Smartphones are quickly becoming a common item for everyone – even children these days – to own. And as some of us learned this Thanksgiving, as more family members and friends begin to take the smartphone plunge, they're becoming increasingly difficult to put away. It's nice to take a step back and disconnect from time to time. But it never fails; there is always one feature that makes me cave during an attempt to disconnect.

On a day to day basis, I use my smartphone from everything to snapping hundreds of pointless photos to share on Instagram and Twitter to looking up useless facts and information on Google or Wolfram Alpha. My phone never leaves my side, and I quite literally rely on it for everything. It is my lifeline, my constant connection to work, friends and family. At any time of the day, no matter where I am, I can receive texts, emails, calls or look up any information I could possibly ever need.

Truth is, however, I am almost always near a computer and within a few minutes of an open Wi-Fi network. Whether I'm at home, out in Charlotte or at the local coffee shop, there is always a place I can stop by for a second and hop on the Internet and check for any important emails or anything else I need that requires Internet. I could live without a cell phone with relative ease.

But there's one hitch. There is one feature of my cell phone I would find extremely difficult to live without. About a year ago, I quit leaving a fully loaded iPod in my car. And I quit taking the time to fill all of my phones with music. I'm a bit of a music addict and keeping up with what music is on which device is absurd and time consuming. So, I quit physically loading music on my phones. In fact, I've completely lost control of my music library. It's enough to make a person such as myself, who convulses at the sight of a disorganized digital music collection, pull their hair out. Thus, I now have a strong reliance on streaming music. It keeps me from having to keep tabs on my own music and allows me to play almost any song I can think of at any given time.

Some people call me crazy for paying for premium music streaming services, but it's totally worth it to me. It is my sanity while I'm sitting in Charlotte traffic or making the hour-trek home to visit with family.

Sure, I can stream Spotify, Pandora or Google Music via my laptop when I'm in a Wi-Fi area. But without a smartphone or a mobile data connection, I would be sitting through some slow-moving traffic with building road rage and only cheesy radio music to occupy me – by occupy, I mean it's likely to make me more angry. Music – anything but radio music, that is – is my balance. It's what keeps me from getting out of my car and using the tire iron in my trunk to bash the windshield of the idiotic driver's car in front of me. (Did I mention I have a slight case of road rage?)

Having virtually any song on hand, able to be played at the mere thought, has become a staple in my daily routine, and thus has become a large part in my in-car time. My reflection time. Take that away and things could get ugly. I could deal with no Google search, no Wolfram Alpha, no mobile access to Twitter, etc. But take my Spotify, Pandora or Google Music away and I'll start twitching and beating in windshields with tire irons in the never-ending stop-and-go traffic of the Queen City.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. My road rage isn't that bad. But we've become spoiled; we all have that one feature in our smartphones that we would find nearly impossible to give up. Mine is streaming music. What's yours?

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"What feature of your smartphone could you not live without?"

