BlackBerry PlayBook email, calendar, and contacts apps shown off in leaked photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 25, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook email

BlackBerry PlayBook owners have been getting pretty excited about the tablet's OS 2.0 update lately, and for good reason: it'll not only include support for Android apps on board, but will also finally bring important things like calendar, email, and contacts apps to the 7-inch slate. The update isn't slated to arrive until sometime in February, but RIM recently gave some lucky folks a taste of the new software at a recent BlackBerry Innovation Forum. On display were the email, contacts, and calendar apps that'll be included in the update, the latter of which includes a feature that will increase the size of the date as the number of  appointments on that particular day increase. There are two more screenshots showing the calendar and contacts apps below, and a whole mess more available at the source link.

Although it's kind of a bummer that PlayBook users have had to wait this long for basic things like calendar and email apps, it's good to see that they're coming together and are finally almost here. It's tough to really glean too much on the apps just from these photos, but so far it looks like RIM is doing a nice job putting them together, especially with little touches like the aforementioned calendar date size feature. The question is, are the apps shown in these leaked photos enough to keep you PlayBook owners from jumping ship to another device before February rolls around?

BlackBerry PlayBook calendar

BlackBerry PlayBook contacts

Via Phone Arena, BlackBerry Cool