the the epic touch. I will say HTC but Samsung did a fucking hell of a phone for me. Thanks!!!!
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Im pretty satisfied with my motorola photon, just gotta get sprint to get some 4g in my area so i can use it on it
Garry Oak Calabrese
Garry Oak Calabrese Motorola
Hated Newsome
Hated Newsome Htc all the way from htc mytouch 3g , mytouch 4g, htc wildfire S, htc evo, htc sensation 4g, htc flyer, htc jetstream all better than any other device ive owned especially any nonstylish crap apple product. But do have to give it up for samsung galaxy S2 all around a damn nice device.
Siddharth Krishna Dwivedi
Siddharth Krishna Dwivedi Samsung between the mentioned :- HTC
Allen Drewe
Allen Drewe Motorola phones are built well they just look boring and lack polish. Im hoping google changes this.
Stiven Cabrera
Stiven Cabrera Samsung definitely has the best looking/performing hardware.
Chris Wuest
Chris Wuest maybe because they come out with a new phone every weekend....lol
Michael Jasso
Michael Jasso Because for some reason they both rely on Apple to come out with new ideas for phones and tablets, and keep trying to give people what they think they want and haven't realized what Apple has...that people don't know what they want, they have to be shown what they want. Both of them have the capability to come up with flagship devices, they just don't.
Douglas Massell
Douglas Massell samsungs ability to make a phone last, HTCs software, and I can't really think of anything i want from LG or Moto
Christopher Pena
Christopher Pena I manufacture my own android flagship devices at home.
James Newman
James Newman My last three phones have been HTC devices, G1, HD2, and G2, and I love them. Had sense on the HD2 and hated it, but the option to turn it off was nice. All three phones had pretty good build quality.
Herwin Torres
Herwin Torres I have a motorola smart phone, and, I am very happy with the product. I'm of the opinion that diversity is a good thing.
Pierce G Hohenstein
Pierce G Hohenstein Samsung, however I am a self proclaimed Apple fanatic
Abdulkareem Adesokan
Abdulkareem Adesokan gotta be SAMSUNG
Luciano Ace Escobedo
Luciano Ace Escobedo When is google gna make a google phone a real! Google phone that they design that's why apple is on top everything comes from one company
Tatiana Lee
Tatiana Lee HTC
Trevor White
Trevor White HTC!
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo Samsung has had plenty of flagship devices: mainly the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.
Sam Rick
Sam Rick The HTC EVO 4G was a true flagship at the time of its release.
Adam Lalani
Adam Lalani Motorola
Sean McCollum
Sean McCollum They make 1 a week, and that's the problem.
Austin Proaps
Austin Proaps HTC for sure, and there are flagship devices, they just make them so fast that we don't tend to realize it.
Jesus Miguel Valenzuela
Jesus Miguel Valenzuela Get rid of the UIs! Stock Android is and always will be better than any custom UI. I wish they understood that.
George Kosta Petroff
George Kosta Petroff LG. I have the Optimus, not a high end phone but works great. It's fast and responsive and I've never had a problem with it.
Paul Gicewicz
Paul Gicewicz Samsung
Kris Reno Harris
Kris Reno Harris HTC Desire was an awesome flagship, and still serves me well ;)
Sam Platz
Sam Platz Htc
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr Because a new phone is released every week. It is impossible to always make flagship devices. That is why I prefer Windows Phone. Waing for Lumia 900 from NOKIA
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz SAMSUNG
Juha Wahlsten
Juha Wahlsten I wonder why Americans wanna buy an Asian device? Why not Motorola? It makes good devices these days. I personally think HTC is a dead manufacturer soon...
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Evo
Lance Burley
Lance Burley I know, like when tmobile had the wing that was a flagship device I wanted it and couldn't afford it at the time......I am looking for that type of device now......one that not a lot of people will have because of the price and the exclusivity......
Adam Khana Charsi
Adam Khana Charsi SAAAAAAAMSUNG.
Blake Alexander Urbaniak
Blake Alexander Urbaniak Samsung phones look like kid toys with all of their plastic. HTC designs represent a complete lack of taste. Motorola makes beautiful phones, but they are often behind on specs and they throw shitty software and locked bootloaders onto them. You are basically making sacrifice by choosing any of the above, whether it's in the area of specs, aesthetics, or functionality.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza Motorola all the way
Mike Grace
Mike Grace wasn't the EVO 4G a flagship device in its time? not to mention these manufacturers crap out phones every 6 months, so words like flagship are almost made irrelevant anyway.
Victor Rios
Victor Rios Well I have the Evo right now but going for the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch when I'm eligible for an upgrade...I prefer the Super AMOLED screen over the screen on this one.
Brian Walden
Brian Walden I'm loving my new Kindle Fire right now. I don't know who made it for Amazon but they did a great job. Love this thing!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez None! Apple makes the best hardware and the best software. Period.
Bob Fitzgerald
Bob Fitzgerald HTC and Sense FTW.. Apple blows.
Frankie Eddy
Frankie Eddy xperia arc family and samsung!
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo Gotta give it to my boys at Motorola. They keep me happy!
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie LG have never made a decent phone not once
Epoca Rudo Extremo
Epoca Rudo Extremo Moto i.had bad problems whit moto clik know im a lg rider whit my lg g2x
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie next one will be from Samsung after the Galaxy s3 comes out
Michael Perez
Michael Perez None
Christopher Reese
Christopher Reese Samsung
Zarak Khan
Zarak Khan samsung
Snipa Ali
Snipa Ali samsung and lg r the best Aaron.
Fayez Noor
Fayez Noor Samsung is best in hardware. And androider love hardware
Richard B. Agnew
Richard B. Agnew I actually like the look and design of Samsung over HTC.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez Apple rules bitches
Jamille Browne
Jamille Browne Samsung and HTC only htc's recent androids though.
Bob Fitzgerald
Bob Fitzgerald The Incredible was a true flagship device.. now there are so many phones its nearly impossible with all the innovations..
Andrew DeSilva
Andrew DeSilva Now that Google has Motorola I am sure we will see the next Nexus made from Motorola
Alex Barnhart
Alex Barnhart oh.
Nanci Akemon
Nanci Akemon Samsung

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