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Anonymous SMS and calling
Lets Røck The display
Aaron Latham a PROCESSOR
Anonymous How about one we should have, the ability to control what OS and apps we use? I'd pay extra for a bloatware free version. I'll figure out what launcher, nav, mail, messaging, etc. I want.
Batjargal Jargalsaikhan I always use Google's Voice search on my android device.
Antonio Palermo whatsapp, viber, google + naaa just kidding with that, soundhound twitter aaand fuit ninja!
Wendy Sheppard Flashlight on my Blackberry Bold
Jorge Luis Guerra Unlimited data *cough* Verizon and AT&T cough*
Kris Sabo Email
Kris Sabo WiFi,internt,backgrounddata,appsintagratipn,large diplays
Matthew Gonzales Landry Tie between iBooks, facebook, Oink, Safari, Pages, Siri, texting (in general) and my beautiful camera.
Charles Phillips Voice Search...and Vlingo....Android all the way!!!
Brandon Flemming Android and/or iOS
Gary Brown Internet and facebook .
Agim Alion Internet, then gps
Su Zahir Facebook
Niko Lapcic whatsapp/messaging in general. oh and the vibration is nice too xD
Steven Zozzaro Google Maps/Navigation
Tony Abiama I think the gps/navigation is the most important along with data for me
Jose Be Julme Messaging, Google Maps, Tune In Radio and Pulse news with Android 2.2!
Sadman Sakib It's smartness of course!
Chris Montana Internet
Brad Haislip The phone
Ben Kramer Messaging (email/texting)
Kyle Ring Htc sense
Ryan Warner Google
Danielle Burwell The ability to schedule a text to be sent. I was forever thinking I have to text this person but it is 3 am then I forget the next day. Now I write it and set the date and time and put it out of my mind.
Francisco C. Romero Shazam, google +, facebook and a batterysaver for my Droid X gingerbread
Peter Speck Internet and gasbuddy
Jeff Cross Facebook YouTube and Google
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight Every feature that is on mine I must have. I love all of them.
Nick Mayner Shitty battery life, I love it. Sent from my Verizon HTC Rezound 4G LTE. Oops I typed too much, now I'll have to go charge it again. Looks like it will get a full charge 5 times today instead of 4!
Jasper Johnson Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Cormier calling and texting.
Jaden Chadwick Duncan Swype as well as flash player
Shawn Poling Internet
Schyler MagicTrax Johnson Email, Twitter, and the camera.
Charles Jones Customizing
Aron Thiehoff Power button
Stace Barto ??? app and honestly email, and web. also the most impotent. an iPod
Bruno Leonardo Michels WP7: Bing Maps, People
Angel Miguel Peguero Flash player to watch some porn lol
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. SKYPE with VIDEO CALL!
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh Touch Screen.. Nuff said..
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER and SHAZAM app are the most essential in my N8 or any future smartphone i will have! :D
Erik Rosli I would go with Google maps, music player, camera and video caling.
Krystal Brent stock updates built in
Nick Koval GPS and angry birds
Deniz Zoeteman Calling, lol.
Ahmet Karabulut People make me laugh. "8MP, 1080p, Siri, Android, iOS, BBM and iCloud" what the fuck did people do few years ago when phones were just black and white? Wish I was getting paid for asking stupid questions
CeeGii Borels the Calling functionality
Mark Fisher Jr. Browser, YouTube, and texting.
Adam Jaramillo Cards. Device Menu. WebOS in general. Needs Updates!! Hear my Pleas!!
Didius Gerard Tampusari Cloud storage. The ability to access any file from anywhere Is definitely what I can't leave without
Wit BoonHan The call feature and sms.
Oscar Ortega My vibration!
Prabhath Jay everything
Adan Soriano root on droid of course!
Deng Lor Well, as a blind user of the iPhone 4, I love the fact that the phone is even usable. So, the feature that i cant live without would have to be Voice-Over, which comes stock on the phone. Voice-Over is a speech system on the iPhone that reads and helps me know exactly what's on the screen at all times.
Loren Hrabak Google maps
Jordan Brown One of my favorite features is simplicity.
William Prado The ability to make calls :)
Alex Crowe Siri :)
Manas Sharma Making calls
Brandon Mims The bloatware
Kevin Pizana The screen..and handset sms...
Nathan Wright And I thought iPhone fanboys were sheep. Ive changed my minds after reading these comments.
Joshua Tewell flicking from one active app to many others, and getting 10 things done at once. #webOS4Lyfe
Martin Hernandez On the go porno. For when you feel stressed out! Lmao!
Ethan Hallesy Craigslist
Nathan Wright Live tiles and deep Facebook integration.
Jaelynne GimmewhatIwant Brooke internet and music player.
Ismael Sergio Molina The on-the-go (almost desktop) internet browsing that a smartphone provides me.
Chris Bushing @zach cline
Chris Bushing To the idiot who said android is not a feature think before you speak. An OS is a feature of a phone. feature is defined as an attraction or characteristic. Obviously a phone does not have to have android or IOS but it does and guess what that is a feature.
Zanzi Ok Facebook . Internet . Flash
Keenan Ochoa How about this, FREEDOM TO MAKE IT HOW I WANT! And not being apple's bitch! Android > apple
Steve Bergamo 8mp cam, 1080p video, dual led flash, Google turn by turn nav
Noneya Biz Android user here and that would be the free GPS and Navigation from Google Maps. Like seriously, I drive a lot to many places and use it a lot. It's been very helpful.
Mindaugas Ažubalis iOS - shazam ;)
Jordan Brown Retina Display.
Keenan Ochoa Android OS. Nuff said!
Jason Jones Hotspot
Jose Gabriel Santos Youtube, camera, Facebook, Google+, Internet.
Marcus Edwards Internet
Mark Belkowski Customization and the android market.
JZ Ientek Google maps
Zeid Qudimat ANGRY BIRDS<3 lol
Stephen Wagner The smart part
Reece Beaulaurier Pure entertainment
Victor Perez Android OS.
Brian Edwards My Unl data. And the ability to change my firmware or overclock with a kernel I make.
Jorge Miranda Face time with your mom
Keith Thompson Internet
Robeir Toma SIRI ?
Steven Basso multitasking webOS <3
Chuck Rico Taylor Every app on my phone i use em all and love em all
Max Abir 1st is WiFi then the internet video streaming ability flash player.
Kristi Bryan Armstrong Hmm phone, internet, texting, GPS, I'm constantly checking the weather since I work outside...& the list goes on.
Ethan Hallesy Calculator
Joseph Crossman It would be the phone part... duh!
Yan Zhenghao Idiots a phone is obviously for calling
Jorge Miranda Video chating w. The bitches .. :D #tmobile sidekick 4g
Roy Embry Texts, Internet, and camera.
Eric Casanova Adobe flash
James Newman Physical keyboard.
Michael Buchko Jr. Yahoo! Messenger.
Nilesh Marada Facebook, talk and twitter
Tyler Thomas IPHONE!!!
Joaquin Melendez i must be strictly Android cause nothing else can compare to it
Robert Centennial pulse, email, great camera, and battery life.
Chris Mejia Wifi hotspots Facebook and camera almost forgot unlimited data and messages
Josh Smith vibrate ;)
Dylan Grubbs Internet, Streaming Ability for things like Pandora/Netflix/So On...Smart Phones really need to upgrade the Stock Music players. Obviously, iPhones have a great one, but I haven't found another Smart Phone with one that was even close to it...
Erik Fernandez So you saying smartphone not just reg cell phone, I gues the apps in that case
Jr Saint-Hilaire Porno anyone?
Marti Ruiz slide down to see notification
Andrea Tharp pandora
Yurnot Mai Buddygai the operating system!
Bronson Chad Thomas Facebook app!
Zach Cline Android is not a feature idiots.
Ben Conover Internet, calling, texting
Filip Matoic calling...hahahaha
Carlos Nava YOUTUBE !!
Carlos Nava MUSIC !!
Jeff Armadale Williams Unlimited data
Derek C Jones Gps and free music
Cesar Macareno Youtube..
Diane Foxytwo what's phonedog?
Gabe Moran funny jokes app

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